Wynonna Earp Recap — Where Do We Go From Here

Hello, friends, and welcome to the penultimate episode of Wynonna Earp season four. In the previous episode, we were left with so many cliffs hanging that we wondered how the writers could possibly tie everything up in two episodes. Well, surprise! They tied them up in one, and now we are, allegedly, just left with a WayHaught wedding, but — well, I’m getting ahead of myself. Be patient; we’ll get there. So grab your bird of choice, check your vamp status, and be sure to book your stay at the Boobie Munch Salon for a full makeover, because here we go! 

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Rachel goes to Wynonna for training, Waverly grabbed her own book from the Garden but it’s blank, Cleo helped Wynonna, Mercedes got shot, oh, yeah, and Waverly paid a visit to Jolene in the Boobie Munch Cabin and was compelled to take her final form, which appears to be of a dark angel of sorts. Neat, right? Just a regular day in Purgatory.

The BBD agents drag shot Mercedes’ bleeding body into the cell with the rest of the food, and that’s only an issue because the bloodsucking vampire dentist is having trouble controlling his hunger. He begs Jeremy to hold him back, but one groiny BBD nerd can only do so much. 

In the forest, Wynonna is staring at Waverly’s final form, which has evolved even more (or she’s taking a trip to the Boobie Munch Salon for the works). She can’t stop staring because baby girl is both beautiful and terrible. Bonus — she has also de-fogged the GRT. She’s speaking in a bit of a disembodied voice and of Waverly in the third person, like she’s a third-rate professional wrestler trying to act like she’s more important than she is. This is maybe even more concerning than the whole goth makeover, but I’m sure it’s fine.

Wynonna begs her Waverly to come back, but she’s not in the mood for chit-chat. She’s got places to go and people to see — well, place to go and people to protect by locking up the Garden. Wynonna refuses to let her sister go, so Dark Waverly puts her hand on her face and I totally thought for a moment that she was going to face-drain Wynonna, too, but whew! Not this time. Wynonna’s just blind, so we’re cool.

Wynonna asks why, and the dark version of her sister calmly answers, “Because it’s her turn, Wynonna.” Man, no one is letting Wynonna take a turn these days.

In the woods, Cleo asks a gun-holding Rachel how training is going and taunts her about (not) being a killer. She tries to poison her against Wynonna, but it’s not working — Rachel believes in her family, and Wynonna is a part of that. Cleo tells Rachel she just wants to leave the GRT and the rest is just confetti, doubling down on Evil Wynonna, saying that just because Rachel considers her family doesn’t mean it’s reciprocal. Oh, and Wynonna totally lied — Billy’s definitely the Reaper du jour. 

Jolene’s hair from the ritual goes up in flame, meaning Jolene won’t be taking anyone’s man anytime soon. But now that the Reaper has been de-victim’d, he’ll be turning on his most hated enemy — an Earp…unless Rachel acts now and helps Cleo with a de-Reaping.

Where do we go from here?

Mercedes is still bleeding and writhing on the floor in pain, and Doc is having trouble controlling himself. Jeremy’s trying to tend to her while werewolf Freddy pleads with Doc to stop. So everything at BBD is going great, too.

Rachel is doing a Reaper ritual and squeezing her blood onto a rock. Cleo tells her it’s working, but I can’t tell if she’s serious or if there are worse consequences to the “tie you guys together forever” threat she drops like it’s just a casual weather fact. Rachel keeps asking if they’re close and Cleo keeps telling her a facetious yes, and that’s rude because Rachel is the purest soul in Purgatory and lying to her should be illegal.

Wynonna’s still blind and still lost in the forest, but yet somehow she remains sexy. She’s wandering aimlessly and searching for help and seems to have found the opposite of that in a gloved, finger-horned, snarling demon that’s nearby. Her one-track mind is, of course, Waverly, and she’s just trying to get to safety. She even offers to make out with whoever’s stalking her if they’re at least a 5/6 out of ten. She runs and falls and looks up into the face of Reaper Billy, but she just quietly asks if it’s Waverly before screaming for help. Spoiler — no, it is not.

Where do we go from here?

Wynonna runs through the forest blindly, screaming for her sister. She again runs into Billy the Reaper, but good news — the de-reap has taken. It’s just original-flavor Billy now, who very nicely hands Peacemaker to her, and Wynonna almost cries at being reunited with…something, at least. Billy’s also in disbelief at the de-Reaping, and he offers to help guide Wynonna back to safety.

