#EarperView with @Iddstar

Hello, friends, and welcome to another EarperView! Today we are joined by the extremely talented, super-hilarious, and probably-very-nice-in-person (we have never met) Vic! You may know Vic from her IlluStitch collaborations with Megan or from her super-fucking-rad designs. I’m very partial to the potatoes of Purgatory, but all of them are delightful, really.

My favorite part about doing this series is how amazed I am time and time again with how talented our fandom is. I read Vic’s answers as I was getting ready one morning, and I was almost late for work. As I told her (and often tell many others), I am just some yahoo with a blog, but when people take this as seriously as I do, it means a lot. And Vic took this hella seriously. I am so honored to be in this fandom with such a talented, funny, intelligent human, and I hope we get to meet in person someday.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

Non-Earper Vic might be a creature of shadow and smoke, a mere blur in the night skyline of her local bustling metropolis, defending the innocent and foiling criminal injustice where she sees it. She might be a shapeshifter; a taker of many forms — the moving object you see out of the corner of your eye in an otherwise empty grocery store aisle at midnight. She might be a technological supergenius, concocting marvellous inventions beyond human comprehension in her underwater laboratory, opening wormholes and embarking on adventures through all of space and time. She might be a somewhat unremarkable humanoid who spends most of her days at a desk in a marketing office and most of her nights at a desk at home doing doodles for the interwebs. Continue reading


#EarperView with @Emtothea

Hello, friends, and welcome back to a new installment of EarperViews! Hiatus is almost over, and the season-three premiere is so close, we can practically lick its potato. And today, I have quite a treat for you. Wonder Woman, lumberjack, Wynonna Earp show runner, and all-around lovely human being Evelyn Andrews Emily Andras is today’s special guest.
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Dear Kara

Screenshot (208)Dear Kara,

I write this not knowing where you are. You’re technically “on assignment,” which is weird because I own CatCo and don’t know where  you are. Huh.

Also, Supergirl hasn’t been seen for a while. Random coincidence, right?

I just wanted to say that I hope you’re well. You really haven’t been acting like yourself, and I hope this time away is what you need.

You’re such a wonderful human being — my best friend — and I know you would never abandon everyone you love on earth. It’s odd to me that you just left Alex and your mother behind. And James and Winn. And even Vasquez, though Alex says she hasn’t seen her lately.

And me.

I know things have been a little strained between us. Probably because you think I don’t know you’re Supergirl. I’d like to take a minute to remind you that I’m a genius and I know most things.

It really hurt my feelings when “Supergirl” didn’t trust me, and it really hurt me when both of you left. You said you’d be there for me always, and now you’re rushing off to a planet just because your mother is there, and you left with that stale crouton WHO IS MARRIED TO ANOTHER WOMAN. I never thought you were the kind of person to abandon your people.

I remain hopeful, though, that this will change. For some reason, I feel like things may change in some way tonight, though I don’t know why. Just a feeling, I guess.

I hope it’s for the better.

I also want to tell you that I think I might be into your sister. Hope that’s cool!




Lena Luthor is Holding Out for a Hero

Hello, friends.

I…did not like this week’s Supergirl. The whole thing oozed poor storytelling, bad leaps, and lazy writing, and it filled me with disbelief, annoyance, and anger.

One time, huddled on her work couch, Lena told Kara that while Supergirl may have saved her, Kara Danvers was her hero, and I have to say, Lena, that you deserve better heroes. Because that bitch just up and left you, her family, and the world with am “oh, I never felt like I fit in, so byeee. Oh, and I’m taking Imra’s husband with me.”  Continue reading