#EarperView with @marciedefeo

FRIENDS. ARE YOU SAD? It’s the last EarperView of the year, but I was sure to make it a good one. It’s Marcie!

*shocked and excited reaction gif*

I’ll be honest — I had never seen a reaction video until I hung out with Marcie. We had dinner together at Dragon Con — we were part of a 10-person crowd at Hooters, because Earpers are classy AF, my friends — and were part of the same table, though I had never met her before. And much to my surprise and delight, she was one of three fans of The 100 at the table, so THEY TALKED ABOUT IT ALL FUCKING NIGHT.


Anyway, after hanging out with her and talking to her, I checked out her reaction videos, which were extremely entertaining. Marcie’s love for Lena Luthor is maybe only matched by Bridget Liszewski, to be honest. One of my favorite things to do is send screen shots of her reaction videos as responses to other tweets! Hilarious! And I’m sure she thinks so, too!

And she is responsible for making me watch one of the worst Christmas movies I have ever seen. You’re great, Marcie, but YuleHeda was awful.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

Is there even a non-Earper part of me anymore? I work in TV news as an AD/Stage Manager and Director. I hate making decisions in my life, so I picked a job where I have to make many, quickly. I also work part-time as a Physical Therapist Assistant in the school system, because sleep is overrated. Multitasking is my friend and enemy. What’s actually important to know is that the first thing I ever wanted to be was a Pip…as in Gladys Knight and the.  I still dream of it but I can’t snap my fingers, and that seems to be an important part of the job. I’m in an Ultimate Frisbee league. (Is this my new dating profile?) I also box and do muay thai. I’ve done it for years. I love the science and focus of it.  It makes me relax like nothing else.

How did you find Wynonna Earp and the fandom?

Maybe a month before it aired, two coworkers separately asked me if I had heard of it because it seemed like something I’d be into.  I looked it up and saw the name Emily Andras and was immediately disappointed in myself for not already being aware of it. I Fandras-ed before the world knew it was a thing thanks to Lost Girl and I will follow her anywhere. (In a non-creepy, watch all of her shows, support her work kind of way.)

Is this your first fandom?

It’s my first fandom to this degree, for sure! I joined Twitter back in the day in search of people to talk to about Skins, but it was nothing like this.

What is your favorite fandom memory?

These are hard questions! I’ll say the day @keljayy tweeted “Ima start a ClexaCon group chat” and helped me meet some of the most amazing women who have become so important to me. My EarpKru make me laugh, are super supportive, and always there for each other.  I can say the same thing for every other Earper I’ve met.  Earpers are amazing humans.

What is your favorite con memory?

How do I pick just one? I want to tell all the stories! Meeting Emily, Dom and Kat for the first time at ClexaCon was a complete out-of-body experience. My brain short-circuited multiple times.  Another experience that will never be topped is the Wynonna Earp viewing party at SDCC.  So many thanks to Kevin and Allison for setting it up! We are not worthy! We didn’t know Emily and the cast would be there, but the next thing I know, all of our favorite people started streaming in. It still doesn’t seem entirely real. Sitting in that room, singing to tell that devil to take you back, while Mel, our Wynonna, danced along, is a moment I think of often.

What is your favorite Wynonna Earp/Earper activity?

I love making the reaction videos every week.  They are my absolute favorites to do, and I’ve met so many great Earpers through them and learned a lot about myself in the process. I also really love the Whiskey & Doughnut hangouts. There is nothing out there like them.  Everyone’s excitement about the episodes is so infectious, and I love it more every week. Also Earper meetups! Any time I can spend with Earpers is the best time. No question. I’d do it every day if possible.

What has Wynonna Earp come to mean to you?

Everything.  It means everything. You just ask the question, and I get emotional. I could never explain it properly. You know who’s good with words? That Bridget lady.  Someone should make a pin or something so we can show our love for her, too. [ Editor’s note — what a great idea! ] Plainly and briefly, Wynonna Earp is family. Family that makes me excited, and hopeful, and energized to be more.

Are there any pictures you’d like to share of your Wynonna Earp experience?

Pictures? Umm, I think I could round up a couple…


Widow Beth or Widow Mercedes?

I’ll say Widow Mercedes because girl embraced her look and I loved its evolution.  Also Beth made my Waverly make that awful choice, and I haven’t forgiven her yet.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you Fandras?

We should stop limiting ourselves. I openly SuperFandras now. [ Editor’s note — that answer feels like an attack. ]

Describe why Fandras is a thing in 7 words or less.

Stop questioning it and start living it.

What is your favorite Earp sisters moment?

What kind of question? You seem like such a nice person! My first thought is from the end of 206 when Wynonna and Waverly are sitting on the floor and Wynonna is crying because she feels like she has no control over her destiny and Waverly wipes her tears, and they open Doc’s note. I’M ALL IN TOO THIS IS MY FAVORITE BUS (and I can get motion sick so that’s saying something).

How have you Earped your life?

Well, I have an entire drawer of Fangirl shirts, so that’s a thing. I’ve tried to bring the no chill, Earp it forward attitude into my everyday life and hope to one day live on Earper Island.

What’s the Earpiest thing you’ve ever done?

I’d say traveling back and forth across the country for cons is fairly Earpy. I had never con-ed until this past year and it seems I have a new life now.

Lena Luthor has purchased Shorty’s because her gal pal took a liking to it on a recent DEO/BB stakeout. How hands on of an owner is she? How would that unfold? Could any of Shorty’s staff or regulars replace Kara as her pallest gal?

Lena wouldn’t be too hands on. She appreciates the charm of Shorty’s; she just wishes they could do something to curb the fighting and reduce the costs of replacing everything they break.  She’s still waiting on the insurance claim for that CatCo elevator.  No one could replace her number-one galpal Kara! Their friendship is…special, but they would bond with WayHaught over their mutual love of donuts.

Anya from the 100 and Roulette from Supergirl have swapped places. How does each character act in their different world?

I’m just imagining Roulette emerging from Praimfaya wearing that red dress and judging everyone.  She would be fast friends with Murphy. There would be a few poker games, and if Murphy ever got the chance to cook in a kitchen again he would try to teach her and she would want no part of it and I’d be there for it.

Anya would bond quickly with Lena because of their mutual love of leather and the friendship would deepen through their great boss leader attitudes and soft hearts. The look on Anya’s face when she sees Supergirl take flight for the first time would be amazing!

Here’s where you can find Marcie:

@marciedefeo (personal Twitter)

YouTube channel

Thanks so much, Marcie! Seriously. I am extremely grateful.

I am not only grateful to Marcie, but to every single person who has done an EarperView, and also to the people who have read them.

I’m going to go off-topic here for a minute, and I hope that’s okay. I love to write, and I love to fangirl, and I love to Earp, and people’s reactions to my blog and my EarperViews have made it so I can do all three. I am just so appreciative to this fandom for giving me this opportunity. I wish you all a lovely holiday season, and I’ll see you back here soon for…something, I’m sure.


