Lena Luthor Would Never Write This Storyline

Because Lena Luthor is a smart, intelligent, thoughtful woman who probably wouldn’t underestimate the audience of a show about a female superhero.

And I’m not mad, Supergirl. I’m just disappointed, because I know you can do better. And this isn’t some delusional “Kara Danvers was her best in season one” rant. It’s “hey, remember two episodes ago when my girls traipsed around in the Reignforest and saved the day? Me too.” Let’s do that again.  Continue reading


Lena Luthor is a Good Person


Remember last week, when I was riding my high from 3×17, and the joy and excitement was practically bursting out of me? I was so happy and joyous. The writers listened. They took the most powerful part of the show, and they centered an episode around it. We had great things to come.

And then…they aired 3×18.

I am sad, tired, angry, and disappointed, among other things. It’s a sad state of affairs that in an episode with Domestic!GuardianCorp and Mon-el going back to save Kara with his apparently fucking magical cape tricks, the worst part of it was a SuperCorp scene.

We open with Lena sharing a “tender” morning after with James, and I use the quotes because the soundtrack music tells me that it’s supposed to be sweet and romantic, but honestly, she just seems bored. Like, it was an okay night, but it was nothing to write home about. Something to pass the time.

Screenshot (103)

This is the face of someone who’s mentally writing their grocery list. Wait, it’s Lena Luthor. Mentally tweaking her recipe for Kryptonite.

I didn’t absolutely hate this scene, though I don’t buy the chemistry between James and Lena as lovers. They seem more like workplace proximity associates who are bordering on friends, despite the actors’ valiant attempts at levity. And also…we’re supposed to believe that James trusts Lena so much that he’s willing to betray Kara/Supergirl? Like, I always assumed that sex with Lena Luthor was a life-changing experience, but damn.

Screenshot (99)

Lena Luthor has a magical vagina dot org

Oh, except when Lena says “I’m really glad I can tell you my secrets now” and James LOOKS TO THE SIDE. Because he’s still keeping secrets from her. Granted, it’s not his place to out Kara, but that really has to be weighing on him. Kara refusing to tell HER BEST FRIEND about her secret identity is fucking up all of the lives of the people she loves.

And that’s not the Kara we have come to know and love over these three seasons.

But it seems like she’s in short supply these days.

Even when Supergirl asks Lena if she’s okay, they say volumes with just a few little words. Because I think while Supergirl is genuinely concerned for her friend, Lena still feels betrayed. Which is understandable, because that’s not how BFFs treat each other. And the look on Supergirl’s face? That’s of a person who knows they betrayed their best friend. Not of a Super worrying about a Luthor.

Screenshot (109)

No more cuddles?

Literally everyone else on this show gives Lena Luthor more respect than her best friend. J’onn, Alex, James, Brainiac, Winn, probably Crouton-el.

This is not the Supergirl you gave us.

These are not the relationships you made us love.

Alex doesn’t go after Ruby because she doesn’t trust Lena. She goes after Ruby because she doesn’t want her to be scared. And sure, if Alex hadn’t gone after her, Reign wouldn’t have found her, but pssh. Details. And the Alex Danvers we know wouldn’t want Ruby to be scared.

In case you didn’t know, I ship it. 

I’ve been pondering this for over 12 hours, and I still can’t figure it out. Why is James there to tell Lena about Patricia Arias? I guess so he can reason with her about the Kryptonite and Supergirl. But…why?

Why do Kara and Lena need a man to moderate their feelings?

Spoiler alert — they don’t.

They’re strong, powerful women — superheroes in their own right. Heroes in their own right. Two women with a history of mutual trust and respect, and it’s ridiculous to expect us to think that Kryptonite is more powerful than their relationship.

Because Supergirl created a world where powerful women are friends. Support each other through the good and the bad. And at its helm, they put a literal superhero. The Girl of Steel would go out of her way to save her friends, her friends’ partners, and their animals. And now you’re telling us she can’t see through the Kryptonite to see her trusted best friend and confidant on the other side.

And Kara? Where the FUCK do you get off telling Lena what she’s going to do with anything? Lena’s right. Kara does have a God complex. You’re not the decider, Supergirl. Lena makes a good, rational point that humans face danger every single fucking day, but they don’t let that stop them from living. How many buildings has Supergirl destroyed, putting hundreds of humans’ lives in danger? Their lives aren’t worth less than yours, Kara.

Screenshot (153)

This is her “I’m not mad; I’m just disappointed face.” I am Lena, and Lena is me, writers.

