Saturday at #DragonCon

Our day started out with a lot of laughter. Let me tell you, everyone should con with my friends. I mean, go to a con with them. Not attend a long set of lies designed to rip someone off. Attend a fan convention. 

Cosplaying as people kicked out of Yiska’s cult. 

Among the hilarity this morning was naming the space between two platonic friends sharing a double bed The Ghost River Triangle. Don’t cross the line!

We made our way to the con — then stopped and went back to the hotel because someone forgot their pass, during which Michelle passed the Amy Acker test. I whispered it from 20-plus feet away, and she turned around immediately after not hearing Heidi yelling at her from the same distance. Then we finally headed to the con again and I powered through a burrito bowl with a metric ton of mushrooms for breakfast. #YinzerClassy


We did some shopping and then headed to the autograph area, after being released from the clutches of the parade. Emily was nice enough to sign the screenshot of when she blocked me on Twitter. 

And then the Yiska reject cosplayers got a selfie with our beaver overload. 


I met the lovely and talented Shamier Anderson and told him about our friend who is super excited for his full frontal dragoning.

We headed to the fan panel and Heidi and I came up with a really great Peacemaker theory. I kind of wanted to ask the attacking question “what is your favorite Earp sisters moment,” but I ran out of time. 

Heidi and I stood in line for the cast panel while Michelle and BP went to a 100 panel, and that panel was amazing…except I had to leave in the middle of it to pee. Whoops. Should have gotten a small coffee. 

Then my pals had a 100 photo op in which they basically said “you suck” to the dudes. I don’t know anything about this show, but I do like pretty ladies. 

Michelle loved Tasya’s accent, while Heidi didn’t realize she spoke to them. Don’t know what BP thought. She didn’t tell me, and she’s not here. I’m sure I’ll get notes. 

We hit the Five Truths and a Lie panel with Kat and Dom, and that was…interesting. So grateful that Kat is our Nicole and not some rich leather-working real-estate magnate. 

We wandered around a bit outside because the Marriott was a clusterfuck and ended up back in our hotel room drinking warm Corona out of a can, because Yinzer/Iowan classy. 

Another successful day in the books! I can’t believe it’s half over. I’m sure we will get into more trouble tomorrow, and maybe even answer that age-old fandom question, mushrooms or pineapple on pizza?

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