Friends in an Elevator: Earping it Up When You’re Going Up and Down

I was mildly chastised by Docstache this week when I published my recap of DragonCon because I didn’t write at all about our elevator selfie, and I had to explain to her that something that important deserves its own post.


IRL, I (accurately) look like a middle-aged lesbian. Put a hat on me and I’m a fresh-faced young man.

Everyone knows about how Docstache and I maybe shared an elevator at ClexaCon, so we decided to re-create that event at DragonCon. The thing is, we forgot to take a picture the first time, so when the elevator doors opened up and someone asked to see the picture, well, we just got right back on, much to the confusion of the cosplayers around us.

We ended up having dinner together on Monday — well, kind of, since she hung out until the very end at the convention so she could stare at Tim, so she missed the ordering part and just watched us eat. Like me, she was unaware that “Tothea” wasn’t a last name, so at least I’m in good company there.

I have to say, since DragonCon has ended, some of my favorite moments at the end of my day are gif/picture threads with Docstache and Visit Purgatory. By the time I get home, my wife and basically everyone I know are asleep, so my Twitter friends really keep me going. I am so happy I got to know these wonderful ladies. You make me laugh and help me wind down after what seems to be a never-ending string of stressful days.

Today, I even got to talk to Docstache on the phone! Like grown-ups do! Seriously, the only person I talk on the phone with is my mom. Also, it was 2am, so thanks for the help in staying awake. And now I’m pretty sure my phone number is in her contact info as “Cathy Tothea.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is, in the elevator of Twitter life, you don’t always choose who you ride with. But if the choice is mine, I’ll always choose you, Docstache.

#DragonCon Wrap-Up

Hello! I swear I am still recovering from DragonCon. I came home and had a pretty nasty cold, so I’m still catching up on life and sleep and laundry, all while working a bajillion hours. It’s been great! I know I covered some of this stuff in the daily recaps we did, but I’m just gonna detail some of it again, probably. It’s my blog and I can do what I want. And bullet points are my friend. Notes in red (literal color commentary) are from Michelle.