Freddy is ready to let Doc loose, and the vampire points out that Mercedes is toast, and not the good kind you make in the oven, but he’d like to eat her anyway. Jeremy senses it’s a losing battle, but he tries anyway. He tells the man who he thinks of as his brother that he’s not saving Mercedes’ life, per se. He’s saving Doc’s soul — if he did this, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. He says if Doc wants to feed on a human, fine — make a snack out of Jeremy but leave Mercedes alone. This finally does the trick and Doc is able to calm his hunger. Pretty good hero speech, Jeremy, and don’t mind me if I chanted “kiss kiss kiss” just a little bit.

Doc keeps trying to pull the bars off, but this is one bar he can’t knock over. Freddy can’t help, because of his werewolf allergy to iron. I bet he can’t even drink IC Light. Weakly, Mercedes points out that she’s dying and being immortal really fits her whole vibe, so why don’t they give that a try? They make sure to get consent to convert this Mercedes, and when she enthusiastically agrees, Doc makes her the Angel to his Darla.

Nicole is still wandering in the woods and she tries to raise Wynonna on the walkie, which apparently didn’t die after all. Then she gets some BBD interference on her walkie, and she’s able to pick up the plan for the Noah protocol, code red, and killing all of the townspeople. Well, maybe if BBD were going to eliminate all of the chickens, she’d let this one slide, but the townspeople, even the ones that didn’t vote for her or tried to propose to her girlfriend? Not on her watch, missy. She makes the decision to let Wynonna save her sister and heads to BBD to make things Haught.

Mercedes, looking a thousand percent more alive now that she’s undead, laments the loss of her veneers, and helps the other dentist she knows bust out of their cell. Newly turned, she’s not as great at whatever vegan lifestyle Doc has adopted, but I can think of several people who would gladly let Mercedes Gardner drain them in any way she wanted, so I think it’s fine. 

The battle’s done and we kind of won

They free their fellow caged humans and demons and knock out the BBD agents, grabbing keycards along the way…and maybe a snack for the road. Suddenly, some type of bisexual lighting alarm starts flashing, and Doc and Jeremy know they’re in for it.

Wynonna can suddenly see, so at least Dark Waverly had the generosity enough to make it fast-acting blindness. She finds the remnants of Rachel’s blood sacrifice, but no Cleo or Rachel. Billy finds his covenant tooth, and they realize that Cleo took Rachel as leverage. Wynonna doesn’t want to find them because it’s clearly a trap, but Billy says it doesn’t matter. Trap or no, Rachel is in danger and needs some saving. Since Waverly isn’t Waverly anymore but Rachel is still Rachel, she knows who needs her help more. Since this Reaper thing didn’t pan out, maybe Billy should look into a future as a motivational speaker or gunslinging vampire dentist. 

Billy goes to look for help because, as the old saying goes, you can’t go home again or you’ll get re-Reaped. Wynonna tells Peacemaker it’s just the two of them to save the day, but she doesn’t want a repeat of last time. She wants things to be different.

Wynonna hopes that some time has healed Dark Waverly’s wounds, but it looks like it just made them worse. She stands over BBD headquarters, wings spread, watching it burn as it’s screaming with chaos. Turns out it’s time for a smoke break, so she grabs a fallen agent’s Virginia Slim and decides to take five. She ruminates about how there’s always a crisis (CRISIS) with humans, and I suppose that’s true…on infinite earths, you could even say.

So we sound our victory cheer

Doc and his band of merry humans and demons are free from their cells but can’t open the door to get out. Just as they are starting to get gassed, a keypad beeps and the door opens. It’s our old friend General Graham, technically, although he was motivated to open the door by Nicole and her sidearm. He can’t believe she’s letting all of these demons go, but Nicole knows these demons can’t help that they were born this way. Nicole’s running an inclusive town, and the only thing it won’t tolerate is intolerance, so General Graham needs to general scram.

Where do we go from here?

Nicole tells Jeremy they need to get the townspeople to safety, but he’s worried about the sneaky-snake fog that just keeps on rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. He grabs a Garden Fog Scanner™ and checks out the situation, but good news — it’s fog free since ‘93! Or at least the last little bit.  