#EarperView with @Nuutmeg

Welcome to today’s EarperView with everyone’s favorite stitcher/drummer/limes, Megan!

Honestly, I still can’t believe we didn’t meet at Dragon Con, but whatever. I digress.

In addition to having a ridiculous cross-stitch talent, which she blesses our fandom with, she is seriously one of the nicest, most supportive Twitter people I have come in contact with. She always has something positive to say, some encouragement, or even some smartass remark. And she’s also HILARIOUS AF.

I feel like some of these intros sound repeat-y, because I saw how supportive and wonderful people are, but this fandom makes me do it. Seriously. As I’m writing this intro, the Patriots/Steelers game just ended, and I and some other Pittsburgh fans had a friendly rivalry going on with the NEEarpers, of whom Megan is one. We all agreed it was a battle between two great teams with two garbage-human quarterbacks, and the “trash talk” was respectful, funny banter. It ended with a couple of gifs of hats being tipped, and all said we look forward to seeing each other in the playoffs.

These Earpers? Special. This Earper? Lucky.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

Born and raised in Boston, I went to school for art and photography, and now I do photography and photo editing for an online footwear & clothing site. I’ve played drums since I was about 12 years old. I put my first kit together myself (gaaaaayyy), and I drive a Jeep (suuuper gaaaayyy). Photo adventures are my jam, I actually enjoy working out and lifting weights, I have never had a sip of alcohol or done drugs ever, and I’ve got a black cat named Spooky. Oh and…uhhhh, yeah, now I spend most of my time cross-stitching Earp things, which is funny to me because I only picked up cross-stitching maybe a couple of years ago. It was just something I did for fun once in a while whenever I felt the need to do something creative. It’s a pretty relaxing hobby to stab something 8 trillion times.

How did you find Wynonna Earp and the fandom?

At the beginning of the year, I had just done a Buffy rewatch because this country is a dumpster fire and just in general wasn’t a good time. The rewatch helped, but after that, I found myself in a Buffy YouTube vortex. I was about to go to the gym and saw a video titled “All the Wayhaught scenes: season one,” and seeing these two ladies (one of them in uniform!), I was like, “OH, OKAY, yes, I WILL watch this real quick and then go to the gym*.” To be completely honest, I was prepared to be let down because a lot of LGBT rep does let me down. I Earped it up and, my goodness, I’ve never enjoyed being SO wrong so much! I was stunned. Then I immediately watched the show properly and I was all in as soon as Wynonna was zipping up her pants on the bus.

Fandom-wise, Twitter was already my jam before the show, so I slowly followed some people before season two and tweeted along but still kept it kinda low. Then Dragon Con happened, and that’s where I was physically introduced to the fandom and I of course was welcomed with open arms because that’s the Earper way.

*I did not go to the gym.

Is this your first fandom?

Let me just say…nothing else matters but this fandom. [ Editor’s note — accurate. ]

What is your favorite fandom memory?

Every time the fandom comes together to help raise money for charities and things that will help make a difference. Earpers are where it’s at. The generosity is truly inspiring, and there is an incredible amount of support in this community. It really warms my heart.

What is your favorite con memory?

Too easy to just say Dragon Con as a whole? I mean, there’s getting the nickname Limes. There’s also Dom singing and dancing Spice Girls to me. (It’s cool, I’m totally fine.) Really, though, I think I’d have to say meeting and giving Emily her full season-one and season-two cast cross-stitches was incredibly special. It was really important for me to give something back to Emily and the cast to thank them for what they do for us. I didn’t expect it, but Emily’s reaction was just so great. She got goosebumps and I’ll always be proud of that! Now they’re currently hanging in the Wynonna writers room and the thread is totally NOT actually wires, I swear.

Or maybe it was when I gave Emily consent to touch my butt…?

Tough call here.

What is your favorite Wynonna Earp/Earper activity?

Earper meetups have been just amazing. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by your people. I do really love live tweeting during the show, though — it’s such insanity! LOT’S OF ALL CAPS AND FEELINGS AND I’M HERE FOR IT!! [ Editor’s note — we need to plan that NEEarpers/YinzEarps meetup. ]

What has Wynonna Earp come to mean to you?

This little shit show has changed me forever. I’m truly a better person because of it. I can honestly say it’s the reason I wake up every day. I’m really not close with my blood family, so this Earp family the show has given me truly means a lot. I’m forever grateful.

Are there any pictures you’d like to share of your Wynonna Earp experience?

Am I gonna get cropped again? Kat Barrell doesn’t like when you do that, people.


My band > your band.


Just three pals absolutely destroying the shirt game.


I love three (3) men.


This last day of Dragon Con photo does not prove how terrified I was originally to meet Emily Andras. It absolutely never fails to make me laugh. Thanks, Em!

Widow Beth or Widow Mercedes?

I loved the Widows so much and it was pretty even riiight up until Widow!Mercedes turned out to be a badass feminist. Also, Dani Fucking Kind.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you Fandras?

All of the limes in this world out of 10. I owe that woman my life. I would do anything to her… I mean…for…for her. [ Editor’s note — perfect answer is perfect. ]

Describe why Fandras is a thing in 7 words or less.

In Emily we trust.

What is your favorite Earp sisters moment?

Damn you. Literally all of them. Somewhere between slow-motion, covered in slime, twirling weapons around and sitting on the floor at the homestead when Waverly was consoling Wynonna. Melanie and Dominique’s performance was stunning, and honestly didn’t even feel like a performance. It just felt way too real. I love real-life sisters.

How have you Earped your life?

How have I NOT Earped my life?I’ve forever Earped it up with a Wynonna tattoo!

What’s the Earpiest thing you’ve ever done?

Opening up an Earpsy (etsy) shop that was named by Emily, and now I can spread the Earp!stitch love to Earpers everywhere. Earp.

Karen and Georgia do a live MFM show in Purgatory. What’s the town’s most famous murder that they choose to talk about, and is anyone a fan of their podcast? 

Hoooo, boy, I love this question! I’m probably playing it safe, BUT I do think the town’s most famous murder (that I’m feeling probably Georgia would talk) about is Ward Earp being shot by his daughter and the abduction of Willa in the homestead attack. Assuming this live show was before Willa came back to Purgatory or after she came back and died, you know sweet baby angel Georgia would be fascinated by this and would have felt so bad for Willa…even though she was, yanno, Willa.

