#EarperView with ‪@HollidaysStache‬

Picture it — Las Vegas, 2017. My lovely wife and I are sharing an elevator with three female strangers. One of them starts telling a hilarious story about something she witnessed at the fountains at the Bellagio. I thought they were pretty funny and that we could be friends, but who makes friends in an elevator?

Later that night, browsing Twitter, I see a tweet from Docstache (that has since been deleted, because I checked) detailing the same exact story I had just heard. Had I…had I ridden in an elevator with the elusive Docstache?!!

Alas, the answer to that is lost to time, as she has no idea and I’m really bad with faces. In my mind, I did see her, and it was the first time I hung out with Docstache, no matter what anyone says. But like sightings of the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, and a chupacabra, all that matters is that you believe it was real in your heart.

Tell us a little bit about your Non-Earper Alter Ego:  

I grew up in Chicago doing musical theater from the age of five. I’m sure this is very surprising for Earpers to read being that I am NEVER dramatic on Twitter. Favorite parts were the mirror in Snow White, Winnie The Pooh in Winnie The Pooh, and The White Witch in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

I moved to Iowa when I went to college and never left. I live in a house with four dogs (Harold, Cholito, Ethel, & Vampiro) and four cats (Spike, Picky-Picky, Clyde, & Frida Kahlo). Yes, I’m that crazy animal lady. They are all fosters through various animal rescues that just never left, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I have a degree in English & Special Ed. Team taught with the worst behaviors at a high-school level working to rehabilitate them and get them back into a mainstream high-school environment. I also worked with people on the Autism spectrum via teaching and direct care. The school district dubbed me “The Autistic Whisperer,” and that’s one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. It ruled. Everyone needs someone on the spectrum in his or her life. Their minds are a beautiful, awesome thing. If people not on the spectrum saw the world they way they do, there legit would be world peace. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Now I run my own pet-sitting/dog-walking business, and it’s everything. I never feel like I am working. I literally get paid to hang out with cute dogs and cats and love on them. I highly recommend doing what you love to do and forget about trying to make as much money as possible. Living a happy life every day with zero stress is a total godsend.

In addition to my business, I volunteer with my certified therapy dog at nursing homes and hospitals. I’m also in the beginning phases of starting a nonprofit Animal Hospice Program that will assist pet owners with senior animals in getting the extra care and assistance they may need.

My other alter ego is Miss Millie Guns. All my years of blowing off going to parties to stay home and lip sync the entire soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera or Les Mis in my bedroom paid off. I have performed various lip syncs opening for bands and with a local burlesque group. It blows my mind people actually want to watch me do it, but I am grateful they do because it’s so much fun. Standing on a stage in a theater has always been my one true love. [ Editor’s note — until Tom Raisin, of course. ]

How Did You Find Wynonna Earp and the fandom?

My friend Jyoti nagged me to watch it. She knew I dug Lost Girl, so she swore I would be into it. I asked her what I ask everyone who tells me to watch a show, “Is there a hot dude on it?” The only time I am shallow in life is with TV. No hot dude=probably won’t watch. She said she thought I might dig the guy who played Doc Holliday. Had she never seen Val in Tombstone? Good luck, random dude trying to play Doc on Wynonna Earp. And then minute mark 30:32ish happened. As soon as they panned up on Doc Holliday at Shorty’s, I was totally sold…and a goner. Of course, before I could commit, I had to Google who played Doc, and tweet out to this Tim Rozon fella. I needed to inquire as to whether the mustache was real. He promptly confirmed this to be true. Thus began the photoshopping of Tim Rozon’s face on everything my weird imagination came up with. Not sure how he ended up seeing them on Twitter initially, but he did, and I dug how he just got the method to my imaginative madness. So I thought this dude needs to be tweeted about a lot because he’s the real deal. So I made Docstache.

 Is this your first fandom?

Fandom? Yes. Being a fan of something? No. I’ve been a fangirling since the age of 5: Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Cameron, Jon Bon Jovi, Johnny Depp (circa 21 Jump Street), Joe McIntyre, Axl Rose, Slash, Luke Perry, Jeff Pezzati of the Chicago punk band Naked Raygun, James Hetfield (Metallica), Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls), Kurt Cobain, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Jared Leto (My So-Called Life), Mike Ness (Social Distortion), Mike Herrera (MxPx), Benicio Del Toro, Steve Buscemi, and Tom Hardy…you know…just to name a few.

