Lena Luthor is the Best of You

To no one’s surprise, I didn’t feel like there was enough Lena in this episode. To be fair, I would feel that way if there were 40 minutes of her, and two minutes of the soggy fish stick. (Fish stick, because cod piece — get it?!) But this was just awful. Continue reading

Lena Luthor Would Never Write This Storyline

Because Lena Luthor is a smart, intelligent, thoughtful woman who probably wouldn’t underestimate the audience of a show about a female superhero.

And I’m not mad, Supergirl. I’m just disappointed, because I know you can do better. And this isn’t some delusional “Kara Danvers was her best in season one” rant. It’s “hey, remember two episodes ago when my girls traipsed around in the Reignforest and saved the day? Me too.” Let’s do that again.  Continue reading