Doc can hear a voice calling to him, and he has to get ready for…something. Don’t know what. Everyone’s like, “Okay, cool, no prob, weirdo.” Since he’s unaffected by the gas, he heads inside to get his guns and any stragglers, and everyone looks at him like he’s being weird and not acting like a gunslinging vampire dentist, but they just go along with it and let him leave. You know, for “stragglers.”

Wynonna cautiously steps foot onto Clanton ground and finds a digital well full of smelly, screaming Reapers. Is this where all that moisturizer is going?

Cleo and Rachel are in Mam’s hoarding shanty, and Cleo still clearly has complicated feelings about her mother. The more she talks about Mam, the more it seems like she and Ward were one missed connection away from a perfect union. Rachel tells her that her mother was a hero, but Cleo is a little short on empathy today. All she cares about is moving on from the weight of her family curse. 

Speaking of heirs and curses, Wynonna shows up and unties Rachel. Cleo’s thrilled, because she’s been waiting, and then the Reaper-formerly-shot-in-the-back-by-Peacemaker shows up. Cleo didn’t do it; the Clantons just turn into Reapers when they die, unless, of course, they’re fed to other Reapers before they have the chance to turn, which is why we won’t be reunited next with an even grosser version of Mam. 

Turns out Mam was keeping secrets from her kin, too, about the weight of being the Clanton heir. Cleo is constantly feeling the pressure of all of her Reaper family wanting revenge, wanting food, asking for moisturizer, probably. They never sleep, and it seems like she hasn’t gotten much lately, either. But Cleo is another smart one, because she has a plan. 

Why is the path unclear

Wynonna begs her to call the Reapers off, but she should know better the weight and responsibility of a curse that you can’t just walk away from, especially when every single Reaper is pulling at your soul. So Cleo’s not going to run from the curse; she’s making the curse run from her. She’s transferring it to her family’s greatest enemy, and Wynonna will kill everyone she loves. 

Wynonna doesn’t want history repeating itself, so she gives Rachel Peacemaker and tells her to run. Cleo brands a rock, and presumably this will not end well.

Across town, Doc is readying his weaponry and trying to ignore the voices in his head when he finds Dark Waverly outside, though that’s not the name she answers to anymore. “A scion of the great guardian, Julian” feels like a mouthful, so we’ll just go with Dark Waverly for the purposes of this recap. Doc tries to get her to leave, but she’s looking for what’s hers — the book. If he hands it over, she’ll be on her way home, but Doc knows that this is home; it’s this world that when they’re here, they’re family. Just like Jeremy did for him, Doc stands up to Dark Waverly for the Waverly Earp that’s still inside, because he knows that she wouldn’t want this. 

When we know hope is near?

This dentist/angel standoff is interrupted by a searing pain — it’s the Clanton brand being burned onto Doc’s hand. She tells him that he has seen what’s coming so he knows what’s about to happen, but Wynonna taught him that there’s always a different way. He’s the only one who can write his story, too. When Dark Waves starts to go for the book, her timing sucks because Doc is transported elsewhere.

Understand we’ll go hand in hand

Back at the Clanton ranch, Cleo’s on the ground and Wynonna doesn’t feel any differently. Cleo thinks it didn’t work, but it just didn’t work how she expected. The Earps weren’t her family’s greatest enemy; it was Doc mother-stachin’ Holliday, the new Clanton heir. So…I guess congrats are in order for Cleo, since the spell worked. Good for you!

Doc forces Wynonna to the center of a stone pillar circle for a showdown. You remember the one — with magic barriers so they can’t leave. The Reapers are screaming and want to see the Earp heir be defeated — all but Cleo, who peaces out with a “good luck!” thrown at Wynonna as she speeds away in a convertible that puts Doc’s old pink Caddy to shame. It’s a win/win for her — she gets out from underneath the crushing pressure and guilt of her own curse and is able to ruin the lives of two of her enemies in the meantime. It’s an impressive plan, honestly. I don’t think Mam would be proud of you, but I am. I mean, I don’t want you raining down pain and destruction on my faves, but I can still be impressed at the plan. Cleo grew up in as much of an abusive household as the Earp girls did, if not worse, so no matter the methods, I can’t help but cheer that Cleo is getting free.

