Cathy Goes to Boston

Hello, friends.

I’m coming to you live from the hotel of some hotel in Boston and then my living room (because I wrote and rewrote this over multiple days), having just had the most amazing weekend. I’d like to tell you about it and show you some pictures, but I don’t think I’ll really be able to capture what it meant to me.

So here we go.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by some friends to go see Jagged Little Pill: The Musical in Boston. I’ll be honest — I was a bit nervous. You see, I have a lot of insecurities, mostly based around thinking people don’t want me around. It’s a whole thing. Whatever. It’s annoying. I’ve been working on that, though, and I’ve tried to adopt the attitude that I belong in every room I walk in (except maybe a room full of people who don’t want to bake gay cakes). I realize that I’m very lucky from a mental-health point of view that I’m able to do this, and I know that not everybody is. I’m not even sure what happened to me, but I think it’s a combination of growing older, Whole30, and Lena Luthor.

So my friends very kindly picked me up at the airport, and we made our way to Callie’s, who I finally got to meet and who asked me if she could hug me before just doing it.

Because consent is important. Also, Callie, I’m sorry I didn’t ask if it was okay that I picked you up when I hugged you. I’ll ask next time.

So we met up with more people and hung out at a bar and just had one of my most fun afternoons I have ever had. The bartender turned on a “power hour” that was at least 90 minutes long in which I was super fucking impressed at all of the cartoon theme songs and Disney songs my gal pals knew. It’s so wonderful to just spend time with people who get you, you know? Talk of Earp and Supergirl and inclusivity and podcasting and just a thousand other things. Also, I got kinda drunk because do you know what a power hour is? And I haven’t had a drink since ClexaCon, I think. Here’s hoping my obnonxion wasn’t off the charts.

Oh, and also this guy who definitely didn’t want to make skin suits out of us wandered in and kept standing in different places.


That night, most of us went to see JLP, and I’ll be honest, I fully intended to write about that in this blog post, and I don’t think I can. It affected all of us, and at one point I think we were all sobbing. Also, Callie may have climbed onto my lap, and I hope that I didn’t give Valerie any bruises from grabbing her arm and leg.

That show was everything that I didn’t know I needed, and also it opened up a wound that is 23 years old that I thought had healed itself, and apparently it had not, because You Oughta Know gave me an existential crisis. But that’s another story for another time.


Pictured from left to right: amazing, perfect people, featuring Lauren Patten and a bunch of adoring fangirls.

Sunday was brunch (not that kind of brunch, heathens — minds out of the gutter), and it was just another wonderful time. I loved ClexaCon and being around people and seeing the folks from my favorite shows, but hanging out with a small group of friends in a safe space? That’s my jam, you know? Because it was a safe space. We all felt comfortable in bringing up controversial opinions and talking them out. We all respect and love one another and know that we won’t always think the same thing. And that’s okay.

Most people had other plans that day, so I had the great fortune to spend the afternoon with Sam, Marcie, and Megan. Now, I want to make one thing clear. I had hung out with Megan and Marcie ONCE before this, and I had never met Sam. And same with the others — we had hung out at a few cons, but it’s not like we are in each other’s orbits all the time.

But honestly, by the time I flew home Monday morning, I was sad. Sad because I was leaving these people who somehow fit these missing parts of my life I didn’t know I was missing. Because it’s not enough to shout CHEMISTRY at any kind of relationship and expect it to work. Sometimes there’s just something there that’s organic and makes it work and it’s a wonderful and magical thing.

So we hung out in Michael’s and in the Michael’s parking lot and went to get some ice cream, and of course we did some Earp/Lost Girl photo shoots, like the giant nerds that we are. Andras!Pics, if you will.

The weekend was honestly just what I needed. I haven’t laughed that much in a really long time, and it just feels good to be around people who get you, especially when your wife has been out of town for a really long time and you mostly just go to work and hang out with your cat.

I am very grateful to the fates for bringing these lovely people into my life. This weekend was one I won’t forget any time soon, and they all have a very special place in my heart. Every single fucking one of them.

I would be honored to wear any of you as a skin suit.

How many days till EH Con?

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