I think Nicole and Waverly both became Murderinos on their own before knowing each other and then in conversation one day, Waverly slipped an “I’mmmmm sorrryyyy” and now they listen together every week. Dolls is definitely a Murderino but doesn’t admit it to anyone. Doc doesn’t even know how to update his IOS, man. What he does hear from the others talking about it, he likes. Wynonna is into it but is behind like 10 episodes always. She’s way into the SSDGM lifestyle, though. I feel like this was just a trick to get me to write WE/MFM fanfic? If anyone actually does write it slide it right into my DM’s. [ Editor’s note — ditto. ]

Here’s where you can find Megan:

@Nuutmeg (personal Twitter)

Etsy shop

Thanks so much, Megan! And thank you for being responsible for one of the most amazing photo ops I have ever seen.

Everyone, I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the last of this year’s EarperViews. We have one final creator, and she’s so entertaining. You’ll definitely have a positive reaction.

#EarperView with @mermaidentist

Hello, friends, and welcome to our mid-week EarperView! Today we have Sam, AKA Mermaid Dentist, AKA a Christmas name so exciting that when I see that she’s commented on something, I get excited…and then realize it’s “Samta Claus,” not “Santa Claus.” Still a little excited, but it’s not the same, you know?

Sam designed a second logo for our Earpsplain podcast that we absolutely love, and she took on my (asshole) cohosts’ challenge of creating a Sizzling Cathy design, both of which are available in our store, if that’s a thing you want. Ahem. But that’s not why we were here. We’re here to learn more about the super talented, crazy sweet, and all-around Good Sam and to find out the answer to that age-old question, “Does that mean you’re a dentist who only works on mermaids, or are you a mermaid who’s a dentist?”

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.
Hiii! My name is Sam! I grew up in RI, went to college in NH, and now I’m finishing up my last year of dental school. Doc Holliday is actually my great, great, great grandfather, and I owe all of my dental skills to him. (That part is not true, but I’m trying to convince my wife to change our name to Holliday so I can literally be Doc Holliday.) I would just like to say I’m so excited that you asked me to do this, because you could have picked ANYONE, and I am honored. I love all things chocolate & peanut butter, hiking, and manatees.

How did you find Wynonna Earp and the fandom?
I was scrolling through Instagram last summer and kept seeing things for a “WayHaught” pop up on my feed. Kat and Dom are not, like, super attractive or anything, so I just scrolled on by. As in, I immediately clicked on every image I could find and basically ruined every season one scene for myself, because I spent the next three days researching what WayHaught and Wynonna Earp were. I quickly realized that the entire show seemed amazing and the fan response was like nothing I had ever experienced, so I binged all of the first season in two days. I made my wife buy me the second season on Amazon, because we don’t have Syfy, and got her hooked as well. I was so sad when it was over but had heard through Instagram that the writers and cast used Twitter a lot to interact with fans, so I began to follow them and a few Earpers. I had no idea how Twitter worked, so I awkwardly messaged Kevin on what I’m pretty sure was his personal account, asking if I could join the New England Earper DM, and he was very kind to not laugh at me. Then I got to meet an amazing group of Earpers at the NE Earper meet-up in the fall, and the rest is history, as will be your time, because I am so long-winded. [ Editor’s note — I’m here for it. ]

Is this your first fandom?
Yes! It is indeed. I’ve liked other shows before but I had no idea this world of fandoms really even existed. I had a sense, but really I was completely clueless.

What is your favorite fandom memory?
Getting to meet some of the Earpers at the meet-up/via Twitter, and having friendships grow from it, is definitely my favorite memory. When I told my friends I was going to a bar to meet a group of strangers I’d met online, they thought I’d gone off the deep end. (They have since binged the show as well, and are huge Jeremy, Dolls, and Doc fans.) I, like Nicole Hot/Haught, am unfortunately also gluten-free, and Earpers went out of their ways to make and buy me gluten-free baked goods for the meet-up. Everyone was so kind and generous — my cheeks literally hurt when I left. I’ve also received some of the best mail from Earpers, JUST BECAUSE! Just because they’re so lovely.

What is your favorite con memory?
It was the end of a very long day of con-ing. I was exhausted, but I decided to unwind with a quick nightcap at the hotel bar. The bartender pours me a whiskey, neat, like the good Irish-French Canadian girl that I am. It was quiet, and the lights were dim. Suddenly, I feel a presence to my right. I turn my head to see who has joined me — it’s Dominique freaking Provost-Chalkley. She gives me her signature moon-eye smile and I catch myself right before I fall off of my barstool. “Hi, I’m Dom”, she says. “Hi, I’m Dom”, I repeat back. “I mean SAM! I’m Sam”, I exclaim, lowering my head into my hands to hide my face. Dom laughs in a British accent before asking, “Can I buy you a drink?”
Suddenly, from my left, I hear, “Not so fast, shorty. Bartender, put her drink on my tab.” It’s Katherine mother-effing Barrell. ::Internal gay panic:: Kat and Dom begin to argue over who gets to buy me my drink, as I frantically search the bar to see if any other Earpers are witnessing this exchange. Finally, I see someone moving towards us. “Thank GOD someone will see this and believe me”, I think. “Ladies, ladies, ladies”, the mysterious figure commands as she approaches. It is Emily. Fucking. Andras. WayHaught freeze mid-argument, as Andras bellows, “This bar is the bus, and I am the goddamn bus driver. Ward’s drink is on me.”

Okay so I actually haven’t been to a con because I am a fangirl baby, and dental school is A LotTM, AND that story is CLEARLY not real, but I imagine cons go something like that? I’m hoping to get to the EH Con this summer and would love to meet as many people as I can!!

What is your favorite Wynonna Earp/Earper activity?
Watching the show over, and over, and over again with new people, and being completely shocked every single time that I catch new information I missed the first seven times around. Also, tweeting with Earpers! (Go Pats!) [ Editor’s note — this EarperView is canceled. How can you like a team whose quarterback has never eaten a strawberry? ]

What has Wynonna Earp come to mean to you?
I know everyone probably says this, but I really am in awe of how good Earpers are. Like, at their cores. Across the board, they are the kindest, most generous, caring individuals and group of humans I’ve encountered. 2016 was not a great year and then 2017 said, “Hold my beer.” Wynonna Earp and everything that surrounds it has become a constant beacon of light, and hope, and ecouragement at the end of the  long days.

Are there any pictures you’d like to share of your Wynonna Earp experience?
I don’t have many because I haven’t been to many events, but here’s a lovely photo of the group from the NE Earper meet-up! Look at all those cute faces!


Widow Beth or Widow Mercedes?
Ohhh this is way too hard to answer! Dani Fucking Kind already knows how much I love her (I hope!), so I’m going to say Widow Beth, because she is SO underrated Also, Meghan Heffern’s IG stories make me laugh all day.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you Fandras?


Describe why Fandras is a thing in 7 words or less.
Emily listens, cares, and protects our hearts.

What is your favorite Earp sisters moment?
There are so many good moments, it’s almost impossible to choose. One I think really sticks with me is in Season two, episode one, when they’re in the BBD headquarters and Lucado pulls her gun and points it in Waverly’s direction. Wynonna immediately jumps in front of her to protect her. It’s such a quick moment but it perfectly demonstrates how Wynonna would literally take a bullet to protect Waverly. Their love for one another is so beautiful. I have to end this question here because I’m going to start crying.

