Lena Luthor is the Best of You

To no one’s surprise, I didn’t feel like there was enough Lena in this episode. To be fair, I would feel that way if there were 40 minutes of her, and two minutes of the soggy fish stick. (Fish stick, because cod piece — get it?!) But this was just awful.We start off with salty Lena and bored Reign in the LuthorCorp lab, and though I never really tracked any CHEMISTRY between Lena and Sam, the sexual tension between Lena and Reign is scorching, at least in this scene.

Screenshot (549)

How long do you think you can hold me?

Screenshot (553)

As long as I want to. I’m Lena Kieran Fucking Luthor. Also, maybe we can snuggle later and I’ll show you how long I can hold you.

Now, Reign tries to Vader Lena, but again, Lena is a fucking genius and doesn’t fall for this crap. Sure, Lena has darkness — to quote Sally Struthers, we all do. But she’s not going to let you manipulate that darkness for your own good, Worldkiller.

Lena Luthor is a good person, and sometimes good people have to do horrible things for the greater good. Don’t underestimate her, Reign. She’ll do what she has to.

Also, Lena shows how she isn’t afraid of Reign AT ALL in this scene and just fucking walks away and turns her back to a Worldkiller, because Lena Luthor is amazing at science and has Reign trapped in her box.

Screenshot (588)

I’m a fan of your box. Your box is comfortable.

And they shoot Lena beautifully in — well, in all of her scenes, really, but it’s so different from how they shoot Supergirl or Sam. She’s just all…cheekbones and collarbone and face, and it’s lovely. So thank you for that.

Screenshot (573).png

*dreamy sigh*

In her ridiculously opulent office at L-Corp, Lena tells James that she sleeps there because she has nowhere else to go. Did all of the hotels ban you after you accidentally destroyed that one Baller Suite? And you don’t want to sleep at James’…loft, probably, if I were guessing? I mean, I wouldn’t either, but you’re doing a lot of things with James that I don’t really think are believable, so why not this? [ Michelle Note: James definitely lives under his desk at CatCo. ]

Screenshot (594)

But instead of us being together, what if we weren’t together at all, and instead I was with one of the Danvers sisters? Either one. I’m flexible.

Also, why isn’t Lena talking to Alex or Kara about this? I mean, I know it’s because the writers are trying to make fetch happen here, but trust me. It’s just not going to happen.

Screenshot (593)

Look at all of the storylines we could have had that don’t involve us boning each other while everyone watches, shouting “CHEMISTRY!” They’re beautiful. I want them.

James does give her good advice, sure, but I just feel like it would have been better coming from someone who actually knows and cares about Sam. But hey — what do I know? I’m not a show runner.

And Reign tries to up her game and Palpatine Lena, but Lena Luthor Is A Good Person and isn’t falling for your bullshit…even if she lets a single tear fall down her face.

Screenshot (640)

See below for more on The Tear.

Because even though Lena can be cold, calculating, smart, shrewd, and all of those adjectives that somewhere along the way became negative when assocated with women, there’s one major difference. Lena wants to be a good person, and she is willing to make that horrible choice to kill one of her besties for the greater good.

But of course Reign was just goading her into doing it, because for some reason she wanted  to be dosed with Kryptonite, it seems, and when Gal Pal and Soggy Fish Stick show up to save the day, all she cares about is the rock. Lena Luthor wants to save her friend and the world.

Because Lena Luthor is a good person.

Dot org.

Bonus content that didn’t fit anywhere else:

  • This whole Argo business is fishy. Not only do we have the “Worldkiller ghost bitch,” to quote my friend Michelle, but Alura’s reaction to Kara being there and being alive and just all of it seems off.
  • Also, Kara Zor-el Danvers, AKA Supergirl, is gonna just abandon her entire Earth family for a group of aliens who left her to die? Sure, Jan.
  • Show, Mon-el can save a dozen kids and I still won’t like him. He’s still a soggy fish stick in a costume who thinks cape tricks are enough to outweigh his previous years of misogyny. Nope.
  • I honestly don’t care about any of this. Is it supposed to be main plot? That’s stupid.
  • Alex on a motorcycle! Alex on a motorcycle! She and Lena are making me so gay pregnant that I’m going to have to do a giveaway for all of these flannels.
  • Why did Mon-el drive/carry the rock/even go on the adventure with Supergirl at all? Oh, it’s to remind us she feels like she can “be herself” with him. Hey, maybe if you told your bestie who you were, you could be yourself with her, too. Literally eveyrone else knows. And so does she.
  • I am happy that Alex was finally able to show of some of her skills this episode other than babysitting.
  • I’m sad when Bridget can’t watch live, but then I get great reactions in my DMs like this.


  • Alex’s unwavering belief in her sister is what makes this show amazing.
  • Is hot coal disposal a thing? I mean, really?
  • I guess everyone can just walk into the DEO these days?
  • Alex has had to say goodbye to so many things she loves this season. Can we cut her a fucking break, maybe, and have her fall in love with a motorcycle salesperson?
  • Okay, Alex, slow your roll. If Sam is gone, Ruby still has two more cool aunts…unless your relationship with Sam isn’t exactly what you’ve been telling us?
  • Alex jumping off buildings is proof that this show hasn’t completely forgotten not to suck.
  • Suit tricks are better than cape tricks any day. And towel tricks. Please see Wynonna Earp 2×01 for references.
  • SpaceDad gives the best advice. Can you please talk to Kara about the Crouton?

I mean, I guess it’s nice to finish and episode and not be angry, but I kind of just felt..bored. I didn’t care at all about the arc of the main character, because seriously, who gives a fuck? I think the relationships we’re being forced into are unbelievable and boring at best and toxic and problematic at worst.

What I hope for you, Supergirl, is that someday you remember who you are and that you don’t need to base your value on a man.

Or a guardian.

Or a fish stick.

Bonus Lena:

I’ll see you back here next week, friends, as long as I didn’t die of boredom. Stay sexy and keep your Worldkiller in your box!

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