Lena Luthor, You’re My Hero

Supergirl 3×17 fucked me up.

This is a true fact. So is my next statement.

Lena Luthor is a hero.

I’m not saying that because I’m thirsty, because I’m blinded by her smirk. I’m not fooled into thinking she’s a Mother Teresa in a world full of Ed Geins. But Lena Luthor is amazing, and she’s my hero.

This episode has shown her devotion to her friends, her strong moral compass, and the worth of the absolute sexiest part of her body –her brain.

Oh, and don’t forget the sass.

“And you didn’t think to bring this to our attention?”

“The attention of a clandestine organization, that’s never formally acknowledged its existence to me? No.”

Screenshot (27)

She may have manufactured the Kryptonite, but she never lied about it to the DEO. Fight me.

Screenshot (19)

Lena is very disappointed in you that you think she could be evil.

“Lex kept a vault in the lab. When I took over L-Corp, I inherited all of its assets, for good or for ill. I used Kryptonite.”

Lena makes two true statements here — she inherited the content of Lex’s vault, and she used Kryptonite. It’s not her fault that everyone at the table chose to link those two statements together.

She lied to James, but not to Kara.

On brand.

And I think she didn’t lie to Kara when she told her the Kryptonite is all gone. I bet it is. Sure, she can make more, but Kara didn’t ask that.

I love that Lena invited herself along on the DEO mission. She knows she can help…and she was right. She’s not taking no for an answer, not even from her best baby. And her logic of saying she knows Sam and Supergirl doesn’t — smart. Shrewd. Supergirl can’t argue with her without revealing her identity.

Screenshot (38)


Also, you can’t convince me that Lena doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl. At the very least, Supergirl doesn’t have a Bane voice changer. Lena’s heard Kara say/shout/scream/moan her name hundreds of times. Supergirl does the same thing to her in the DEO, and IT HAS TO SOUND THE SAME. Horrible disguises notwithstanding. And Lena Luthor doesn’t ask questions she doesn’t already know the answers to.

Screenshot (76)

This is not the face of an idiot.

Lena knew Kara was Supergirl when she asked this question, and she makes an excellent point. Kara is being hypocritical here, accusing Lena of keeping secrets. Kara’s entire life is a secret — a secret she’s kept from her best friend, a best friend who’s just trying to be a force of good. Bonus points to Lena for pointing this out…and for simultaneously telling Kara that it’s okay that she has secrets. She’ll be there when Kara is ready to be honest. When Kara is finally ready to come out, so to speak.

For better or worse, Lena Luthor is always going to be the smartest person in the room, no matter what room she’s in…and no matter what future-traveling 12th-level intellects are in it with her. She’ll solve your crossword puzzle, take over your ship, and, yes, see manufacturing Kryptonite as a puzzle to be solved. Lena could have used her Kryptonite recipe as a way to force-feed Lesbian Gratitude Cookies to Kara on one of their Netflix and Chill nights, but she didn’t. She only used it to help her friend, not attack Supergirl.

And Supergirl — Kara, my friend…I love you, but I’m not happy with you. Lena has done nothing but prove her loyalty and friendship to you. And this is how you repay her? By accusing her of being a supervillain, ordering her guy pal to break in to her vault and spy on her, then pretend you didn’t and act like everything is a clean slate? No. Nope, nope, nope. Being best friends means for better or for worse, and your bestie deserved better.

It’s a bad sign of things when the two people who are the most respectful to Lena are James and Alex.

And I’m sorry, and I swear it’s not my raging lesbian talking, but I do not buy James and Lena together. For reasons.

One of these looks is not like the other.

And Alex? Well, my AgentCorp feelings grew exponentially last night. Alex supported Lena coming along on the Forest of Worldkillers mission since the first minute of this insane plan. When Alex confronted Lena about keeping Reign’s identity a secret, she listened, processed the information logically, and understood.

Screenshot (46)

[ Whispering ] chemistry

These two would make a formidable couple. Listen, I love SuperCorp and think there’s something there, but I don’t believe we live in a world where show runners on the CW would allow that to happen. I think all of the puzzle pieces starting putting themselves together and they panicked, throwing them in opposite directions and praying we wouldn’t keep insisting those pieces FIT TOGETHER. Don’t want to make your lead superhero queer? Fine. Not fine, but…fine.

But Alex and Lena? It works. It makes sense. It would sizzle.

We started out with them as enemies, with Alex not trusting a Luthor. We’ve come to sort of quasi-friends, and this episode brought them closer together. Alex doesn’t poke just anyone with her stick, remember? And we do know she loves sass.

And Alex this episode? Alex seems to have shed the (understandable) cloak of gloom that has enveloped her for the last several episodes and remembered how much joy she can find in her life, her job, her sister, her weapons. THIS is what kept me around through the dredge of boring man pain — the memory of an Alex Danvers who loves Kara, loves kicking ass, and is ready to love a woman.

And this show has found itself again; remembered its strength. It’s a TV show called Supergirl and, quite frankly, that’s why it’s good. It’s about truly amazing, layered, spectacular women. It’s one of the few shows where the men are the side dish, not the main course. I think there have been some stumbles this season, where someone seemed to think we wanted an entire meal of just a loaf of bread. We don’t. Let me have my strong women; keep that bread in the basket.

This episode made me remember why I started watching this show in the first place.  The strongest, best characters — Alex, Lena, and Supergirl — carried this episode on their (strong and probably sexy) backs. And this episode was very close to perfect because of it.

Bonus content that didn’t fit anywhere else:

  • Lena’s “Sam is Reign” gave me “So you’re saying Ben is Glory?” flashbacks.
  • I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around badass CEO Lena Luthor apologizing for “ghosting” James. A, that she feels bad about it. B., that she uses the term “ghosting.”
  • Lena and Alex’s priorities include Ruby, and I don’t know what else you’d need to coparent.
  • Lena is just like “Oh, I’m coming on this mission” and she goes and she kicks ass and isn’t fazed at all and I just love her so fucking much.
  • So…one Kryptonian demon shows up, and everyone just drops their sticks?
  • Oh, and Mon-el telling Brainy to keep Kara in, even though it could kill her, because it’s what she wants? I guess someone is finally realizing how to not be a dick swab.
  • Of course Reign sees the importance of Lena while also telling Kara she’s useless.

Other quotes I liked that didn’t fit in my insane ramblings:

  • “This is older than science.”
    “Please don’t say magic.”
    “Dark magic.”
  • “Would you like me to count to three?”
    “Will it help?”
    “No, not at all.”
  • “Is this what it’s like when humans exercise? This is terrible.  Why would you ever exercise?”
  • “What the hell was that?”
    “The reason we have sticks.”

Well, friends, there you go. I hope you enjoyed my first-ever (and maybe only) LenaCap. It’s like a recap but featuring Lena Luthor!

Just as I am all about Lena Luthor.

So perhaps I’ll see you back here again sometime. Deal?

Screenshot (86)


One thought on “Lena Luthor, You’re My Hero

  1. beth says:

    I snorted at the word “sizzle”. what can I say? I’m a fan!
    This post is so good! I don’t watch super girl, but now I really want to!

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