How have you Earped your life?
One of my best friends is a huge Buffy fan, so she was an easy sell when I pitched Earp to her. My other friend, I didn’t really give a choice, I trapped her in my house with thai food and she ended up watching the first five episodes. This past weekend they came over for brunch, and I asked what they wanted to watch, thinking a Christmas movie would be recommended. They both simultaneously said “Wynonna Earp!” I literally squealed. It was one of my proudest moments.

What’s the Earpiest thing you’ve ever done?
Probably getting my friend hooked on Wynonna Earp, to the point where she is adopting a puppy and is going to name it Doc. #earpwashed

Nicole, Waverly, and Wynonna, after defeating the 77, go on vacation and accidentally end up in Themyscira. Describe what happens.

Wynonna, stumbling off of the raft: HAUGHT!! Where in the sweet hell are we?
Nicole: Well, according to my map, we’re somewhere between Mordor, annnnd… King’s Landing? Says here, ‘Themyscira’.
Waverly: Ohhhh, Themyscira?! I’ve heard of this place! I once wrote a forty-page paper on it for extra credit! Themyscira is the land where ‘No man may set foot, under penalty of death!’ It’s Aphrodite’s Law! Good thing we left the boys at home for this one, ha!
Wynonna: I know you’re a lesbian, not a unicorn, Haught, but really? An island full of women?
Nicole: For the record, I was NOT the one who fell asleep during their shift, WYNONNA!
Waverly: Ummm guys… now’s really not a good time to argue.
:::the sound of horses swiftly approaching cuts through the air:::

Diana Prince: Greetings, friends. I am Diana Prince, daughter of Queen Hippolyta. Please, state your names.
Waverly: Oh. My. Gosh. Can I just say how excited I am that we landed HERE?! I mean come ON! I literally wrote a forty pa-
Wynonna: Not now ,Angel Pants.
Waverly: Sorry… I’m Waverly, Waverly Earp. Well, aaaactually, we don’t really know if I’m an Earp, it’s a long story.
Wynonna: WAVERLY!
Waverly: SORRY! And this is my girlfriend, Officer…
Nicole: ::cough:: DEPUTY.
Waverly: Deputy… Nicole Haught.
Diana Prince: Welcome, Waverly Earp. Welcome, Deputy Haught. And who might you be, grumpy lady?
Wynonna, twirling Peacemaker around: Oh, me? I’m Aphrodite, bitchez.

And on that day, all of Themyscira fell on bended knee to Wynonna Earp, who somehow convinced the Immortal Amazons that she was THE Aphrodite.

So…mermaid dentist. Does that mean you’re a mermaid who is a dentist, or you’re a dentist who only works on mermaids?
I like to think I am a mermaid who does a little dentistry on the side. ::fairy dust, fairy dust, fairy dussst:: (anyone who gets that reference is my new bff.)

Guys, Sam knocked that WW question out of the park, didn’t she? DAAAMN.

Here’s where you can find Sam:

@mermaidentist (personal Twitter)

Redbubble store

Thank you so much, Sam, and to everyone for reading! Check back here tomorrow for Thursday’s installment.

#EarperView with @HaughtsCuffs

Friends, welcome to today’s creator-themed EarperView with Haught’s Cuffs! I am super excited about this one, because I am a HUGE FAN OF HERS.

So, she came onto my radar after she started doing her superfun Twitter min-fanfics, and then I started reading her regular fanfics, and let me tell you — they’re all amazing. Some of my favorites. I would rank Haught on a Horse up there with my top-three favorite fanfics of all time, any verse. When she started following me on Twitter, I legitimately started fangirling a bit.

And though we have never technically met in person, I do have a fun Docstache-like almost-meet-cute story with Cuffs as well. I knew she was going to FanExpo, but I knew from the Twitter that she and Mrs. Cuffs were celebrating their anniversary, so she was going to be pretty low-key. As I was standing in the musterbluck line-up to get in the panel, I got a very strong feeling that the two of them were standing behind me, and I turned around. I saw a couple chatting quietly, smiled at them, but lost my nerve on asking if one of them was the random person I followed on Twitter, because that feeling was based on nothing in reality. When I told her this story a couple of weeks ago and she described what they looked like, I realized that yes, in fact, Mrs. and Mrs. Cuffs were standing behind me in line at FanExpo.

Crazy, right?

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

Well, Monica, I’m an INFJ, middle-child, Hufflepuff, Pisces, who likes walks on the beach – Juuuuuust kidding. Well, I mean, all those things are factual, but to really get a sense of who I am, we have to go back to my youth. I was raised in upstate New York amongst orchards and farms, where my long-standing love affair with apple crisp began.

Okay, okay, in actual seriousness, I currently live in Massachusetts with my wife, who happens to double as my favorite person on the planet.  We love to cook together, travel as much as we can, eat sushi (and chopstick spar over who gets the extra piece of spicy scallop roll), and hike /trail run in the good ‘ole outdoors.

My full-time day job is in real-estate law, so to offset the raging amounts of excitement that comes with such a position, I have a constant list of hobbies and new goals/challenges I like to engage in.  Over the years that list has included anything and everything from completing a marathon/Spartan/Tough Mudder/Triathlon, getting my motorcycle license, trying out bowhunting, working jigsaw puzzles (I have a special affinity for ones with farm themes), taking up road biking, golf, to even trying my hand at writing a novel length story about a girl on a horse.  I’m currently working on my list for 2018, which may end up being a sole line that reads “survive this administration.”

I’m also a coffee enthusiast, as in I drink a lot of it…enthusiastically.  I’ve been known to get giddy when I find a good whiskey/wine/beer.  One of my favorite places to visit is the Southwest (U.S.), and I consider cacti to be friends.  And someday I hope to hone my writing skills enough to maybe work in an industry that allows me to share my words and make a few dollars.  Clearly it’s a work in progress…

Oh, and I’m ready to launch my ‘make gay westerns’ (without all the racism and sexism please) 2K18 initiative. [ Editor’s note — let’s crowd-fund this shit. Gay holiday westerns. ]

I just threw out the longest list of random facts that you probably never wanted to know, but rest assured, there WILL be a quiz. (It is also in no way a verbal vomit brought on by nerves.  Nope, nope, nope.)

How did you find Wynonna Earp and the fandom?

I saw someone on Twitter tweet about the show after the second episode aired.  They used some of my favorite buzzwords like “kickass female leads,” “complex sister relationship,” and of course, “sci-fi western.”  I decided to watch the first couple episodes on demand, and I was hooked right away.  I started live tweeting with episode three, which is where I came across other Earpers, and I happily dove right in with the growing fandom.

