Lena Luthor, You’re My Hero

Supergirl 3×17 fucked me up.

This is a true fact. So is my next statement.

Lena Luthor is a hero. Continue reading


Wynonna Earp 1×03, AKA the One Where Dolls Basically Kills Shorty Even Though Wynonna Pulls the Trigger, Nicole Is 87% Heart Eyes, and Champ Doesn’t Put Gluten in His Body, Even Though He Puts His Body in Places Where He Shouldn’t

Hello, friends. What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been! I intended to write this last Tuesday, and then I got stranded in Amsterdam for two extra days, blowing all of my carefully laid plans out of the water. Oh, well. At least I’m back on track, sort of, writing wise, even if I haven’t made it to Costco yet. Continue reading

Two Lenas Diverged

I didn’t watch Supergirl live this week, much to bestie Michelle’s dismay, because we couldn’t shout at each other directly after. Alas, she had to wait until the next day. But I think it was worth waiting for, because there was A LOT OF SHOUTING.

Quite a bit about one of my favorite characters on TV right now, Lena Luthor. Continue reading