Wynonna tries to flirt her away out of danger, but Doc doesn’t seem super into it at this time (“The next time I step on Earp whore land, it will be to coat it in the blood of your kin.”) Wynonna wants Doc to leave her friends out of it, but Wynonna always wanted to involve them, so Doc’s taking them down, too. Again, Doc is begged to remember who he is inside, underneath the vampire teeth and underneath the curse he’s just had thrust upon him. It doesn’t take, though, and even though it’s not dawn, Doc challenges her to a duel. The Clantons have had enough pain and suffering thanks to the Earps and Doc Holliday, and he’s confident the family who holds his curse will prevail.

Thanks, Hamilton, for teaching me how a duel works.

Wynonna refuses to fight and doesn’t even have a weapon, but Peacemaker has a great flair for timing. Reaper Holt is holding Rachel hostage and forces her to throw the weapon in the supernatural hexagon. Wynonna refuses to pick up Peacemaker, so Doc threatens to kill Rachel if she doesn’t. Wynonna agrees, but terms and conditions will apply.

But we’ll walk alone in fear

Doc agrees to spare Rachel if Wynonna picks up the gun, and she knows she’s out of options. She blames Peacemaker for being a jerk — she’s not mad, just disappointed. They’ve really come a long way together. She tells Doc what a waste it was for him to have been working towards being a better man, if it’s all just going to end with him killing her. The Doc-shaped meat suit insists that Doc is dead, but Wynonna knows that dying is just an inconvenience for Doc Holliday. He’s come back from that before, and he can fight through this, too. He’s not the Clanton heir; he’s a fuck-up, like Wynonna. Like Casey. And he’s a fuck-up who’s been trying to be a better man. And didn’t Doc tell us just a little while ago that you can be a fuck-up and a hero, too?

Doc asks her to raise her weapon so they can have a fair fight, and Wynonna knows that’s one thing any iteration of Doc Holliday would want. 

BBD is still just a musterbluck of chaos. Nicole’s leading the previously incarcerated demons to a truck for an escape, and when she gets to the cab, Jeremy’s immediately struck with groin pain over her. She’s…confused, to say the least, but the bottom line is this — Jeremy will get everyone to safety. Nicole needs to go to the Stairs — am assuming the Garden ones but am happy to be proven wrong — because she’s “the only one she won’t hurt.” 

Tell me, where do we go from here?

Nedley’s mixing himself a sadness cocktail at Shorty’s — banana liqueur, water, and a cocktail umbrella — but his pity party is interrupted by a still un-un-dead Billy. Nedley’s impressed at his growth spurt — he’s grown an entire body! — but still manages to look exhausted when Billy asks him for help. But when he hears Rachel and Wynonna are in trouble, he’s in for helping, doubly so when Billy asks if he’s good at incantations. Good thing he keeps his holy book and ceremonial wolf head behind the bar in case of emergencies! 

Wynonna and Doc turn around and are walking their traditional ten paces and Rachel tries to convince her that the first saving was good enough; no need for a repeat. But Rachel should know by now there she’s safe — with family like this, there are no boundaries.

Doc counts down from five and turns around, but Wynonna stays where she is, her back to him. It’s his refusal to shoot her in the back that proves that our Doc is still inside the Doc meat suit. She knows his code, the one she never should have broken, because it broke them. 

But he’s not Doc anymore, and the Clantons have no code.

When he aims and cocks his gun, Wynonna fires Peacemaker into the magic barrier, and the bullet comes out in Reaper Holt’s temple. Doc fires, but the bullet explodes backwards out of the chamber, hitting him. She tells Rachel to run and Doc that she can’t believe he fired, but then she sees — he loaded his gun at BBD with the wrong bullets because he saw the future that awaited him and he couldn’t bear the thought of shooting his greatest love. 

There really is always another way.

At Shorty’s, Nedley and Billy are incanting their little hearts out, trying to bring the curse back to its rightful place. The brand sears Billy’s hand and he screams in pain, so it seems like it may be working. He commands the Reapers to stand down, and it works. They’re not after Doc and Wynonna anymore, at least for now.

Doc wants Wynonna to end it by shooting him with Peacemaker, but that’s just too much to ask. She can’t do it, even if he’s done with this life. His pain will stop, but hers will continue forever. She knows it’s wrong, and so does he, but he still wants it. He’s tired and still selfish enough to ask her to do this.