Is this your first fandom?

Technically, yes, in the sense that this is the first fandom that I’ve created specific Twitter accounts for, regularly live-tweeted, and attended a meet-up.  There’s been other shows that I felt a deep connection to. Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered when I was a freshman in high school, and that show has meant so much to me over the years, but I wasn’t actively involved in any of the fandom side of things.  Watching episodes an absurd amount of times, and sometimes chatting about a show when I came across fellow fans, is the extent of my fandom activities prior to Wynonna Earp.  

What is your favorite fandom memory?

As someone who hasn’t spent much time in person with other members of the fandom, at this point I have to say it was the Season 2 announcement at San Diego Comic Con. Leading up to it, there was so much fandom activity online with the No Chill events, power hours, etc. that Bonnie spear-headed like the badass she is.  There was this extra buzz and hope that we would get an announcement at the SDCC panel, and I even bought a bottle of Champagne just in case we got it.  When the announcement was made, it was like this collective online party celebration started instantly.  It was just really, really cool to see the excitement and happiness unfold when everyone heard our little shit-show was getting another season.

What is your favorite con memory?

The only Con I’ve been to so far is FanExpo in Toronto, so I’ll have to draw from that and say my fave memory is going to the Wynonna Earp panel there.  It was the first, and currently only, panel I’ve ever attended, and it was awesome being in a room filled with Earpers getting to hear Emily and the cast speak in person.  My nerves and anxiety decided to show up a bit that day, so I didn’t really introduce myself to anyone or chat, but I’m hoping to rectify that at ClexaCon next year!  Hopefully I’ll forge some new favorite con memories there.  (PSA to any fellow Earpers I may meet at ClexaCon: Despite what my eyebrows might be saying, I am open to conversation!)

What is your favorite Wynonna Earp/Earper activity?

I think it’s a tossup between the live tweets and writing fanfic.  With the live tweets, I’m just blown away with how clever, funny, and well-spoken the fandom is.  It’s so fun to see everyone else’s reactions and thoughts as things unfold.  With the fanfic, I adore delving into the Earp world and exploring the characters in different ways than what happens each week on the show.  I don’t crank out a lot of fic, but what I do write is really close to my heart.  Which, by the way, if you don’t mind me veering off topic a skosh, I don’t think I say thank you nearly enough to all of the wonderful Earpers who have taken the time to send feedback and kind words on stories or tweet threads I’ve written.  You are all amazing, and I can’t tell you the amount of times someone’s words have improved my day.  Is it dusty in here?  Moving on…  

What has Wynonna Earp come to mean to you?

Well, the show itself has become a bit of a beacon of hope to me in a TV landscape littered with so much darkness and harmful tropes. I think they are doing so many things right, and it’s an example of a different kind of prestige TV that I want to see more of in the future.

Love, strength, kindness, and found family are my takeaways each week, not only from the show, but also from the fandom.  It’s amazing the way the show has brought so many people together in a positive way.  I’ve been to two meet-ups now, and the joy, happiness, and kindness is palpable in the air when you’re in a room full of Earpers, even when you have the tendency to hang on the periphery like me.  What a blessing to have a show that treats its fans with respect and kindness, and a fandom that engages with each other in the same way.  It really is incredible.

Are there any pictures you’d like to share of your Wynonna Earp experience?

Why, yes, here I am getting ready to murder a stack of pancakes, a true Earp experience. 


Widow Beth or Widow Mercedes?

While I do love Widow Beth, and the way she wields her malice, Widow Mercedes wins my heart.  Whether she’s taking an idiom literally and actually checking to see if she sat on a silver spoon (seriously, I love that scene so freaking much), or experiencing a feminist awakening, Widow Mercedes is a goddamn delight to watch.  If I had my way, there’d be some Purgatory voodoo that allows her to come back in Season 3.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you Fandras?

The limit does not exist.

Describe why Fandras is a thing in 7 words or less.

Well deserved respect, love, and kudos.

What is your favorite Earp sisters moment?

As much as I want to answer “all of them” (because,..all of them), I have to give the nod to the bar scene in the finale.  It’s so representative of their entire relationship.  The way Wynonna begs Rosita to let Waverly go, because she’s always tried to keep Waves distanced from the things that could hurt her (including herself, for a period of time), only to have Waverly proclaim she’s not goin’ anywhere, it’s such a powerful Earp sisters moment.  Because Waverly has always insisted on facing the difficult things; always wanted to help Wynonna face down the demons, figurative and literal. Wynonna’s “Waverly Earp, yes Earp”, forcefully laying to rest any question about Waverly being her sister and part of the family, whether they share blood or not, was an entire season coming.  And of course, the echoed “you’re the best of us” kills me every time I watch it, because I will always maintain that in many ways, Wynonna and Waverly are the best parts of each other.  It is such a finely crafted scene.

How have you Earped your life?

I’ve Earped my life in several small, mundane ways.  I keep a clear schedule on Fridays at 10:00 during the season, wait to pick up my pull-list at the comic shop until the next Wynonna Earp issue comes out, and anytime someone mentions they’re looking for a new show to watch I’m all up in there with my Wynonna Earp recommendation. But bigger picture, it’s also the way I’m inspired to pay it forward by the love and kindness I see other Earpers engaging in.  

What’s the Earpiest thing you’ve ever done?

Toss up between doling out a constant barrage of sarcastic quips to deflect from feelings, and stumbling over my words awkwardly when faced with an attractive lady with lots of swagger…oh, is that not what you meant by the question?  My bad. [ Editor’s note — totally what I meant. ]

The Wynonna Earp characters are the stars of their very own Hallmark/Lifetime holiday movie. Describe the plot and don’t forget to include what role Dean Cain will be playing, since he’s in every single one of those movies.

I feel so blessed by this question, Monica.  You may regret having asked it after my War and Peace-length response. [ Editor’s note — FALSE. ]

Picture this, the setting is a quaint town in December, we shall call it…Purgatory.  

Waverly is a (seemingly) happy and beloved elementary-school teacher.  This year she’s in charge of the school holiday play.  We see her deal with unhappy parents with her usual smile and sunny disposition, putting their minds at ease about the fact that their son didn’t get cast as a (literal) star in the play, and they leave assured that he will make a wonderful candy cane.

Nicole Haught is the fairly new-to-town owner of Haught’s Tree Farm and Lumber Mill (because, quasi-lumberjack Nicole Haught? Sign me the hell up).  

Our two love interests meet when Nicole and her right-hand man in operations, Doc Holliday, deliver pine trees to the school auditorium for the play coming up in a few weeks.  Waverly meets Doc first, and mistakenly assumes the mustachioed man with a twinkle in his eyes is the owner of the business.  Doc laughs and informs her he’s just the hired help, and directs her towards the boss lady setting up a tree downstage.