  • I landed in the airport on Thursday, and my friends were already there. Apparently they were waiting for me with this sign, but we both missed each other. Too bad, because that shit is hilarious. (I also carried that sign around the entire time I was with Heidi, and I think she wanted me to go away.)
  • We arrived at our Airbnb, and it was a total fail in that they wouldn’t let us in. You can read more about that here, but let me just suggest to you that if this ever happens to you, call their customer service. I did not do that, and I should have. Luckily, my college bestie hooked us up. If she hadn’t, though, so many Earpers reached out and offered solutions and good vibes. In the midst of fuckery, this was welcome positivity.
  • The impromptu Fangirls Shirts meetup was super fun, and I don’t think I gave it its due in the original post. It was great to hang out with old friends and meet new ones, though there were a lot of people and it was a bit overwhelming. As you see, I had kind of a shit day, and a large group of people isn’t always my go-to happy place. But lovely people outweigh the anxiety eventually, and it was great. Beer helped. And so did this picture.
  • You can read about Friday here and the amazing adventure that was Almost Getting Run Over By Stan Lee. We thought we were special, and then as the weekend progressed, we saw more and more people tweeting that it happened to them. I think we need t-shirts. And a support group. Can someone make us a logo?
  • Friday was the day when part of our group passed another part in the skywalk and realized that it was maybe one of the circles of Hell. Seriously, all those people crammed into a tiny space? I wish I had thought to seek medication prior to the con. I had to stick to beer.
  • The most important thing that happened on Friday was probably meeting Docstache. I thought from her EarperView that she would be my jam, and meeting her in person only confirmed that. I was a little hesitant because she seemed to like VP, but I guess to each their own.
  • You can read more in-depth about Saturday here, but I’ll just say it was the day of our Yiska cult rejects cosplay and the day we stereotypically got caught in a parade.
  • One of my favorite things was naming the space between two platonic friends in a small bed The Ghost River Triangle. Don’t cross the line!
  • That con Marriott is basically the Hellmouth. Ugh.
  • Michelle and I drank some lukewarm Corona out of a can while we wrote up the blog because we are classy bitches. (How is there no picture of that?) Because neither of us like to have our picture taken?
  • Remember that time Emily Andras blocked me on Twitter? Me too. And now I’ll never forget because I printed out the notification and asked her to sign it.
  • We had a lovely breakfast on Sunday at The Corner Bakery, and I had a great blueberry hand pie. That’s your most important takeaway for Sunday.
  • Oh, and the evisceration of the patriarchy in two panels.
  • We also hit the Buffy panel, which was a lot less rage inducing. A highlight was when a fellow con-goer asked Charisma Carpenter if she had ever heard the Cordelia jingle from the Buffering the Vampire Slayer podcast, so Michelle provided the audio since it’s one of her alarms.
  • We had a bunch of photo ops that day, which you can read about here. They were all amazing, and I am so happy that we did them.
  • We did some pretty great Bauman poses. Next time, Jill!
  • At the Wynonna Earp panel, Heidi and I asked questions! I was so nervous, but luckily Docstache was behind me to calm me down and provide support. I asked the cast what their favorite Earp sisters moment was, a Known Question of Attack, and it was pretty great. My face got super red, though. Good thing I look amazing at all times, no matter what color my face is.
  • And Marcie asked the question that has divided the Earper community for months, thanks to the negativity of VP — mushrooms on pizza? Emily said yes, so I feel like the discussion is over, guys.
  • That night, we ate at the food court for approximately the 367th time, and Michelle got so angry that she threw her sandwich on the ground outside. Or, the ghost of Stan Lee’s scooter safety mechanism threw it on the ground because she wronged him. (I did a legit spittake in the general direction of my work laptop reading this.)
  • BUT I am a wonderful person and gave her half of my sandwich, but when the story gets told, she never remembers that; only that BP gave her some chicken tenders. And the saddest piece of “Texas toast” ever, because everything is bigger in Texas except for that toast.
  • That night was the Earper meetup, which was super cool. I got to meet some awesome people, but not as many as I should have because I am not great at talking to or approaching people. I wish I were better, and I’m sorry that I didn’t meet all of you because I’m bad at people-ing. I hope to be better by the next con. Probably ClexaCon?