And I’m sorry, but since when does Kara have to be the only one in charge of anything? Is one of the side effects of Kryptonite that it instantly flips a switch in her from do-gooder to control freak? Guess you better check that lead-lined case for holes, Lena.

Despite all of this negativity from Supergirl (and the woman she knows is Kara Danvers, don’t fight me), Lena stands firm, which is completely in line with who she is. And I’m digging this. Supergirl could literally squash her like a bug, and she’s sassing her right back. She acknowledges they need each other right now, and this is how it’s going to have to be.

Pro tip — good apologies don’t include “you have to understand that…” Just apologize. This is your best fucking friend! Er, adjective. Not verb. You know what I mean.

Lena’s voice shaking when she explains that making the Kryptonite was personal to her, too, shows us again how GOOD she is. She knew what she was risking, but her friendship with Sam was all that mattered. These are not the actions of a villain.

Screenshot (184)

The only danger I see here is Lena’s cheekbones.

This is the look of a woman who was just betrayed by her best friend again, when said best friend brought up Lena helping Supergirl, as if Supergirl isn’t standing two feet away from her. And then Lena…lets loose.

All of that frustration she has that her best friend has been lying to her for months about being Supergirl, the disagreement with the Kryptonite, and maybe even that she’s been pushing her to be with James is just too much. And Lena tells Kara what we’ve all been shouting. Supergirl is being a hypocrite when it comes to Lena, and she’s done with it, going so far as to compare her to Lillian.

Oh, and she says Supergirl had James search her vault, telling Kara two things — one, she assumes Kara knows James is Guardian; two, Lena knows James is Guardian. There’s a lot to unpack in those two statements.

She reasons through a problem with Space Granddad. But Lena? She shouts and accuses her of being evil.

And Mon-el, who has fucked up dozens of times, who has betrayed Kara countless times, and who is just now on the road to being a “good person,” even though that apparently means leaving your wife — Kara looks at him like he’s a hero. And she looks at Lena like she’s a villain.

And that’s unfair. That’s unfair to Lena, to Kara, and even to Mon-el. And it’s unfair to us.

And that is not the Kara Danvers that existed in this universe prior to this.

You can’t create dynamic, unique female characters who we cheer for, we love, we connect to, and who we both want to BE and BE WITH and then suddenly try to insist that they need the men to get through this wacky thing called life. Because it’s unbelievable, it’s out of character, and it’s insulting.

You can’t create a fucking superhero who believes in the inherent good of people, who befriends Lena Luthor because she knows that people shouldn’t be judged on the actions of their families or last names, and then expect us to suddenly believe Kryptonite is enough to ruin this relationship. Because let’s suspend disbelief for one minute and say Lena doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl. Okay, fine. Supergirl knows Lena is Kara Danvers’ best friend. And Kara Danvers knows that Lena Luthor is one of the best people she knows. I don’t buy it.

You created this wonderful relationship and then are seemingly trying to turn it against each other. Lena versus Kara is lazy writing. A Super and a Luthor as enemies? It’s been done. A Super and a Luthor as gal pals, taking on the world and making it a better place? Now, that’s compelling.

And, I mean, I say “you can’t,” but really, you can. It’s not my show. I’m just a fan, and the writers owe me nothing. I know that. Do your thing, writers. But…don’t expect me to follow you blindly. You’re not the Lena to my Kara. You haven’t given me enough reason to trust you.

And I won’t. Trust you, blindly, that is. Because while you don’t owe me anything, I don’t owe you anything either. I’m not saying this as a threat, because I’m self-aware enough to realize that my voice is a tiny one in the deep well of this fandom. But if you ruin a show and the characters I love, I’m not going to watch it. I’m not going to use the hashtag. I’m not going to DVR it or buy it or rewatch it or live-tweet it. I’m not going to support its advertisers, and I’m not going to spend my Tuesday mornings writing about it.

All I’ve ever wanted was for this show to be good. To live up to its potential that I have seen with my own eyes. Give me a reason to trust you, Supergirl. Get your shit together. Be the Lena to my Kara.