Waverly introduces herself to Nicole, who, with beanie on head, and the sleeves on her flannel shirt rolled up, smiles and shakes Waverly’s hand with a pleasant kind of confidence.  Waverly thanks Nicole for donating the trees, tripping over her words as she does so.  The trees are so very lovely, she always did love a nice pine tree, and, yeah, Waverly can probably just stop talking now.  

Nicole is gracious, smiling as she ducks her head in slight embarrassment at the praise, because it’s the least she can do, being fairly new in town.

Along comes Nedley, who is the gruff and tired principal of the school, to inform Waverly that Curtis, the town handyman who was supposed to help construct the backgrounds and scenery for the play, has come down with chicken pox.  Nedley walks away grumbling that he doesn’t understand how a grown man comes down with the chicken pox while Waverly wonders and worries out loud about how she’s supposed to have everything ready in time for the play.

Before she realizes what she’s doing, Nicole offers to help (including Doc in the offer, much to his chagrin).  Waverly’s face is so hopeful and happy when she asks if Nicole is sure, that there’s no way she’s rescinding the offer.  Later, Nicole will wonder what prompted her to offer her services without hesitation. After all, this is their busiest season at work.  It certainly has nothing to do with the pretty teacher who has the most amazing smile. It can’t possibly be — because Nicole has spent a long time protecting her heart, you see.  Her last relationship, the one she thought might be forever, fell apart spectacularly a few years back, and ever since then she’s kept anyone who might inspire romantic feelings at arm’s length.

Wynonna is Waverly’s sarcastic, tough-as-nails sister, who is a single mom to Alice, a too-wise-for-her-years, precocious 7-year old who goes to the school Waverly works at.  Wynonna arrives on the scene after receiving a phone call from the principal’s office that Alice called a boy in her class a stupid jerk and shoved him when he said girls weren’t as cool as boys.  Waverly asks Wynonna how she’s going to handle the punishment, to which Wynonna responds “Pssh, punishment?  Hell no, I’m here to give my girl a high five for being so awesome.”

After meeting Wynonna, Doc doesn’t seem to mind so much that Nicole volunteered him to help out with the play.  

Dolls is the gym teacher at the elementary school.  To make sure the audience knows this, he wears a whistle around his neck throughout the entire movie.  They never show him without the whistle, no matter where in town he is.  He’s the type of gym teacher who lines all the kids up to explain the rules of kickball, walking up and down the line with his hands behind his back like a drill sergeant, because he takes his job very seriously. It is clear to the audience that he has affectionate feelings for Wynonna.

Jeremy is also a fellow teacher at the school, and Waverly’s best friend. He performs fun science experiments with the students, and he often has unidentified goo or slime on his outfits after class.  He helps out with the play as well, and gets noticeably flustered whenever Doc is around.  

Rosita, the wise bartender at the popular small-town bar, rounds out the cast.  Early in the movie, she listens as Waverly tells Wynonna she can’t shake the feeling like something is missing this Christmas season.  She knows it’s silly, because she has Wynonna and Alice, and friends like Jeremy, but she wishes she had someone to share the holidays with in a romantic way. Someone who makes her smile and feel safe, who won’t make fun of her enthusiasm for Christmas and all the trappings that come with it.

Wynonna makes a (loving) joke about how corny that is, but Rosita tells her to keep faith, that the right person will come into her life, and she’ll know it’s right.  Of course that’s when Nicole and Doc enter the bar for a couple of after-work drinks.  They make sure to say hello to Wynonna and Waverly and engage in some polite chatter, all while Rosita looks on knowingly.  

We now have the stage set for our two love interests to fall hard for each other.

Along the way, we get scenes like Nicole Haught with a power drill(!), Jeremy accidentally stapling his gloved hand to a set piece when Doc says hi to him (an amused Dolls looks on), and Nicole steadying Waverly on a ladder when she gets a little too enthusiastic in her motions adorning the top of a tree with a star.  

One night, it’s just Nicole and Waverly left in the auditorium.  The play is a few nights away, and they’re finishing up the painting on some set pieces.  Waverly makes a joke about Nicole’s painting technique, so of course Nicole says “What’s wrong with my technique?  I think it works just great” and dabs a bit of Christmas-tree green on Waverly’s nose.  Waverly responds that Nicole’s technique is fine, but it’s just a little childish, and retaliates by swiping a festive red streak along Nicole’s cheek.  They can’t stop smiling as they both slightly lean in…but then they remember themselves.  There’s some awkward bumbling as they pull away from each other and call it a night.  It seems our leads are not quite ready to listen to their hearts.

But fear not, viewers, for our sharp, observant youngster, Alice, has noticed something whenever she sees Nicole and Waverly together.  She takes it upon herself to invite Nicole and Doc to the holiday dinner Waverly hosts each year at the homestead.  When Wynonna asks her daughter why, Alice says it’s because Auntie Waverly’s smile is always real, and bigger, whenever Nicole is around.  Also, she likes when Doc does finger guns.  

And so, we get a dinner at the homestead with Wynonna, Waverly, Dolls, Jeremy, Rosita, Doc, Nicole, Alice, and even Nedley, who grumbles about not getting paid to do extra work as he carves the turkey (but he secretly loves that they ask him to do it each year).  It becomes clear throughout the night the Nicole has found a family of sorts here, and that she, in turn, seems to fit Waverly in a way that Waves has never experienced before.  At the end of the night Waverly walks Nicole out, and in the lightly falling snow, she softly thanks her for coming and goes up on her toes to kiss Nicole’s cheek.  

They both know then what’s right in front of their faces, but it’s not quite time yet to put a bow on this story.  

First, we must have the school play, full of dancing children costumed as stars and candy canes and trees.  Waverly directs from the wings, showing a nervous excitement until the final curtain drops.  Nicole arrives backstage to tell her what a wonderful job she did, and Waverly is touched that Nicole came to see the play.  Nicole tells her she wouldn’t have missed it for anything, and finally, they kiss.  “Best Christmas present ever.” Waverly murmurs.  Alice arrives just in time to say that Nicole isn’t a Christmas present, silly, she’s a person!  All the adults, who have also appeared out of nowhere, laugh in that corny, holiday movie way, and we have our ending.

Oh, and Dean Cain is the town mailman who delivers everyone’s mail with random words of wisdom about love and appreciating the people in our lives during the holidays. He really is in all of these movies.


I should have just written this as a whole damn story, huh?  Oh well, happy holidays, and give us our wlw holiday movie already, Hallmark/Lifetime, damn it.



Here’s where you can find Cuffs:

@HaughtsCuffs (fandom Twitter)

Her works on AO3

Anyway, thank you so much, Cuffs, for participating, for writing that story, and for the joy and entertainment you bring to this fandom. We appreciate you.

I’ll see everyone else back here tomorrow for another amazing Earper creator!