The Vampire Diaries was my first taste of a fandom. I’ve been to a couple of their cons, but the fans were not nearly as friendly as Earpers. I was an Ian Somerhalder fan until I met Daniel Gillies and his amazing, sarcastic sense of humor. That’s how my photoshopping deal on Twitter kind of started. I did them of him and for him, by helping to promote his various t-shirt charity campaigns.

The TVD conventions are also how I discovered that you can fit my “hot dude on TV criteria,” but if you don’t have the goods to back it up as a human in real life, then I lose all interest in 2.2 seconds. It’s fun to fangirl, but if the “celebrity” can’t talk to me like I am a human being, then I’m not wasting my time. I get that there’s a line in the sand so to speak, and of course they have a right to their private life, but, hey, so do any of us. At the end of the day, we are all on this earth trying to live the happiest life we can, and there’s no reason you can’t treat a fellow human with respect and sincerity.

Last, but certainly not least, was when I began fangirling over this guy named Tim Rozon. When I hopped on the Earper bus, I was in full-fandom mode. And honestly, I wouldn’t be so gung-ho about it if it weren’t for the Earper fandom.

What is your favorite fandom memory?

Aside from Twitter interaction, SDCC was my first experience with the Earper fandom in person. It was interesting being that no one knew what I looked like (which, by the way, was not my plan…just kind of happened). I went to dinner with some of Earpers, and then for some wine at the Top Gun bar. It was freakin awesome. What amazing humans! They are kind, friendly, hilarious, passionate, accepting…basically every positive adjective in the book. The hang session at the Top Gun bar was epic in my eyes. Total bellyaching laughing. Best part of this fandom: being with people who want to obsessively talk about the same thing you do.

What is your favorite con memory?

Oh, hmmm….gee. I mean I guess SDCC was okay.

Totally the night I met Tim Rozon. It’s a wee-bit nerve-wracking when you are going to meet someone you have been tweeting about for a year…and those tweets were all pretty much tweets about how hot Tim/Doc is. It could make for a very awkward first encounter. Dude totally didn’t care. Dropped to his knees in front of me in hilarious, dramatic fashion. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t absolutely love his or her favorite actor doing that. Talk about ultimate fangirl moment! It totally killed any nerves I may have had. Great hugger, too. He was totally present in our conversation and that’s a pretty big deal to me, because I ramble and babble A LOT. And the dude is so funny. His killer taste in music also good.

Oh, and right up there with meeting Tim was watching Doc Holliday sitting next to him. That was, as Varun said, “Doception.” I think I tweeted like 3 tweets that whole time. How do you tweet about how hot Doc is when the dude is sitting right next to you?! I am seriously so grateful Tim gets my humor and knows that my fanaticism comes from a light & humoristic place.

What is your favorite Wynonna Earp/Earper activity?

Putting Doc/Tim’s face on everything I can think of in Photoshop, giffing Doc Holliday, and doing mediocre-grade attempts at screenshotting Doc & turning them into more of a portrait-like deal. The dude is kind of my muse. His head just seems to go on everything! I know I can get as ridiculous as I want and Tim is cool with it, or at least I assume he is!

What has Wynonna Earp come to mean to you?

The most amazing show that encompasses the most amazing humans on the planet: from Beau Smith to Emily Andras to the cast to the Earpers. I wish I could go live in a commune in Canada with all of them. But not in a creepy Kool-Aid kind of way. It’s my happy place. [ Editor’s note — I concur. ] It’s impossible to have a truly bad day when you are an Earper, and that is the ultimate!

Are there any pictures that you’d like to share of your Wynonna Earp experience?