Bonus content that didn’t fit anywhere else:

  • I genuinely like Mehcad Brooks as an actor. I enjoyed him on Necessary Roughness, and I think he’s handsome, charming, and engaging. But this show doesn’t know what to do with him, and they’re doing him a disservice by shoving him in this unbelievable relationship. He’s better than this.
  • James, if you fling your arm like that, does that shield just come out? That must be awkward at meetings.
  • “New from Ulta, Kryptonite spray. Let it Reign down on you.”
  • If Patricia has never met her granddaughter, why does she have a picture?
  • Alex Danvers made me even gayer dot org
  • Okay, but seriously, Alex Danvers’ arc in this episode is 100% true to her character. So the writers know their own characters. They just choose to ignore them sometimes.
  • Also, that Luthor Mansion reveal was super cool.
  • Shout-out to Cynthia Stevenson as the mansion caretaker, who starred in Hope and Gloria, a sitcom that aired from 1995-1996 that took place in Pittsburgh.
  • James says “Pestilence” oddly.
  • Supergirl’s muscles are very distracting in this episode. I blame all of the fanfic I’ve been reading. Why don’t we ever see Kara in short sleeves?
  • If Mon-el hadn’t interrupted them, I wonder if Supergirl would have come out to Lena as Kara.
  • Two Lillian Luthor references in this episode. Does this mean we’ll see Brenda Strong again soon?
  • Consider this an official request for Imra to join the Waverider.
  • Lena bought all of that ice cream because she hoped Kara would be there. You can’t convince me otherwise.

Special thanks:

I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to Melissa Hernández, whose Lena-only YouTube videos have made these LenaCaps so much easier.

Thanks for reading, friends. I’d say I hope you enjoyed this, but I don’t think it was very enjoyable. It was a frustrating episode to watch and a frustrating episode to write about. I’ll see you here next week, maybe, and until then, stay sexy and don’t betray your characters.

Lena Luthor, You’re My Hero

Supergirl 3×17 fucked me up.

This is a true fact. So is my next statement.

Lena Luthor is a hero.

I’m not saying that because I’m thirsty, because I’m blinded by her smirk. I’m not fooled into thinking she’s a Mother Teresa in a world full of Ed Geins. But Lena Luthor is amazing, and she’s my hero.

This episode has shown her devotion to her friends, her strong moral compass, and the worth of the absolute sexiest part of her body –her brain.

Oh, and don’t forget the sass.

“And you didn’t think to bring this to our attention?”

“The attention of a clandestine organization, that’s never formally acknowledged its existence to me? No.”

Screenshot (27)

Continue reading

Look at Me

Hello, friends.

As you may know, today — April 26th — is Lesbian Visibility Day.  The day when we cast off our Harry Potter cloak of — oh, wait. That’s not it.

Growing up, the last thing I wanted to be was visible. I tried to blend in, mimic what other people were doing, stay under the radar so no one would see that I was different. I didn’t want anyone to notice me, to notice I was different. Growing up in small-town West Virginia, the last thing I wanted anyone to do was see me for who I was in my Catholic school. Slumber parties were probably the worst, especially with the introduction of Truth or Dare. I have never been big on lying, so Truth was a nightmare situation, but at that age, Dare sometimes consisted of exposing body parts or something similar, and that also filled me with fear. What if I answered a question about a boy wrong? What if I stared at someone too long? What if I didn’t stare and that was suspect?!

Hell. Pure. Hell.

The older I got, the less visible I tried to be. Locker rooms, volleyball and basketball practices, and a sudden passed note of “you’re hugging people and it makes us uncomfortable” forced me deeper into my wishful cloak of invisibility. I graduated and got the fuck out, but it took years before I allowed people to see who I was.

Looking back, oddly, I’m not sure that my feelings were ever “shame.” All I ever wanted — and all I want now, to be honest — is to fit in. I just want people to like me, to be amused by me, to not be weird. You know, in a bad way. I’m totally okay with being weird in a good way. If that makes sense to you — good news! You are also my kind of weird!

Anyway, I guess that’s its own kind of shame — not wanting people to see you for your differences. But it never felt that way. Or at least it doesn’t now.

I think the existence of representation on TV can’t be understated here. For the first time in my life, I have felt like I’ve seen myself when I hit that button on the remote. From Wynonna Earp to Everything Sucks to One Day at a Time and even Supergirl (though you’re not doing a very good job right now with other things, SG, but whatever), women dealing with their sexuality and falling in love with other women are there. We’ve come a long way from shouting “I’m gay” over an airport PA system, Willow Rosenberg having an extra-flamey candle, and Kerry Weaver shooting longing looks at Kim Legaspi. Those moments were important and significant, sure, but they were moments. Unusual circumstances. Newsworthy. The representation I see now is noteworthy because of its normalcy. Being gay isn’t done for ratings. It’s part of the overall story of people’s lives that is told, helping it to become visible.

We have always been here, and the entertainment landscape is starting to reflect that.

The older I get, the more visible I become. I remember several months ago, I made a comment about just wanting to be inconspicuous, and my friend Angie told me that as long as I had this hairstyle, my hopes of disappearing were unlikely to happen.