When does the end appear?

She steps away, insisting there’s another way, and Dark Waverly, sounding like my mother suggests that perhaps a miracle may do the trick. 

Dark Waverly talks a bit about how curious it is that humans know fate is inevitable but they still try to change it. Wynonna can’t believe this dark angel in front of her is the same baby sister she’s been protecting her whole life. She suggests that maybe it is time for a miracle, and Dark Baby Girl agrees that he does have regret for all of his transgressions, but he’s lived more than his fair share of lifetimes already. But so what — she’s no stranger to breaking rules, but Dark Waves points out that Wynonna herself was the only reason Waverly got up from the Garden throne and abandoned her post. Wynonna’s negotiating her heart out for Doc’s life right now and throwing everything out at this shadow of her sister. The heir gets on her knees and begs — she’s lost everything, and if she’s going to lose her last sister, too, at least let her final act be to save Doc. Give the champion this one final sister act.

Waverly wants the book back so she can return it to the Garden, because I assume the overdue fees there are out of this world. Wynonna’s had a taste of negotiating now, and she can’t seem to stop — if Waverly saves Doc first, she can have the book back.

Dark Waverly gingerly places her hands on Doc’s head and, in a reverse Bobo/Mam Clanton, breathes life into him. Doc feels different than before and wonders what Dark Waverly did to him, but the angel is distracted by her bleeding nose since her human flesh bag is fragile. 

Wynonna hands the book over and at the same time tearfully begs Waverly not to go. With a final look at her sister, Dark Waverly walks away and says that Wynonna’s sister did this for her and her sister “loved her very much.” 

Dark Waverly hears the Reapers screaming and Holt is begging her to make his pain stop. Channeling her best Red Daughter, with a bolt of lightning from her hands, she turns them all into magpies and they fly away from the Clanton ranch.

Dark Waverly has made her way to the Garden stairs but is just part way up before the sheriff finds her. She tries to chase her up the stairs, because history, but can’t get in and bounces off the barrier. Dark Waves tells her to go away, as this is none of her concern, but clearly she’s new in town because Nicole’s supposed to marry the body that Dark Waverly is renting out and that means it’s definitely her business. She insists the gate has to be closed and she’s the only one who can do it, but seems like everyone in Purgatory is stuck in the bargaining phase today. She refuses to stay behind again because “where you go, I go, remember?” Nicole’s humanity means she can’t follow her girl to the Garden, where she’s destined to be the failsafe who protects the Ghost River Triangle. Nicole tries to convince her that Wynonna could do this job, since she’s the champion and the sword-wielder, but, channeling original-flavor Waverly, she doesn’t want to burden Wynonna anymore. She’s given up enough.

When do the trumpets cheer?

Oh, wait, did someone say “protect”? Good news, demon angel — standing in front of you is the fast-talking sheriff of Purgatory, who agrees to become the protector of the entire GRT. Everything good in her life is because she came back to the Ghost River Triangle, and she’s willing to make the GRT her Hotel California and never leave. Anything is worth being able to go where Waverly goes. You know, as long as it’s local. 

Dark Waverly did break the rules already to save Doc, and Nicole says that she bets it feels pretty good now that she has a taste for it. Nicole tells her to look in the book and see that Waverly’s story is Nicole’s story, but the book belongs to the Garden, just like she does. Nicole runs into the barrier again and begs her to check the book, and Dark Waverly gasps at what she sees. She can’t believe that Nicole is willing to give up so much, but Nicole points out that everything she loves is already in the GRT.

Deciding to break the rules a second time, another bolt of lightning flies from Dark Waverly’s hands to Nicole, and Nicole vows to be bound to the Ghost River Triangle as long as she lives, vowing to be patient and just and to be the angel’s shield. With a final burst of lightning, Nicole is thrown from the barrier and along the forest floor. Dark Waverly has lightened up and is original Waverly now and, thinking quickly, throws the book into the Garden door before it closes.

Waves runs to her unconscious girlfriend and tries to wake her up, placing a delicate kiss on her lips just in case all of those fairy tales were right (and knowing she has consent for all of their days). This does the trick and Nicole wakes up, but then winces in pain from a new tattoo she’s gotten at the metaphorical Boobie Munch Salon.There’s no doubt that she’s the angel’s shield now, and she’s got the ink to prove it.