  • But the people that I did meet were awesome, and I had an amazing time talking to them. It was so cool to meet all of you. I particularly loved the discussions about the different fandoms with Carol and Coral. So glad I got to meet you two awesome ladies. Can’t wait to hang out again!
  • Emily, Michael, Tim, and Shamier came to the meetup, too! I got a selfie with Michael, and he was so incredibly lovely. He kept turning to find the most flattering lighting so everyone got the best picture possible. Thank you, Michael. I was horribly sweaty, so, you know, it can only be so good. 
  • And everyone I talked to was OBSESSED with Shamier’s hat.
  • Bridget had been drinking a little and then was interacting with a service dog, so I assumed she was drunkenly not following the rules you should be with service animals, so I was like, “Bridget, you can’t pet service dogs!” But it was okay and I didn’t need to intervene. She insisted that she was sober, and though I’m not sure that was an accurate statement, it appeared that it was cool she was interacting with the dog. Moral of the story? Shut your damn mouth, Monica. B-train knows what’s up.
  • Even when she’s definitely drunk because IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY.
  • Monday morning, we had a kickass breakfast with BP at Waffle House. That may not be interesting to you, but we had a great time and it was amazing. I got mushrooms in my potatoes. Michelle had pickles with her waffle.
  • Monday was the last of the four cast panels. Everyone was so gracious and accommodating and so thoughtful in their answers, and they were all so generous with their time. This fan was very appreciative. Here are some high points:
    • Melanie Scrofano’s spirit animal is “a motherfucking sloth with a machine gun.”
    • Michael Ecklund thinks that Bobo just needs a friend. Gonna be mighty lonely in that well, sir.
    • Tim Rozon ships Doc and Wyatt.
    • Emily says Rosita has more in common with Wynonna than she realizes.
    • It was SO COOL that Shamier stopped in to say goodbye to everyone, and that he’s basically the biggest WayHaught shipper ever.
    • Someone used the phrase “Waverly cheated on Nicole” during a question, and my heart was warmed by how many people groaned.
    • “You can choose who you want to be versus who people tell you you are.” — Emily Andras
    • Kat’s dream guest star is Amy Acker. THAT’S MICHELLE’S DREAM GUEST STAR, TOO, KAT.
    • We have to wait until season 6 for a flashback to the chili cookoff.
    • And the most important lesson — per Emily, shave your legs with conditioner, not with shaving cream/gel/lotion/anything else.
  • Monday, I had dinner (tacos that were super tasty!) with BP, VP, Office, Lynn, Michelle, Heidi, and Docstache. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, it was probably one of the highlights of the trip. Coincidentally, I also had a giant beer, but I’m sure those are unrelated facts. Here are some highlights:
    • I made a Traveling Deb, which I totally forgot to bust out until then. Sorry, Deb! But you were in my backpack the whole time!
    • At one point, sitting in between VP and BP, I shouted, “I AM SURROUNDED BY INITIALS!?
    • Someone Earpsplained to Office, Docstache, and me that “Emtothea” is “Em to the A,” and not “Em Tothea,” which SOME PEOPLE ARE STILL LAUGHING ABOUT. Hey, I thought maybe Tothea was her maiden name!
    • I also picked up the nickname of Cathy, and it’s because someone told VP that they were disappointed they didn’t talk to Cathy and VP had no idea who they meant. When they said “lesbiyinzer,” she was like, “You mean…Monica?”
    • So now my name is Cathy. Cathy Tothea.
  • After dinner, at our hotel, we did the same thing that many of the Earpers did and hard-core voted for Melanie in the #GirlOnTop contest. And holy shit, if I never see another Captcha again, I’ll be happy. Most of them were roads and bridges and cars, but for some reason I had a special hell that included woodpeckers, cake stands, and storefronts. And I of course live-tweeted it because I am who I am, and someone told me to “stop complaining” about the ones I was getting. O…kay? Like…this is kind of my thing, the “making fun of stuff” part? I wouldn’t call it complaining. But…sure.
  • The worst part about Dragon Con? Leaving. I was happy to come home to my wife and my cat and my house and my larger bed and not walking between 439 hotels each day, but there’s a certain level of comfort that goes along with a con for me. in regular life, when I walk into a room, if I’m lucky, no one notices me. Usually, I get stared at, whether it be for how I’m dressed, what my hair looks like, that I’m holding hands with my wife, that I’m wearing some random nerd t-shirt, or that I just look different (AKA queer) in general. I never feel that way at a convention, and feeling like I belong isn’t something I feel very often. As soon as I hit the airport, I got stared at, and not because someone loved my shirt. Sigh. But only a few more months till ClexaCon, right?