But I kind of dig it now. I feel like my outside is starting to match the insides that were always there. I’m content to stay in the background but also coming to terms with the fact that, when you have all this sizzle, people are going to notice.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be loud and inappropriate. It’s okay to be who I am.

It’s okay to love women. It’s okay to be turned on by women. It’s okay to be married to my amazing, wonderful, caring, understanding wife. More than okay. (But that specific one’s just for me, friends.)

I also know that all lesbians don’t look like me, talk like me, act like me. That doesn’t make me or them any less of a lesbian. It’s important to remember that. We don’t all wear flannel. We aren’t all good at sports. Some of us have long fingernails. And some of us are trans women. WE ARE ALL LESBIANS, AND WE ARE ALL HERE.

Today, on this Lesbian Visibility Day, stand up and be proud of who you are. Embrace the things that make you different. That make you the same. That make you who you are.

I am a lesbian, but I am so many other things. A wife. A friend. A fangirl. An Earper. A Lenasexual. A bestie. A softie. A Ravenclaw whose Hufflepuff tendencies show way too often. A Star Wars fan. A grammar and punctuation snob. A human who reads to much fanfic.

My sexuality is one of many parts of myself, all of which I’m proud of.

Even though this world has come a long way from the one I lived in as a child and a teenager (and a university student), my story is still important. I’m fortunate that I can be visible, and I hope that my visiblity helps someone else. Helps them to become who they were always meant to be.

Look at me. I’m invisible no more. There’s no going back now!

Wynonna Earp 1×03, AKA the One Where Dolls Basically Kills Shorty Even Though Wynonna Pulls the Trigger, Nicole Is 87% Heart Eyes, and Champ Doesn’t Put Gluten in His Body, Even Though He Puts His Body in Places Where He Shouldn’t

Hello, friends. What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been! I intended to write this last Tuesday, and then I got stranded in Amsterdam for two extra days, blowing all of my carefully laid plans out of the water. Oh, well. At least I’m back on track, sort of, writing wise, even if I haven’t made it to Costco yet.

Editor’s note — Amsterdam was in November. Damn. No excuse. ]

But that’s neither here nor there. Grab your favorite father figure, your most appropriate shoulder-less funeral attire, and all of the gluten, and let’s go!

Monica’s Random Points of Randomness:

  • Previously on WE, we learned only Peacemaker can kill Revenants, we’re reminded what a wienie Levi is, and we see how impossibly charming both Nicole and Doc can be, even though Doc’s motivations are…suspect.
  • Wynonna mentioning Shorty’s heart issues is definitely not an indication that he’s going to die by the end. Nope.
  • Love that Waverly conned Wynonna into moving all of her boxes, even though she’s obviously not busy at all.
  • “You are awful forward for a girl in dungarees” is one of my favorite lines of this episode.
  • Pictured: forward progress.wynonna103_0041 (1)
  • Sorry, Doc. I don’t believe for one second that you have even attempted to find honest work.
  • She looks so…young. Also, who are these other people? There are other people in Purgatory?wynonna103_0057
  • Listen, I’m sorry for objectifying human beings, but holy shit, this man is beautiful, isn’t he?wynonna103_0080
  • YEAH, HE IS.wynonna103_0083
  • Wynonna says we can’t all settle down with our high-school sweethearts, then fidgets with a ring on her finger. Andrews and company have made me so suspicious that everything is a clue that I wonder if that ring is from an ex-beau of Wynonna’s. Probably that Norwegian death-metal guy. Hope we meet him in season 3.
  • Oh, I’m sorry. “Met”?wynonna103_0104
  • When Waverly tells Wynonna that she’s going to “dig it” in reference to her research is further proof that much of the reason I love Waverly is that she’s a giant, giant nerd. I have a TV type, and it’s personified by Waverly, Dr. Lauren Hot Pants, and Willow Rosenberg.
  • Oh, The Big City. Your most distinctive characteristics are that you’re big but also a city!wynonna103_0123
  • You’re telling me no one was side-eyeing those Revenants during this fancy time-capsule digging? I look clean and put together and I get stared at every single place I go. I call shenanigans.
  • I think they could have moved through the crowd without pushing people. That’s just rude. And you’re drawing attention to yourself!
  • Do you think he shops at the same leather-jacket store as Wynonna?wynonna103_0223
  • Waverly in research mode is amazing. Again, this is my TV type. Cute, ridiculously smart, hilarious, adorable, and also a slight tinge of insecure. Do I want to date her character, or AM I HER CHARACTER? No one knows.
  • And she tries so hard to look grown-up for her meeting.
  • When someone disses her sister.wynonna103_0285
  • Wynonna’s “they used to be [people]” vs. Dolls’ theory that Revenants definitely aren’t really outlines the differences between the two of them as people. Grey-scale vs. black-and-white.
  • Waverly’s horrible at acting casual. Exhibit A.
  • Love that Dolls clocks WayHaught IMMEDIATELY.
  • Waverly dropping the Doc Holliday pic is like Giles always immediately finding the answer to the Demon of the Week in the first book he chooses.
  • How is he so handsome even in an olden-timey photo?!wynonna103_0424
  • Where did Doc get those glasses, anyway?
  • Doc is many things, but even at this point in time, I don’t think he’s either a traitor or a bitch, despite what his trailer door may say.
  • “I question what sort of a man sends an angel to do his bidding.” Like, can he just not turn it off?!
  • Okay, so here’s the thing. Doc grabbing Bethany’s hand and putting it on his…lower mustache area made me extremely uncomfortable…and I don’t remember it happening in the first dozen times I watched. Perhaps it’s in part because of the current climate of the world and all of the discussion around harassment, etc., but it has bothered me for weeks. I think it’s because that’s not how the Doc Holliday I know acts. Someone who’s so smooth shouldn’t have that as a go-to-move. And I do realize that Bethany is willing, but grabbing someone’s hand like that made me feel…squicky.
    • Editor’s note — my friend Docstache helped me understand what was going on in this scene, and I wanted to include it, because it was eye-opening to me.  Thank you, DS. ]clip
  • Wynonna asks about the dull knife, but when we see the severed hand, that cut looks…pretty clean to me.
  • How is Waverly not even a litle bit curious about why Doc Holliday is in her bar?
  • “The three of them made me what I am” — so Wyatt, Edwin, and Ward, by sending him to Hell three times?
  • If Wynonna had just SHOT HIM directly after withdrawing her weapon, he would be dead and this episode would be 15 minutes long.
  • Think that coffee is from Shorty’s?wynonna103_1086
  • “Just a two-inch clamp for my tow hook,” he says as he peruses sunglasses.
  • Hi, yes. Hello. I’d like to know more about her backstory. Please and thank you.wynonna103_1202
  • Oh, Shorty. You were always too good for Purgatory.
  • Ohhhh. So he got injured when he fell into that table of junk, I guess.
  • Love that even Gary is creeped out by Marty.
  • I’m just saying that Nedley makes the khakis work.wynonna103_1263
  • “Never go to a second location” will forever make me think of Bridget at ClexaCon.
  • Okay, so Wynonna really didn’t notice Dolls put A TRACKER ON HER?!
  • Seriously, that moment seemed so out of character for him that I immediately assumed he planted something on her.
  • Dear TV gods: let this be my recurring character in season 3, a la Pete and Perry.wynonna103_1470
  • How many cell phones does Dolls have?!
  • Calm down, Officer Haught. Everyone can see how thirsty you are.wynonna103_1519
  • Sexual tension awardCapture
  • And then Bobo sniffs Doc’s hat? This may be an unprecedented double Sexual Tension Award.
  • It took me way too long to realize Waverly’s phone ringing was Nicole calling her about Champ and Wynonna. Like, way too many watches.
  • I have correctly identified three of these non-Clootie names as writers for the show, but I’m stumped on the other two…maybe because I can’t read Waverly’s chicken scratch.wynonna103_1827
  • Waverly’s face confronting Doc is basically Willow’s Resolve Face.
  • “Vapid brain pan”? YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR, SIR.wynonna103_1869
  • Love that she makes the Revenants open the safe door.
  • “So after this, do you maybe want to hit the outlet mall and go shopping for coats?”wynonna103_2054
  • It’s like she’s going to the drive-in with the only people she could rustle up last-minute because there’s a discount if there are five people.wynonna103_2098
  • When Dolls tells Nedley and Nicole to “clear the scene,” both officers walk away, but Dolls keeps his eyes trained on Nicole. Does he sense something is up with her immediately? Has he known her all along? Was she a plant to keep tabs on the Cult of Bulshar? Was this the long game all along? Did Shamier just want to keep his eyes on the person in frame? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.
  • “I want this one’s body because I’m going to possess it.” *throws Champ into the side of  the van*
  • “They’re gonna eat us.” Oh, Champ.
  • Oh, Dolls. This is why you keep getting voted THAT BITCH.
  • That gluten line is hilarious.
  • Wynonna, who never claims to be good or brave, offering herself up for Shorty…and Champ.
  • “I always told Gus and your sister you’d come back.” Oh, Shorty. Now I’m tearing up.
  • This Revenant is so bad at Revenanting. Like, you have “hostages,” but you have no way to keep them there, and the pretty one runs away. Idiot.
  • I guess now we know where the Lost Smoke Monster went.
  • Shorty was always in Wynonna’s corner, and I’m so sad for her that she lost him.
  • So, I assume they’re in the middle of nowhere, near the GRT line. Somehow Chump manages to find Dolls, huh? Sure, Jan.
  • I’m honestly confused by the strength of the zip ties here. Wynonna breaks them across her knee, bleeding Revenant!Shorty rips them off with brute strength, but Champ needs to have Dolls cut his.
  • I don’t know why, but I never noticed until this very watch that Revenant!Shorty had the Revenant’s voice.
  • Dolls’ hair is always so perfect. I wonder if someone in Purgatory cuts it, or if he goes to The Big City.
  • What happens if you shoot a Revenant in, like, the leg?
  • Nicole is so young, and her pants are so khaki. Also, Waverly, do we need to discuss appropriate funeral attire? Is this why she skipped Uncle Curtis’ funeral — all her off-the-shoulder shirts were at the cleaner’s? As a final thought, I loved these nerds holding hands…and then not.
  • Me when people try to hug me.wynonna103_2806
  • “Wynonna tells me you were really brave.” I…doubt that.
  • Me when people try to hug me and I don’t know them.wynonna103_2893
  • Is Nicole so desperate for people to talk to that she’s almost confiding in Dolls about her giant crush on Waverly?
  • I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Dolls for Shorty’s death.

