#EarperView with @Iddstar

Hello, friends, and welcome to another EarperView! Today we are joined by the extremely talented, super-hilarious, and probably-very-nice-in-person (we have never met) Vic! You may know Vic from her IlluStitch collaborations with Megan or from her super-fucking-rad designs. I’m very partial to the potatoes of Purgatory, but all of them are delightful, really.

My favorite part about doing this series is how amazed I am time and time again with how talented our fandom is. I read Vic’s answers as I was getting ready one morning, and I was almost late for work. As I told her (and often tell many others), I am just some yahoo with a blog, but when people take this as seriously as I do, it means a lot. And Vic took this hella seriously. I am so honored to be in this fandom with such a talented, funny, intelligent human, and I hope we get to meet in person someday.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

Non-Earper Vic might be a creature of shadow and smoke, a mere blur in the night skyline of her local bustling metropolis, defending the innocent and foiling criminal injustice where she sees it. She might be a shapeshifter; a taker of many forms — the moving object you see out of the corner of your eye in an otherwise empty grocery store aisle at midnight. She might be a technological supergenius, concocting marvellous inventions beyond human comprehension in her underwater laboratory, opening wormholes and embarking on adventures through all of space and time. She might be a somewhat unremarkable humanoid who spends most of her days at a desk in a marketing office and most of her nights at a desk at home doing doodles for the interwebs. Continue reading

#EarperView with @Emtothea

Hello, friends, and welcome back to a new installment of EarperViews! Hiatus is almost over, and the season-three premiere is so close, we can practically lick its potato. And today, I have quite a treat for you. Wonder Woman, lumberjack, Wynonna Earp show runner, and all-around lovely human being Evelyn Andrews Emily Andras is today’s special guest.
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