Staycation, Day 3

Apparently, I have to clear something from yesterday’s post up. Earlier this week, Primanti Bros. did this giveaway thing and asked Twitter followers to tweet something with a creative use of #WhenPigsFly (the name of their new sandwich). So…I tweeted this.

Future SIL Amy was confused and told me I needed to explain the tweet, so I did. Happy, Amy?

Coincidentally, I went to Primanti’s today and tried the new sandwich, and it was spectacular. Holy crap. Throw some smoked chipotle Tabasco on there (that you either have to ask for or hope you’re seated next to a condiment station and can steal), and it is a party in your mouth.

Look how happy I am! Also, it looks a bit like it’s a party in my shirt, too.

Going to dinner and picking up cookies (happy birthday, Aubrey! Good choice of restaurant!) was the most productive thing I did. I started watching “Scandal” on Netflix and accidentally watched six episodes. Whoops. But I’m on vacation, so I don’t feel that bad. Tomorrow will be more productive. Tomorrow, I bake a cake, and you’ll be along for the journey. Tune in!

It was a good day. Entertaining TV followed by good food and good company. Really can’t ask for more.

My staycation is almost over! Oh, no! I meant to be more productive, but I think I’m getting better at this relaxing thing. I think that’s a good thing. And the house (and its necessary work) will be there next week. Right?

Right. Where’s that remote?

Staycation, Day 2

The day started off well (sleeping in) and ended well (thank-you notes with the lady) and had some awesomeness in between (errands and lunch with a friend), so, basically, a perfect day.

I slept in until 9:00! I was also up for an hour and a half in the middle of the night, but…9:00!

Before lunch, I decided that was the perfect time to switch out the cable boxes and, as a result, was a tiny bit late.

But lunch was with my friend Angela, who I haven’t seen since right after I started dating Chris three years ago. We probably live 20 minutes apart, so there really is no excuse. And you know those friends you have where you pick up right where you left off and talk for almost two hours? Yeah, she’s one of those friends. And she took time away from her adorable daughter, which she seldom does. I felt very special.

Then errands. I got Chris a squishy kitchen mat for when she does the dishes. I meant it to be much nicer gift than it sounds. More “how sweet,” less “your place is in the kitchen.”

(We follow some stereotypes based on our appearance but not all. For instance, I’m [outwardly] the more butch of the two of us, but I’m the one who likes to shop. And the one with the shorter crying fuse.)

Tonight, we finished up thank-you cards for the party. Of course, I was tearing up. What else is new?

I think my staycation may be a little boring, but it’s kind of awesome.

Tomorrow — more errands! I do love a good errand. And dinner for a friend’s birthday.

Oh, and the most exciting thing to happen today involved Primanti Bros. Not only do they now follow me on Twitter, but I won a t-shirt because of this tweet:

Not from Pittsburgh? Don’t know what Primanti’s is? It’s a giant sandwich with coleslaw and fries on it. And they also have delicious, delicious wings. I’m going there tomorrow, so there may or may not be a picture.

How exciting!