Well, friends, you’ve finished the recap that was months in the making. Hopefully I’ve shaken off the dust and can get back to a regular posting schedule. It’s nice to get back into it, and I just keep telling myself to write the damn thing. I can worry about it maybe not being shitty later.

Stay sexy and don’t get sent to Hell by Peacemaker!

Two Lenas Diverged

I didn’t watch Supergirl live this week, much to bestie Michelle’s dismay, because we couldn’t shout at each other directly after. Alas, she had to wait until the next day. But I think it was worth waiting for, because there was A LOT OF SHOUTING.

Quite a bit about one of my favorite characters on TV right now, Lena Luthor.


*dreamy sigh*

There’s been a lot of speculation this season about whether Lena will “go dark” or “turn evil,” because quite honestly, that’s the lazy way a character arc like hers would go, and Supergirl has been all about the lazy writing lately…like forcing us to believe chemistry exists between two people just because everyone is shouting CHEMISTRY at them.

But that’s another rant for another time.

One of the things Michelle and I shouted at each other was where we thought Lena’s storyline would go after she seemingly knows that Sam is Reign and wants to help her. Unsurprisingly, it was to two different places — both interesting; both plausible. Here are our thoughts on what could happen with Lena’s character in the last part of the season.


I think Lena has known Kara is Supergirl for months now, and because she’s a motherfucking genius, she basically knows as much about Reign as the DEO. When Sam started having her blackouts, Lena wondered if the two were connected, just because of the timing, and when Sam told her more details, the final piece of the puzzle was put into place. She wants to help both of her friends, and what better way than using her mother’s technology to split Sam and Reign? I think by doing this, she’ll further prove to the DEO and the world that she’s one of the good people. (Not to Kara, because Kara already knows.)  This will continue Lena’s journey to hero and hopefully get her an invite to work with the DEO, because they could really use a brain like hers. Kara will eventually “come out” to her as Supergirl, and I think Lena will be slightly hurt, because besties, but she’ll understand. It had nothing to do with the fact that she’s a Luthor; Kara risks anyone she tells about her secret identity, especially her closest gal pal. I look forward to seeing a season four that starts with Lena fighting alongside Kara, Alex, J’onn, and the rest of the heroes. Because heroes always win.

And if Lena were to find her way under either of the Danvers sisters while she’s fighting alongside of them, well, I wouldn’t be sad about it.


You know that uncomfortable feeling when you know a friend’s secret and desperately want them to share it with you? You do that thing where you drop subtle hints and steer conversations in a direction that’ll create the perfect moment for your friend to share. Welcome to Lena’s life. She’s spent this season trying to get Kara to admit to being Supergirl but refuses to use Cat Grant’s method (because contrary to popular belief in National City, Lena is not turning into the next Cat Grant). When Kara does finally “come out” about being Supergirl, I think Lena is going to be a little hurt since literally every other person Kara is close to knows her secret. She’ll be hurt but ultimately understand why Kara didn’t tell her. No way this will send her to the dark side.