There you have it, friends. Several days of insanity condensed into some words that is probably still Unnecessarily Long. As always, I thank you so much for reading.

I’m hoping to start back up on the recaps I missed this season and then maybe do some for season one. We’ll see what happens. But I definitely have some stuff planned for later this year and next year that I am so excited about, I can hardly contain myself.

Many thanks to Michelle for the literal color commentary and to Heidi for the notes. My life is better with the two of you in it. You keep me sane, organized, colorful, and grateful.

 What’s better than dynamite? Boobs. These boobs in particular.

#DragonCon Panels — Smashing the Patriarchy One Panel at a Time

So, I originally intended to include these “comments’ in our initial DragonCon post, but they…kind of took on a life of their own. So if you were interested in two of the panels Michelle and I attended about Person of Interest and Supergirl, well, look no further.

On Sunday morning, we decided to hit up a couple of non-Wynonna Earp panels. First up was Person of Interest, and let me tell you, the two guys running this panel had no idea what was about to hit them. It was sparsely attended — maybe 10-15 people — and most of the audience was female, with two male moderators. Little did they know that in our group of five, three of us had very strong opinions about the show, two were obsessed with it while it was on, and one even had a POI tattoo.

First of all, it took 13 minutes for Root to even be mentioned, and though I realize that she wasn’t an original character, that seems…a bit long for what some say is the most pivotal character in the entire series. Then, one of them referred to award-winning actress Camryn Mannheim as “that heavy woman with the ponytail,” and I. Fucking. Lost it. I get not being able to remember someone’s name, but that’s an unacceptable, patriarchal way to describe somebody. Control was an amazing character, and Camryn Mannheim is the shit. Fuck you and your brain that that’s how you describe her, by reducing an amazing actress to your perception of her body type. And let me tell you, moderator-on-the-right, to quote my mother, you’re no Raquel Welch. (Yes, that is a direct quote from Maggie Lesbiyinzer, about one of my exes. Stay classy and current, Mom.)

After Michelle spoke the first time, a moderator cut her off — well, he tried to. When he interrupted her, we both shouted back — some combo of “Let me/her finish!” And they did. They didn’t want to call on her again after that, and when a dude behind her left, he pointed at her, like, “Let the lady speak.” After she finished speaking, I will say that the women in the room mobilized and all began talking, and no one was interrupted again. But I’ve said too much — I’ll turn things over to her and let her shout about her favorite show.

[ Michelle’s opus begins ]

It’s no secret that Person of Interest is my all-time favorite show. When I saw that there was a Person of Interest fan panel at DragonCon, I kind of lost my shit. I love Wynonna Earp and I attended DragonCon for it, but holy shitballs, I was unhealthily excited to discuss POI.

When we arrived at the room and saw who the panel consisted of, I had a bad feeling about what the next hour would entail…and, damn, was I right. The two white guys who were “the panel” didn’t understand Person of Interest on a fundamental level, and it hurt to listen to them talk about a show that means so much to me in such shitty terms. It’s a small miracle I didn’t Lucado all over the room (which I think my friends were expecting, based on their constant worried glances). [ Editor’s note — we were. ] I’ll admit that much of the panel is a blur because the thirty minutes I gave the panelists to prove themselves was thirty minutes I spent trying to control myself and not jump up shouting. Eventually, they said the one thing I couldn’t keep quiet about and thus started my evisceration of the two panelists, who were nowhere near prepared for me.

I’m going to break down every point they made that is false, but I’ll start with the thing that had me forgetting my fear of talking to any crowd bigger than five and raising my hand. They claimed that Carter and Root dying was good for the development of Harold (and his fucking glasses) and John. 

While I agree that both Carter and Root’s storylines had to end in their death (but Root is totally alive), them both dying as a plot device to further John/Harold’s story is a fucking abomination. In my opinion, those two deaths being portrayed as they were ended up being two of the biggest missteps the show made. The Carter and John romance was the brain child of Jim Caviezel (I don’t care enough to look up spelling) [ Editor’s note — I did, and it’s right. ] and the show laid zero groundwork for it. Yes, they used the sudden romance well in furthering John’s development, BUT a woman of color had to die for John to grow? Hello, damaging trope! Carter’s storyline needed to end in her death because that was the natural conclusion to her going rogue to take down HQ. Making her death about John did a massive disservice to Carter and everything Taraji P. Henson brought to the character.