The curtains close on a kiss, God knows

Waverly can’t believe that Nicole sacrificed herself for her, but Nicole points out that she didn’t really promise anything she wasn’t planning to do already — just a perpetual hang with the love of her life in their hometown. 

General Graham stumbles outside of BBD HQ and demands that Jeremy call, well, everyone. But Jeremy isn’t feeling it. When the red emergency phone rings, he tells them that everything’s fine but, unfortunately, General Graham didn’t make it. Graham can’t believe Jeremy is siding with the demons, but he doesn’t get it — Purgatory’s very fabric is woven with demons, and Black Badge was just making things worse by trying to quilt with it. He makes his prophecy about Graham come true by inviting Freddy the florist to have a mid-day snack.

The gang is at Shorty’s, except for Nedley, Rachel, and Billy, who are having celebratory “we’re alive!” burgers in The Big City. Everyone’s pretty excited that they can travel without a hardcore fog advisory now, but regardless of the weather, Wynonna just keeps putting blanket upon blanket on Doc to keep him warm and cozy. The two of them just look so happy with the weight of the world off their shoulders and surrounded with a metaphorical weighted blanket.

We can tell the end is near

Wynonna leans in for some mustache time and Nicole interrupts them with a clearing of her throat, because she wants to talk about “the issue at hand.” Dark Waverly’s taking a permanent vacation for now. A Doc-hatted Jeremy wonders if Nicole is talking about Black Badge and tells everyone that they’ve also retreated for now.

Where do we go from here?

Doc is distracted by his reflection — understandable just on a base level and also because he didn’t have one for so long. Yes, that’s right — now he’s just a regular old gunslinging dentist/former vampire, thanks to Dark Angel Waves and his desire to be a better person. He tells Wynonna he wants a fresh start, and this is the best news she’s heard since they found out kombucha would de-ogre Nedley.

Where do we go from here?

Nicole interrupts them again because none of them guessed what she wanted to talk about — it’s the wedding. She’s ready to marry Waverly, and why wait? It’s time to have ourselves some nuptials.

Where do we go from here?

Dominique Provost-Chalkley delivered another amazing performance this week as she completely morphed into Dark Waverly. Her mannerisms, her voice, her speech patterns, her body language — all completely different from the Earpiest Earp that we know and love. 

Oh, yeah, and what about Waverly’s book? Is it still blank? Does it remain unwritten? Or since Nicole has taken this heavenly burden from her, she can finally have a future now?

It’s a well-documented fact that this show has zero budget, and it’s always so impressive to me what they do with their fourteen Canadian dollars. Wynonna running through the woods was so scary, primarily because of the camera work and the music. 

The scene with Doc and Jeremy in the cell when Mercedes was dying is one of their best together. The dialogue was warm, heartfelt, and believable, and Varun and Tim made me feel all of the things. Jeremy, the jagged little nerd who never felt like he belonged, trusted Doc enough to be willing to sacrifice himself, and with a little bit of hero speech, Doc was able to push through. Jeremy’s gained such confidence since we first met him, and I just loved this moment for him.

I really liked the little moment with Nicole and Dark Waverly where Nicole is told the Garden isn’t for her “kind.” First of all, it’s not the first time Nicole has been “the wrong kind” in this show. Second, judging from the look on her face, she didn’t think her humanity was being referred to, but rather her sexuality. The weight and pressure of our upbringing is constantly at war with a lot of us queer people, even if we think we’ve come to terms with it, and Dark Waverly teling Nicole her kind isn’t welcome there really flips her switch for a moment. I appreciated the fact that this heavenly being reassured her it was just her non-supernatural qualities, not her sapphic ones, that were barring her from the Garden.

“Why?” “Because it’s her turn, Wynonna.” And that’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it? All this time, Waverly has wanted to be important. She wanted to break the curse, she wanted everyone to like her, she wanted her father to love her and pay attention to her. And now she technically has what she’s wanted all along, but be careful what you wish for, right? Because this isn’t how she wanted it to happen. She didn’t want to turn into an emotionless shell just to play a part in everyone’s story. 