#EarperView with @zeegersc

Hello, #Earpers, and welcome to a pre-holiday week of EarperViews! Five talented women have agreed to participate this week, so we’ll all get to know five of our fellow fangirls a little bit better. This week’s theme is creators — people in the fandom who are responsible for some of our favorite things.

Up first is Chantal Zeegers, is an amazing artist who creates some breathtaking Wynonna Earp art…and SuperCorp…and Sanvers and — well, you get the point. Chantal is the creator of our There’s Something in the Heir logo and also designed our Earpsplain tee. Like most Earpers, she’s a supportive fan — she RTs, comments, likes, etc., a lot of other fan art, in addition to podcasts and blogs and such, because she realizes there’s room for all of us here.

One of my favorite things about the Wynonna Earp fandom is how supportive they are, and Chantal is a great example. Also an example of crazy talented. Damn.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

My non-Earper alter ego consists of taking care of my little apartment (which is in the midst of being renovated, i.e. me clearing out all the crap I’ve collected over the years before I can start with actual sanding down, cleaning for repainting), two cockatiels, my little dog love Jordan (who comes with a set of instructions due to his past), and helping out a single mom with her three kids (4-year-old girl and nearly 3-year-old twins). In the midst of that I’m trying to get myself back into the work field with the thing I love to do most — art.

How did you find Wynonna Earp and the fandom?

The first time I heard of Wynonna Earp was when a friend of mine alerted me to a commercial about it, telling me, “It’s exactly like that weird demony shit that you like in your shows, and infused with some real-life history.” I quite like my history and I’ve definitely heard of the Wyatt Earp history before (I’ve seen pretty much every movie/series that’s come out about him/Doc and their adventures), so I was curious from the get-go. Then I read about it being about his great-great-granddaughter and my first thought was, ‘Wyatt didn’t have any surviving children; how in the hell is that going to be explained?” Along came the first episode and my brain just went, “Who cares about factual history this is fucking awesome?” And when Nicole Haught came along in episode two, I was sold and a true Earper was born.

Is this your first fandom?

It is definitely not my first fandom. My first real foray into fandom was Xena: Warrior Princess. It was the first time I really got into something. Two years later, Buffy the Vampire Slayer came along, and I got myself caught in two fandoms (and I even was a part of the staff on the short-lived Buffy Fanclub in my country), but it also got me started in graphic art and web design. When The 100 premiered, I tried getting into it in first season, but I couldn’t…until Clexa came along and I started following that storyline and I really honed my art. And then Wynonna Earp came along and the rest, as they say, is history.

What is your favorite fandom memory?

I don’t think there’s a single favorite. The fandom has done a lot of cool things — Girl On Top, Earp With Kindness, Earp It Forward, raising money for various charities, etc. I think my favorite fandom memories are the ones where the fandom comes together for something. Next to that…the response I’ve received from the cast on my art.

What is your favorite con memory?

Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of actually attending a con yet, but I was sitting nervously in front of the computer screen for the live stream of the San Diego Comic Con Wynonna Earp panel where they announced the show was renewed for a second season and that was amazing.

What is your favorite Wynonna Earp/Earper activity?

Creating art. Talking Wynonna Earp.

What has Wynonna Earp come to mean to you?

It has come to mean pretty much everything. For the first time in a long while I’ve truly felt home. Not only have our fellow Earpers have embraced each other with love and kindness and support, but the cast and crew have embraced their fans as well. I have yet to see a fandom where this has happened to this extent. I’ve found my true family in a little group called Hugs & Tats that have meant more for/to me than I can ever express.

Are there any pictures you’d like to share of your Wynonna Earp experience?

I mean…if Papa Earp approves of a piece of your art, that’s walking on cloud nine.


The poster that started getting me some real buzz in the WE fandom for my art.


The one where I accidentally created a heart design whilst coming up with a birthday poster for Purgatory Daily. It fits, though — that show is my heart.


Widow Beth or Widow Mercedes?

*insert a ‘both’ gif right here*

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you Fandras?

There is no limit to that scale.

Describe why Fandras is a thing in 7 words or less.

Fandras is a thing because Emily has taken a trope, taken several tropes, thrown them upside down and given those tropes the finger. Emily, and therefore the show, continue to grow and expand their knowledge and representation by actually listening to their audience.

What is your favorite Earp sisters moment?

That’s a literal toss-up between the end of 2×06 and the Season 2 finale. “Waverly Earp — YES, EARP.” To this day, whenever I read that, or hear it in my head…I tear up.

How have you Earped your life?

There are shirts, hoodies, posters, the beautiful fanart book by Kelly Blake. There are several comic books on the way, some gorgeous prints by Lora Innes, there’s the DVD…and many more things will be added. There’s also mentioning and recommending the show whenever I can.

What’s the Earpiest thing you’ve ever done?

Next to designing the logo for There’s Something In The Heir? That’s actually a thing that has not happened yet, but hopefully very soon. The Earper fandom is ALL about Earping It Forward, Earping With Kindness — spreading love, kindness and positivity — and I have some things planned that do exactly that.

The 77 Revenants have been defeated. What does life look like for our Purgatory Scooby gang two years after Wynonna’s sent them all back to hell?

There’s a few bullet points that come to mind, and this could be for both a demon-free and demon-filled Purgatory (they live in the Ghost River Triangle, after all).

  • (Demon Filled Purgatory) The gang still together fighting the forces of evil
  • Waverly and Nicole vacationing and exploring the world together (and, you know, marriage and all that)
  • Sherrif Nicole Haught
  • Wynonna and Doc reunited with their little girl
  • Wynonna and Doc, Wynonna and Dolls (or possibly WynDolliday) — either way I’d be happy.
  • Are we counting Rosita as one of the 77? Because I’d like to see her now living her life like she was supposed to instead of getting caught in the crossfire
  • Jeremy doing his science thing and getting himself a beautiful man
  • Dolls keeping the peace still

Here’s where you can find Chantal:

@zeegersc (personal Twitter)

Redbubble store

Redbubble store

Many thanks for participating, Chantal! And all of these designs are the perfect post-holiday gift for yourself, a friend, or your best galpal!

I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for another EarperView!

#EarperView with @njnic23

Earpers, welcome to the last in this week’s superfan EarperViews! Today we wrap up with Nic, who I had the pleasure of meeting at ClexaCon. One of my favorite things about her is that when she likes something, she is 1,407% invested, involved, and into it. She has tweets, she has playlists, she has gifs, she has pics– she has it all. And I’m here for it.

One of my favorite things about Earpers is how much so many of us support each other, and Nic is no exception. My Twitter is filled with her supporting our fellow fangirls, and every time I see that, it makes me smile. Because that’s why I’m here — to be entertaining and supportive…and to be entertained and supported in returned. Nic brings this every day.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

I try not to think about non-Earp things, but since you’ve forced me…I’m a Portfolio Manager at a Higher Ed Learning company by day, and by night/every other moment I am fangirling like my life depends on it. I love dancing, music, and, when I can find time, I’m a bit of a nail art/manicure enthusiast.