But of course. Here are four pics. Two of them are photos taken at the Earper Meet-Up at SDCC this year. The photo of Tim and me with the ridiculously goofy grin on my face. Of course he looks rad. I like this photo because the grin on my face isn’t a “Say Cheese” smile, but me just genuinely happy. Then of course him smooching my cheek because, um, awesome. The hug is a screenshot from a periscope, and it’s photographic proof that the dude gives the best hugs. Lastly, is one of my Photoshops I have done of Tim & Elvis. This one wasn’t too complicated to do, but it’s one of my faves because Elvis was the first dude I was ever a fan of, and Tim is the present day.

Dolls or Doc?

Oh, man…that’s tough. I don’t know if I could ever choose between them!

Never mind I totally can: Doc Doc Doc Doc Doc Doc & Doc. I will always choose Doc. Except on April 1st of every year, when I am Dollstache, much to Tim Rozon’s dismay.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you Fandras?

Fandras Schmandras! That’s that Emily Andras chick, right? The one who denies me Tom Waits on the WE soundtrack & has “new phone who dis’ed” me on more than one occasion on Twitter? Okay, fine, I’ll rate her, but don’t tell her. I rate her a million billion. I mean, come on, the woman is a sarcastic goddess who brings every possible thing in my imagination that I didn’t know I wanted or needed to life. If I knew nothing of the show, I would still want to follow her on Twitter. Her tweets kill me. And those moments when she lays out something really real & heartfelt? I swear the woman should be writing for Hallmark. Emily is just going to continue to bloom and create awesomeness until her last breath. And I hope I get to see it all. But of course this also means Tim Rozon has to be cast in everything she does. Oh, and if she could do a project with a director John Waters, that would be cool. I would love to see their minds twist and turn in delicious weirdness. Oh, and that can star Tim Rozon, too.

Describe why Fandras is totally a thing in 7 words or less?

Because Emily Andras fucking rules, duh.

What is your favorite Earp Sister moment?

Who are the Earp sisters? Do they know Doc Holliday?

It’s not one of their iconic, mushy moments. I really dug the kitchen scene with Waverly and Goononna. Oh, and when we first met Waverly and she shot at Wynonna. The way Waverly said “coma” is permanently seared into my brain & filed under Awesome.

Have you Earped your life?

Well, being that everyone in my non-Earp life now gives me mustache gifts, I’d say yes. At one point, I needed new bed sheets, walked into the store, and right in front of me were mustache sheets 75% off. Who is Earping who?

Of course, I have no qualms about telling anyone and everyone that will listen to watch Wynonna Earp. I feel like it’s a public service and I am doing them a favor. I mean, how do people survive without having this show in their life?

What’s the Earpiest thing you have ever done?

Created a Twitter account solely dedicated to Doc Holliday and his mustache. But of course then Tim Rozon had to go be all rad in real life, so now basically it’s just all things Rozon-related. How is this dude not totally creeped out by me?

Argue why Randy Nedley has the best facial hair on Wynonna Earp?

What kind of sick, twisted interview is this?!!! Why? Why would you make me answer this?! Okay, fine…it’s a “respect your elders” kind of thing. Let’s be real here — you know that dude has been rocking that stache longer than any man on the show. You know I will always choose Doc’s Stache, but Nedley is OG stache status. I’m Docstache first, and Nedstache second. His stache is rad. And it was even more badass when he put Dolls in his place for dissing Willie Nelson. That was a rock-star moment for sure. And, my god, did Nedley shine in 210!

Other than Doc Holliday, which Wynonna Earp character would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?

Ugh, come on. Why are you doing this to me?!!! I want to be in the elevator with Doc!  [ Editor’s note — because I like to attack people. Haven’t you heard? ]

Okay, fine. Honorable mention: Kiersten, Girl on bus in 101. She got a bum deal. Plus, Sarah Troyer is super awesome.

If I absolutely can’t be stuck with Doc, though, then Jeremy. First off, he would get all science-geeked out and figure out how to MacGyver us out of the elevator. Dude, he and I could also sit on the floor of the elevator facing each other and just swoon it up over Doc. Plus I could have him tell me all about what it’s like hanging with Doc. If something should ever happen to me, I would like to will my Docstache account to Jeremy.


Many thanks to Docstache for answering my annoying questions and for being my last EarperView of the season! Check back here tomorrow for an EarperView wrap-up post. I can’t believe finale day is almost here!

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