Now let’s talk about Root. These guys running the panel liked that Root died to give Harold the push he needed to give The Machine freedom to destroy Samaritan, but here’s the thing — I STRONGLY DISAGREE. First off, 2016 was a flaming trash heap of a year for female queer characters on TV and having Root die to further the development of a straight white dude was NOT OKAY. As much as it pains me to say, Root dying was an inevitability of the show. She grew from the young girl who lost her best friend to the patriarchy, Samantha Groves, to a hacker assassin who believed that humanity was a lost cause, that we were all “bad code”. Through her work with The Machine and Team Machine, Root learned that while humans are flawed, every life matters. Her sacrificing herself for The Machine makes perfect sense because of course she’d sacrifice herself for her god who was out to save humanity from the oppression Samaritan represented. But was it necessary for her to die to save Harold? No. The show introduced the idea of simulations in “If-Then-Else,” which is quite possibly the best episode of the series. We see The Machine run hundreds of thousands of simulations in a matter of seconds to determine the best strategy to optimize success while minimizing losses. In “The Day the World Went Away,” Root takes a bullet meant for Harold while fleeing from Samaritan. I find it hard to believe that in the time we saw the sniper preparing to when he fired that The Machine wouldn’t have found a way to save both its Primary Asset and Harold. It doesn’t make sense and demonstrates that the show killed Root to further Harold’s development. Had Harold gotten over his PTSD from the 400+ iterations of The Machine he created that failed, listened to everyone telling him to set The Machine free to save humanity, and stopped being a self-righteous idiot, Root wouldn’t have had to die that way. Yes, she would have had to die in service of her god, but not for anyone other than herself.

ALSO, these guys tried to rebuff my statement by explaining that Root had to decide to save the people she cared about because Shaw and Harold were in the car. FALSE! Anyone who loves the show knows that Shaw forced Root to leave her behind again to save Harold from his own stupidity. Root told Shaw she was a shape tracing a line through the infinite, then she fled with Harold because he decided to go back to a coffee shop he frequented with Grace.

I made quite a few other comments that led the panelists to try and pretend I don’t exist but I don’t remember them, so I’m just going to break down everything they got wrong.

  1. POI was a story about horrible people doing horrible things

This is the most nonsensical idea about POI one could have. Yes, POI is a story about people doing “horrible” things. And yes you could classify them as horrible people. BUT “horrible” is a completely subjective term. Yes, Team Machine did some horrible things in the name of The Machine BUT are they horrible? Each and every person in POI was fighting for what they deemed was right; yes, each of them did something that could be classified as “horrible” but when in the name of what they believed was the right thing how horrible can it be? As Harold once said, “I suppose that everyone feels that he is the hero of his story. But there are no heroes; no villains. Just people doing the best they can.” Every single individual on POI was a person doing everything in their power for what they believed was right.

  1. The Machine represented and “old” style of thought while Samaritan represented a “new” style.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! If you don’t get that they represent the extreme sides of surveillance culture, I don’t know that to tell you.

  1. John’s romances

After the masterful job the show did in portraying John and Jessica’s relationship early in the series, I have no idea why they felt the need to try and shove John into other relationships. His no-strings-attached relationship with Zoe was everything we needed for his character. The ridiculous relationship with his therapist was the writers not understanding the story they were telling.

  1. The shows that POI is in syndication with.


  1. John & Harold being the most important characters.

*chokes on bullshit*
I’m sorry, if you believe the show hit its stride before Root and Shaw were introduced, you must have irreparable brain damage. I could rant for thousands of words on why this is fact, but will refrain until asked. (Ask me, I dare you.)

[Thus endeth Michelle’s portion]

Thank you for that, Michelle. Does anyone else think she feels pretty strongly about that subject?

Buoyed with a dislike for the patriarchy and a passion for seeing our favorite female characters represented accurately, we headed over to the Supergirl panel, where none other than the amazing Bridget Liszewski was a panelist. We sat ourselves near the front, where a group of similarly minded panel attendees had brought a loaf of white bread. Anytime they said “Mon-el,” we were to all take a bite of the bland, bland square of “nourishment.”

It was so hard, guys. Much like it is impossible to stomach that bland piece of crap who’s been forced down our throats under the guise of “loving Kara,” with each bite, I had to force my jaws to chew the tasteless cube, trying to push it down my throat with an increasing nausea.