How did you find Wynonna Earp and the fandom?

I remember seeing commercials for Wynonna Earp on Syfy and thinking, “Sassy female lead and demons?? I’m in!” It just so happened that people I already followed on Twitter felt the same way, so I was connected to the fandom pretty early on.

Is this your first fandom?

Not even close! Over the last 5 years or so, I’ve become immersed in so many fandoms, it’s hard to count. If I think back, the WWE (then the WWF) was probably the first fandom I was a part of back in the late ’90s, early ’00s. (Spoiler: Stephanie McMahon might also be my root.) I researched fic, recorded shows on VHS, and even took notes in a composition notebook so I wouldn’t forget the storylines! Nothing has come close to Wynonna Earp for me, though.

What is your favorite fandom memory?

Wow. That’s a tough one. It’s also tough to separate fandom memories from just friendship memories because that’s what this fandom is to me. You all are some of my closest friends, and I’m so grateful. If I had to pick, I would say the entirety of DragonCon this year. I wasn’t supposed to go for a variety of reasons, but I have an incredible group of friends who (gently) peer-pressured me once circumstances changed. I have never been more grateful for that nudge. Not only was I able to spend time with Earpers I already knew, but that Earper friendship circle multiplied after that weekend.

What is your favorite con memory?

NYCC 2016 gave me two of my favorite Earp memories. The first one is a bit self-serving. I had just had surgery on my Achilles and was wobbling around NYC on crutches, but I refused to miss our cast’s signing at Barnes & Noble. Mel took one look at me and was so concerned! She wanted to know what happened, so after joking that Valerie Anne pushed me down some stairs (she would NEVER), I told her the truth which was that I tore my Achilles playing kickball. This obviously led to her writing “Fuck kickball!” in my comic. (Still waiting on the kickball scene, Em. Maybe season 3.)

The second one (and she’ll kill me for this) was at the WE panel, and Valerie got up to ask a question. Emily of course shouted her out, and Mel, the angel she is, took a beat and then, recognizing, her said, “Oh!! Valerie Anne!” I loved this not only because VA is such a Good(TM), but it just shows how much this cast cares about their fans and recognizes the talent that exists in this fandom.

What is your favorite Wynonna Earp/Earper activity?

It’s a tie between meet-ups and tweeting. This fandom is so quick and witty and hilarious, and both of those activities exhibit that.

What has Wynonna Earp come to mean to you?

I promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional about this, but here we go. I have never been a part of something like the Wynonna Earp fandom. Everyone from the fans to the cast to the crew to the media — they get it. This is special. I’m already long-winded, but if I could sum up Wynonna Earp in a few words, they would be: family. kindness. friendship. love.

During my lowest moments, Earpers have been there to lift me up. What other showrunner would see a tweet about anxiety/depression and reply, giving you words of hope? You almost never see that, and I hope the entire cast and crew know how much it means to us.

Are there any pictures you’d like to share of your Wynonna Earp experience?

unnamedIMG-3010unnamed (1)

Earp Manicure, a very innocent and not at all creepy lineup of Andras candles (made by CT Nic and Taylor Burke), and my infamous photo op with Dom.

Editor’s note — I try not to be envious of much, but holy shit, do I wish I had one of those candles. ]

Widow Beth or Widow Mercedes?

Widow Beth. She doesn’t get enough credit!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you Fandras?

The limit does not exist.

Describe why Fandras is a thing in 7 words or less.

She gets it and she cares.

What is your favorite Earp sisters moment?

The relationship between Wynonna and Waverly is one of my favorite things about this show. It’s so complicated, but at the end of the day, they love each other so much and would do anything for each other. One moment that stands out to me is from season 1 when Wynonna is patching up Waverly’s wound and remarks that “dudes dig scars.” Waverly cautiously asks, “do chicks?” and the look on Wynonna’s/Mel’s face. The twitch was almost imperceptible, but to me it showed that Wynonna saw her sister, and it gave Waverly reassurance that who she was, was okay.

How have you Earped your life?

How have I NOT Earped my life is probably the better question. I own and have recently hung some Earp art in my apartment, I’ve done an Earp manicure, created Earp-centric playlists, the backgrounds of my work computers are Earp-related…should I keep going? 🙂

What’s the Earpiest thing you’ve ever done?

If this counts, I coordinated a trip up to Massachusetts just to attend the NE Earper meetup even though I live in New Jersey. I’m talking…hitching a ride with a coworker who happened to be going to Boston, renting a car for two days, and using hotel points. (By the way, WORTH IT.)

The Earp manicure takes a close second place though.

The DEO takes on a special case with Black Badge. Describe Nicole’s interaction with Alex, and Jeremy’s with Kara. Is Waverly more jealous because of the hot lady paired with her girlfriend, or the hella-smart lady?

This is rude, for the record. [ Editor’s note — oh, for fuck’s sake, Nic… ](I also needed to read it a few times because the actor who plays Wynn is named Jeremy and my fandom brain was confused. ANYWAY.)

Knowing everything that Alex just went through with Maggie, Nicole would definitely take a beat to see if she’s okay and let her know she’s there to talk before diving right into the details of the case. I’m pretty sure there would be multiple eye-roll moments any time a dude tried to interrupt their sleuthing.

I’m picturing Kara and Jeremy as the comic duo who end up solving the whole thing because no one is taking them seriously the whole time.

If Waves was threatened at all by Alex, I think it would be a combination of her wicked smarts and basically perfect face. But she trusts her girl, ultimately.

Where you can find Nic:

@njnic23 (personal Twitter)

Nic…thank you so much for agreeing to be EarperViewed! It means so much to me when people put a lot of thought into their answers, and everyone this week did. I hope you enjoyed superfan EarperView week, and I’ll see you next week for…


Whatever that means. 🙂

#EarperView with @madh4tter404

Hello, friends, and welcome to another superfan EarperView! Today we have superfan Amanda, and to be honest, that’s how I refer to her in real life. She’s a huge fan of our podcast, and has been since day one. Fans like her are why we do our podcast — because there’s a group of people out there who love Wynonna Earp as much as we do. Her support means the world to us at TSiTH, and to me as well.

FUN STORY — I asked Amanda to be a part of this series and then…forgot to e-mail her the questions. Fucking Cathy, man. She’s the worst. Anyway, Amanda is such a Good that she got back to me immediately with her answers so I could keep to my completely arbitrary schedule. Thanks, Amanda! You’re the tits.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

I work in the healthcare field as an analyst. I have been in the healthcare field for over a decade. I also co-host a podcast with Jennifer Earp (@SidsmomJen) and Jennifer Cifuentes (@jennifer9ine)  on the hollow9ine network covering the show Damnation. Continue reading