Whole 30


I’m (unsuccessfully) fighting a cold right now, so this one will be short. I’ve always been “girthy” (Chris loves when I use that word), and we had some success last year with calorie restriction for our friends’ wedding (pictured above), but we are having trouble getting back to it.

We agreed that we needed a restart of sorts, and we stumbled upon the Whole 30. I have struggled with allergies for years and years, so I am really curious to see what sort of impact (if any) this month of clean eating will have on those.

Grocery shopping was supposed to be Tuesday, but as of this writing (it’s a delayed posting!), I may have to send Chris alone, which is sad because I love all shopping and she isn’t a fan.

I’m more than a bit nervous that I won’t be able to do it, but I tell myself it’s only for a month. I have quit smoking (seven years ago in March), quit aspartame and sucralose, and quit my anxiety medication (during a very difficult break-up, no less), and I try to remember that if I can do those things, I can certainly do clean eating for a month…and then mostly clean eating during several days of reintroduction.

The benefits of this could be amazing, and it’s definitely worth the effort. It helps not going through it alone, that’s for sure. We will be on opposite shifts for most of it, which almost entirely sucks, except there will be less “let’s get ice cream because ice cream!” temptation.

All in all, I think it will be worth it, but it sure is intimidating from the 36-hours-out viewpoint.

Fingers crossed!

P.S. I went to the store. I survived. So far.

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