Unfortunately, the panel was similar. Bridget started things off with the right tone. When asked what her favorite relationship on the show was, she answered, “Kara and Lena.” One of her co-panelists said that their relationship never even struck him as romantic and that it was much like Lex and Clark on Smallville. Counterpoints to that argument:

  1. Lip bite, or lack thereof, between Clark and Lex.
  2. Lex never filled Clark’s apartment with flowers.
  3. I love both Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling’s performances as Lex and Clark, and they had good “frenemy” chemistry. You know what they didn’t have? Romantic chemisty. You know who does? Lena and Kara.
  4. Lex and Clark didn’t have more chemistry together than Lois and Clark OR Lana and Clark. Lena and Kara have more chemistry together than Jimmy and Kara, Mon-el and Kara, and Adam and Kara COMBINED.

Some people in the audience (men, I believe) had all kind of Bread-splaining ready to go about why Mon-el wasn’t the actual worst, and let me tell you, I (and many others) were having none of it. At one point, I got so incensed (I think it was to the “point” that Mon-el had no good examples of how to be a good partner and he was acting that way because he cared about Kara) that I did the unthinkable. I RAISED MY HAND TO COMMENT.

Oh, I get nervous just thinking about it now, days later.

Of course, the panelist calling on people channeled Michelle’s BFF from the POI panel and tried to move on to a different topic (I guess he was tired of being shouted at?), but my pal Nic was like, “WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE OVER HERE,” pointing at me. Problem is, I get really nervous talking in front of people, so my face instantly turned red as I spoke (and was maybe still red for our 12:20 photo op), but I persisted. I pointed out that Mon-el doesn’t treat Kara like he cares about her; rather, he treats her as someone he wants to control. But, hey, what do I know?

Unfortunately (or fortunately, maybe, to be honest), we only could stick around for half of that panel because of said photo op, but I did get one takeaway from what we saw. Bridget Liszewski is a true ally of the LGBTQ community and is willing to call out queer-baiting when she sees it. Bridget is one of the good ones, and we’re lucky to have her.


Happy Birthday, Waverly Earp

I know, I know. I have 18k words to write about DragonCon, and I’m writing a birthday post about everyone’s favorite former cheerleader. But I was struck with inspiration today. Is it medicine-fueled? Maybe. Was it born out of the mental ramblings of my morning nap? Probably. Doesn’t make it any less valid. Let’s see if it’s coherent!

I’m not giving anyone any new information when I say Waverly Earp is an amazing character. In a way, she’s all of us. Sure, personally speaking, I look nothing like Waverly, but we have some similar life experiences. We both had a childhood of overachieving, trying to distract everyone from something “bad” in our lives (Waverly — Wynonna, her family, and the Earp curse; me — being queer) with a whole host of perfection.

Continue reading

#DragonCon Photo Roundup

Guys. We are so fucking tired. [ Editor’s note — we started this Monday night, but it’s now Tuesday and I’m alone trying to write this up. Thanks for abandoning me, assholes. ]

The only blog post I can fathom doing is one with a lot of pictures, so here we go.

Our first professional photo op was one we got with the entire cast. We decided to all hand-write “I am all in” on pieces of paper and hold them up while posing with everyone, and it turned out really, really great, if I do say so myself. And it was during this photo op that I explained to Evelyn Andrews that I only tell people that I don’t like hugs so I can be selective about who I get them from…although it looks like she’s keeping her distance from me here. Hmm.


Next up was a picture of the Wynonna Earp gents. We couldn’t come up with a good idea for this one (we did discuss pointing out the fact that we four queer ladies absolutely love these men, but decided against it). Continue reading

Saturday at #DragonCon

Our day started out with a lot of laughter. Let me tell you, everyone should con with my friends. I mean, go to a con with them. Not attend a long set of lies designed to rip someone off. Attend a fan convention. 

Cosplaying as people kicked out of Yiska’s cult. 

Among the hilarity this morning was naming the space between two platonic friends sharing a double bed The Ghost River Triangle. Don’t cross the line!