At the end of the latest episode, Lena figured out that Sam isn’t completely human. If she hasn’t figured out Sam is Reign, she will pretty quickly with a quick comparison between the times of Sam’s blackouts and the times of Reign’s homicidal rampages. The only way I see Lena going dark is through helping Sam. Lena wants to help her friend, and to do that, they’re going to need to find a way to deny Reign control of Sam’s body OR find a way to remove Reign completely. Who is the one person that would have some sort of technology to accomplish that? Lillian Luthor.

Lena turning to her mother would be the last resort, but I doubt she has the technology on hand. Lillian would love to learn that aliens can “infect” a human. The pro-alien stance has been that aliens are individuals minding their own business. Knowing that an alien can take over a human’s body puts a damper on that argument. I am aware that the Worldkillers aren’t “human,” but Sam and Julia are individuals with lives. A dormant alien taking over a body is some Invasion of the Body Snatchers shit. Yes, it might just be the Worldkillers who can do this, but how can anybody be sure? This opens the door for people to go anti-alien, because who wants to spend their life unsure of who is still themselves?

Of course, I don’t want this to happen. What I want to happen is for everyone to stop pretending Lena and James have romantic chemistry, for the soggy Triscuit to go back to whatever time he came from, and for Lena and Kara to kiss already. Also, I wouldn’t complain if Imra and Alex pretended that they were attending a wedding on Earth 1.

Thanks for reading, friends, and hopefully the non-WE content wasn’t confusing for you. It seems that Michelle and I both anticipate a similar storyline. We just differ on how Lena reacts to news that Sam is being inhabited by an alien, and what she thinks of said aliens who are trying to gain control. At the end of the day, I just want the best ending for these two gal pals. At its best, Supergirl is a powerful show about powerful women, written and created by powerful women. That’s the Supergirl I love. Fingers crossed for the end of the season. Many thanks to Michelle for the collab!

#EarperView with @marciedefeo

FRIENDS. ARE YOU SAD? It’s the last EarperView of the year, but I was sure to make it a good one. It’s Marcie!

*shocked and excited reaction gif*

I’ll be honest — I had never seen a reaction video until I hung out with Marcie. We had dinner together at Dragon Con — we were part of a 10-person crowd at Hooters, because Earpers are classy AF, my friends — and were part of the same table, though I had never met her before. And much to my surprise and delight, she was one of three fans of The 100 at the table, so THEY TALKED ABOUT IT ALL FUCKING NIGHT.


Anyway, after hanging out with her and talking to her, I checked out her reaction videos, which were extremely entertaining. Marcie’s love for Lena Luthor is maybe only matched by Bridget Liszewski, to be honest. One of my favorite things to do is send screen shots of her reaction videos as responses to other tweets! Hilarious! And I’m sure she thinks so, too!

And she is responsible for making me watch one of the worst Christmas movies I have ever seen. You’re great, Marcie, but YuleHeda was awful.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

Is there even a non-Earper part of me anymore? I work in TV news as an AD/Stage Manager and Director. I hate making decisions in my life, so I picked a job where I have to make many, quickly. I also work part-time as a Physical Therapist Assistant in the school system, because sleep is overrated. Multitasking is my friend and enemy. What’s actually important to know is that the first thing I ever wanted to be was a Pip…as in Gladys Knight and the.  I still dream of it but I can’t snap my fingers, and that seems to be an important part of the job. I’m in an Ultimate Frisbee league. (Is this my new dating profile?) I also box and do muay thai. I’ve done it for years. I love the science and focus of it.  It makes me relax like nothing else.

How did you find Wynonna Earp and the fandom?

Maybe a month before it aired, two coworkers separately asked me if I had heard of it because it seemed like something I’d be into.  I looked it up and saw the name Emily Andras and was immediately disappointed in myself for not already being aware of it. I Fandras-ed before the world knew it was a thing thanks to Lost Girl and I will follow her anywhere. (In a non-creepy, watch all of her shows, support her work kind of way.)

Is this your first fandom?

It’s my first fandom to this degree, for sure! I joined Twitter back in the day in search of people to talk to about Skins, but it was nothing like this.

What is your favorite fandom memory?

These are hard questions! I’ll say the day @keljayy tweeted “Ima start a ClexaCon group chat” and helped me meet some of the most amazing women who have become so important to me. My EarpKru make me laugh, are super supportive, and always there for each other.  I can say the same thing for every other Earper I’ve met.  Earpers are amazing humans.

