#EarperView with @mermaidentist

Hello, friends, and welcome to our mid-week EarperView! Today we have Sam, AKA Mermaid Dentist, AKA a Christmas name so exciting that when I see that she’s commented on something, I get excited…and then realize it’s “Samta Claus,” not “Santa Claus.” Still a little excited, but it’s not the same, you know?

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#EarperView with @HaughtsCuffs

Friends, welcome to today’s creator-themed EarperView with Haught’s Cuffs! I am super excited about this one, because I am a HUGE FAN OF HERS.

So, she came onto my radar after she started doing her superfun Twitter min-fanfics, and then I started reading her regular fanfics, and let me tell you — they’re all amazing. Some of my favorites. I would rank Haught on a Horse up there with my top-three favorite fanfics of all time, any verse. When she started following me on Twitter, I legitimately started fangirling a bit. Continue reading

#EarperView with @zeegersc

Hello, #Earpers, and welcome to a pre-holiday week of EarperViews! Five talented women have agreed to participate this week, so we’ll all get to know five of our fellow fangirls a little bit better. This week’s theme is creators — people in the fandom who are responsible for some of our favorite things.

Up first is Chantal Zeegers, is an amazing artist who creates some breathtaking Wynonna Earp art…and SuperCorp…and Sanvers and — well, you get the point. Chantal is the creator of our There’s Something in the Heir logo and also designed our Earpsplain tee. Like most Earpers, she’s a supportive fan — she RTs, comments, likes, etc., a lot of other fan art, in addition to podcasts and blogs and such, because she realizes there’s room for all of us here. Continue reading

#EarperView with @madh4tter404

Hello, friends, and welcome to another superfan EarperView! Today we have superfan Amanda, and to be honest, that’s how I refer to her in real life. She’s a huge fan of our podcast, and has been since day one. Fans like her are why we do our podcast — because there’s a group of people out there who loveĀ Wynonna Earp as much as we do. Her support means the world to us at TSiTH, and to me as well. Continue reading