We made our way to the con — then stopped and went back to the hotel because someone forgot their pass, during which Michelle passed the Amy Acker test. I whispered it from 20-plus feet away, and she turned around immediately after not hearing Heidi yelling at her from the same distance. Then we finally headed to the con again and I powered through a burrito bowl with a metric ton of mushrooms for breakfast. #YinzerClassy


We did some shopping and then headed to the autograph area, after being released from the clutches of the parade. Emily was nice enough to sign the screenshot of when she blocked me on Twitter. 

And then the Yiska reject cosplayers got a selfie with our beaver overload. 


I met the lovely and talented Shamier Anderson and told him about our friend who is super excited for his full frontal dragoning.

We headed to the fan panel and Heidi and I came up with a really great Peacemaker theory. I kind of wanted to ask the attacking question “what is your favorite Earp sisters moment,” but I ran out of time. 

Heidi and I stood in line for the cast panel while Michelle and BP went to a 100 panel, and that panel was amazing…except I had to leave in the middle of it to pee. Whoops. Should have gotten a small coffee. 

Then my pals had a 100 photo op in which they basically said “you suck” to the dudes. I don’t know anything about this show, but I do like pretty ladies. 

Michelle loved Tasya’s accent, while Heidi didn’t realize she spoke to them. Don’t know what BP thought. She didn’t tell me, and she’s not here. I’m sure I’ll get notes. 

We hit the Five Truths and a Lie panel with Kat and Dom, and that was…interesting. So grateful that Kat is our Nicole and not some rich leather-working real-estate magnate. 

We wandered around a bit outside because the Marriott was a clusterfuck and ended up back in our hotel room drinking warm Corona out of a can, because Yinzer/Iowan classy. 

Another successful day in the books! I can’t believe it’s half over. I’m sure we will get into more trouble tomorrow, and maybe even answer that age-old fandom question, mushrooms or pineapple on pizza?

Friday at #DragonCon

First official day of DragonCon in the books! Let’s see what trouble we got into today, shall we?

We made our way to Artists’ Alley (or whatever the DC equivalent is) to grab some Lora Innes prints first thing. Happily, we got the exclusive DragonCon print. I’d take a picture of it, but it’s already packed in its poster tube, and I’m tired as fuck. Michelle and BP hung up one of Lora’s banners.

They kept asking me if it was straight, which is not exactly my area of expertise.

Then, Michelle, BP, Jill, Lynn, Heidi, and I were standing off to the side, making a plan about the day, when all of a sudden, a woman came running out of nowhere, shouting at us to move aside, arms flailing. Then, 2.4 seconds later, Stan Lee comes careening around the corner on a motorized scooter, probably on two wheels, hurtling toward us, followed by what seemed like a camera crew of 23 people running behind him. After about five seconds of stunned silence, we looked at each other in shock, saying, “Was that Stan Lee?”

Definitely better than being suddenly homeless. Friday had a much better start than Thursday.

We separated and went on our various ways, meeting up with other friends and doing all of the walking. At lunch, Jill mentioned to me that Crystal Chappell had been announced for ClexaCon next year, and I dropped my bag and my food, jumped up, and said I needed a minute.

One of my first TV obsessions was Days of Our Lives, and one of my first crushes was Carly Manning. Like, life-changing, “I am attracted to this character” feelings. Game-changer for me. And I loved her and Bo’s romantic “wedding” at the pyramids. Ahem. Anyway. DragonCon.

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on genre writing with Emily Andras, and it did not disappoint. She’s hilarious, so talented, and cares so much about her fans and her show. I got to pitch our idea for the class to everyone, which was super great since I love standing up and talking in front of people. I hung out with BP after so she could meet Emily, which was super cool.

We headed over to wait in line for the Wynonna Earp panel, and even though we were super far back in line, our friends saved seats with them because they are awesome. Heidi and I have a con goal this weekend to actually stand up and ask a question, and hopefully I can work “Nicole, you’re in cult. Call your dad” into it. Fingers crossed.