What is your favorite con memory?

How do I pick just one? I want to tell all the stories! Meeting Emily, Dom and Kat for the first time at ClexaCon was a complete out-of-body experience. My brain short-circuited multiple times.  Another experience that will never be topped is the Wynonna Earp viewing party at SDCC.  So many thanks to Kevin and Allison for setting it up! We are not worthy! We didn’t know Emily and the cast would be there, but the next thing I know, all of our favorite people started streaming in. It still doesn’t seem entirely real. Sitting in that room, singing to tell that devil to take you back, while Mel, our Wynonna, danced along, is a moment I think of often.

What is your favorite Wynonna Earp/Earper activity?

I love making the reaction videos every week.  They are my absolute favorites to do, and I’ve met so many great Earpers through them and learned a lot about myself in the process. I also really love the Whiskey & Doughnut hangouts. There is nothing out there like them.  Everyone’s excitement about the episodes is so infectious, and I love it more every week. Also Earper meetups! Any time I can spend with Earpers is the best time. No question. I’d do it every day if possible.

What has Wynonna Earp come to mean to you?

Everything.  It means everything. You just ask the question, and I get emotional. I could never explain it properly. You know who’s good with words? That Bridget lady.  Someone should make a pin or something so we can show our love for her, too. [ Editor’s note — what a great idea! ] Plainly and briefly, Wynonna Earp is family. Family that makes me excited, and hopeful, and energized to be more.

Are there any pictures you’d like to share of your Wynonna Earp experience?

Pictures? Umm, I think I could round up a couple…


Widow Beth or Widow Mercedes?

I’ll say Widow Mercedes because girl embraced her look and I loved its evolution.  Also Beth made my Waverly make that awful choice, and I haven’t forgiven her yet.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you Fandras?

We should stop limiting ourselves. I openly SuperFandras now. [ Editor’s note — that answer feels like an attack. ]

Describe why Fandras is a thing in 7 words or less.

Stop questioning it and start living it.

What is your favorite Earp sisters moment?

What kind of question? You seem like such a nice person! My first thought is from the end of 206 when Wynonna and Waverly are sitting on the floor and Wynonna is crying because she feels like she has no control over her destiny and Waverly wipes her tears, and they open Doc’s note. I’M ALL IN TOO THIS IS MY FAVORITE BUS (and I can get motion sick so that’s saying something).

How have you Earped your life?

Well, I have an entire drawer of Fangirl shirts, so that’s a thing. I’ve tried to bring the no chill, Earp it forward attitude into my everyday life and hope to one day live on Earper Island.

What’s the Earpiest thing you’ve ever done?

I’d say traveling back and forth across the country for cons is fairly Earpy. I had never con-ed until this past year and it seems I have a new life now.

Lena Luthor has purchased Shorty’s because her gal pal took a liking to it on a recent DEO/BB stakeout. How hands on of an owner is she? How would that unfold? Could any of Shorty’s staff or regulars replace Kara as her pallest gal?

Lena wouldn’t be too hands on. She appreciates the charm of Shorty’s; she just wishes they could do something to curb the fighting and reduce the costs of replacing everything they break.  She’s still waiting on the insurance claim for that CatCo elevator.  No one could replace her number-one galpal Kara! Their friendship is…special, but they would bond with WayHaught over their mutual love of donuts.

Anya from the 100 and Roulette from Supergirl have swapped places. How does each character act in their different world?

I’m just imagining Roulette emerging from Praimfaya wearing that red dress and judging everyone.  She would be fast friends with Murphy. There would be a few poker games, and if Murphy ever got the chance to cook in a kitchen again he would try to teach her and she would want no part of it and I’d be there for it.

Anya would bond quickly with Lena because of their mutual love of leather and the friendship would deepen through their great boss leader attitudes and soft hearts. The look on Anya’s face when she sees Supergirl take flight for the first time would be amazing!

Here’s where you can find Marcie:

@marciedefeo (personal Twitter)

YouTube channel

Thanks so much, Marcie! Seriously. I am extremely grateful.

I am not only grateful to Marcie, but to every single person who has done an EarperView, and also to the people who have read them.

I’m going to go off-topic here for a minute, and I hope that’s okay. I love to write, and I love to fangirl, and I love to Earp, and people’s reactions to my blog and my EarperViews have made it so I can do all three. I am just so appreciative to this fandom for giving me this opportunity. I wish you all a lovely holiday season, and I’ll see you back here soon for…something, I’m sure.