And so what happens? Her person steps up, another woman who’s been struggling to find her place and where she belongs — and make sure that it’s done the right way. Nicole, who was left out of the blood oath with Black Badge, who often felt like she was the third wheel around her girlfriend and her sister, who literally got left behind when she broke her leg and Wynonna went to the Garden to save Waverly, is the one who gets her hero moment and to save her fiancee from a fate of sitting in one chair the rest of her life. And all it cost her was the agreement never to leave the Ghost River Triangle. A pretty good bargain, some would say. I am some. I say that. It’s a small price to pay to save the woman you love from a life alone.

This episode covered so much ground and made me feel all of the emotions — I shouted and jumped and cried and laughed and basically any other thing you can think of. The number of times the tension was broken with a self-deprecating joke or some gallows humor really just drove home the point that Emily Andras could comfortably spend time in my brain. I have been through some shit and the only way I’ve gotten through it has been making light of it, you know? So it really speaks to me when other characters do that, and this episode had highs of jokes to match its valleys of anxiety. 

There was so much sacrifice this week, with just about everyone saying “If I can’t be with you in whatever way, I don’t want to be here anymore.” It really drives home how important this family is and how lost they’d be if they had never found each other, and it made all of the stakes even higher. Doc, Jeremy, Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole all said or acted on some form of this, and you could tell they really believed it. 

It feels right that Emily wrote these last two episodes…which may really be the last two ever, since we don’t know if it’s returning for season five. This show wouldn’t exist in the form we know it without any of the people involved, really, but it wouldn’t exist at all without Emily Andras. She’s given Wynonna and the group their heart, their sass, their bravery, and their fight, and she’s given a lot of us the family we never knew was possible. 

If there’s one thing Wynonna and Emily have taught me, it’s that there’s always another way, so I haven’t given up hope yet.

I may be the only one who can write my story, but I feel like Emily Andras would do a pretty good job of it, too.

Monica’s Random Points of Randomness:

  • Of course Mercedes was worried about her outfit. Of course she was.
  • I love that Jeremy was making a cross with his hands to keep Doc away from Mercedes.
  • Shout-out to the vampire Mercedes, who I hope gets her own spin-off. And nice foreshadowing of the first time we saw her, performing in the Glory Hole, with her fake fangs. We were so naive, so emotional. We had no idea what was to come. If we are blessed with a season five, I would love to see her manning the Glory Hole again, but this time in more of a managerial position.
  • Nicole was sad that they didn’t have time to get “Memento” tattoos, but life, uh, finds a way, doesn’t it?
  • I’m honestly surprised it’s taken four years for that “master baiter” line.
  • “I am a scion of the great guardian, Julian” okay, but he left his post and fathered a child, so let’s temper our use of the word “great” here, huh?
  • Wynonna and Doc in a duel makes my heart hurt.
  • If Waverly has scars from where Jolene cut room for her wings, might I suggest a course of coconut oil?
  • Sheriff “I’m not a bride” is the one to bring up the wedding? Yeah, that feels right.

Monica’s Favorite Lines:

  • The affairs of man are no longer my concern. I mean, same.
  • I’m no man. I’m the woman who will not watch you become this…thing.
  • Waverly…don’t leave me alone in the dark!
  • I’ve got you, Earp. Simple, familiar, but those four little words do a lot more lifting than they should.
  • Vamp permission granted. Now get over here and suck me off already!
  • What are you, a ‘90s modeling agency? I will eat who I want. No more diets!
  • Let’s fuck it up.
  • Looks like it’s just you and me. Let’s do it differently this time. 
  • Humans. Always a crisis. (CRISIS)
  • Some of these foods are human beings!
  • He’s also my florist.
  • You see, General, our town here? It’s pretty inclusive.
  • What is it, sire? There goes all my feminist street cred. 
  • I do not need a prison to best you, but your fear gets them excited.
  • You want me to do an OK — hey, maybe even a Great Corral with you, I’m gonna need some assurances.
  • Corral your emotions, dude.
  • Honestly, Haught, you can’t just interrupt intimate moments like that.
  • You’re still the champion. And the Earp heir. And my favorite sister. Top two, top two.

So everything’s tied up and all the baddies are gone, and all that’s left is hugs and puppies and what promises to be a problem-free WayHaught wedding that we all deserve after this terrible year. I’m sure there won’t be any surprises or drama and just a happy ending as we wait for word on season five. Right?


I’ll see you back here next time, friends, because for one more week…

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on SYFY and CTV Sci-Fi.