After the panel, we met up with some other Earpers and headed to dinner at Atlanta’s classiest restaurant, Hooters.



We had some yummy food and really great conversation, though I did zone out a bit for The 100 discussion. No offense, guys.


Because apparently these two are the same fucking person. 

Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel, with these two jokers keeping watch.tplZI9Sd

Heidi is looking at Michelle like she just said that Clarke Griffin was better than Lexa. (When I read this photo caption out loud to these assholes, an argument immediately started over who the better character was. The Hufflepuff just threatened the Slytherin’s life. I’ve made a horrible decision. Please send help. If someone gets killed, I probably won’t get my deposit back.)

Another day in the books. Tomorrow — photos, signatures, panels, and more Earping, obviously.

Thursday at #DragonCon


What. A. Fucking. Day.

Heidi, Michelle, and I all converged at the airport this morning. We proceeded to make our way to the Airbnb that I had rented MONTHS AGO. Pay attention. This is important.

We took an Uber to the condo and, following the instructions given to us by our host, request the key from the front desk. The woman immediately asked if I was there because it was an Airbnb, and I said yes, because I am not big on lying. She got a little bit shady, said she had to check with her manager about something with his condo, and left. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach, but we all just hung out in the lobby. She came back and told us we needed to talk to the manager, and we made our way upstairs…like we were going to the principal’s office.

There, the very nice condo manager informed us that the rental we had booked through Airbnb (with many positive reviews, mind you) was booked despite the building’s rules against exactly that, and we could not stay there.


Mildly panicked, we all looked at each other. Heidi and Michelle immediately began looking for a hotel to rent (we were a little gun-shy on Airbnb at this point in time), and I texted Sarah, my best friend from college, and said, “I am sorry to bother you. I am in an emergency situation.” I called her and explained what had happened, and she said, “I’ll have a place for you within ten minutes.”

True to her word, within a few minutes, she called with a hotel she had available for us. I messaged our “host” and told him what was happening and demanded a refund, though at this point I had no idea if it would happen or not.

I’ll be honest with you. I am not great at handling stress, but much to my surprise, I only teared up a little. I didn’t full-on sob or break down…though it’s probably going to happen soon.


Just a couple of homeless queer nerd ladies, doing a thing.

We got another Uber and made our way to our current hotel, which looked like a dump from the inside. But then we walked in and realized it was nicer than most of the hotels any of us had ever stayed in. And, much to our great joy, there were cookies in the hallway. Like, complimentary cookies. Not some pack of oreos that some random kid had left in the hallway. Although at this point, since none of us had eaten since breakfast, we probably would have scarfed those down.

In the middle of all of the drama, I tweeted about how apparently I booked an unlicensed Airbnb that wouldn’t let us in. I have to say, the outpouring of help from the Earper community to all of us was overwhelming. We had offers of places to stay, suggestions on hotels to try, and a really great offer from DocStache to move VisitPurgatory to the shower so one of us could take her bed. It was a really, really shitty day, but…this was definitely a high point. We are in a really great fandom, guys.

The great thing about our new hotel home is that it is across the street from the MARTA station, so we did some math, bought a pass, and headed downtown.

These stairs are so steep, guys.

On the train, Heidi and I noticed that Michelle had fallen asleep. I joked with her that the way to find out if she was faking or not was to whisper “Amy Acker” and see if I got a reaction. Apparently, as soon as I said it, Michelle woke up, despite swearing she “hadn’t heard” us.


We party so hard sometimes the kids fall asleep on the public transportation.

We got lost about 17 times, including once in the Marriott. We grabbed some food and then went to find our people, who were partying at a bar in the Sheraton. As soon as we walked in, a shout erupted from the table, led by the always-energetic Sally.


Then the entire restaurant started shouting at us, which was also great.

We had some drinks and told this story quite a few times, so apologies if it was a repeat.

But, like I said, it was quite a day.

Tomorrow should only get better, right?