Friday at #DragonCon

First official day of DragonCon in the books! Let’s see what trouble we got into today, shall we?

We made our way to Artists’ Alley (or whatever the DC equivalent is) to grab some Lora Innes prints first thing. Happily, we got the exclusive DragonCon print. I’d take a picture of it, but it’s already packed in its poster tube, and I’m tired as fuck. Michelle and BP hung up one of Lora’s banners.

They kept asking me if it was straight, which is not exactly my area of expertise.

Then, Michelle, BP, Jill, Lynn, Heidi, and I were standing off to the side, making a plan about the day, when all of a sudden, a woman came running out of nowhere, shouting at us to move aside, arms flailing. Then, 2.4 seconds later, Stan Lee comes careening around the corner on a motorized scooter, probably on two wheels, hurtling toward us, followed by what seemed like a camera crew of 23 people running behind him. After about five seconds of stunned silence, we looked at each other in shock, saying, “Was that Stan Lee?”

Definitely better than being suddenly homeless. Friday had a much better start than Thursday.

We separated and went on our various ways, meeting up with other friends and doing all of the walking. At lunch, Jill mentioned to me that Crystal Chappell had been announced for ClexaCon next year, and I dropped my bag and my food, jumped up, and said I needed a minute.

One of my first TV obsessions was Days of Our Lives, and one of my first crushes was Carly Manning. Like, life-changing, “I am attracted to this character” feelings. Game-changer for me. And I loved her and Bo’s romantic “wedding” at the pyramids. Ahem. Anyway. DragonCon.

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on genre writing with Emily Andras, and it did not disappoint. She’s hilarious, so talented, and cares so much about her fans and her show. I got to pitch our idea for the class to everyone, which was super great since I love standing up and talking in front of people. I hung out with BP after so she could meet Emily, which was super cool.

We headed over to wait in line for the Wynonna Earp panel, and even though we were super far back in line, our friends saved seats with them because they are awesome. Heidi and I have a con goal this weekend to actually stand up and ask a question, and hopefully I can work “Nicole, you’re in cult. Call your dad” into it. Fingers crossed.

After the panel, we met up with some other Earpers and headed to dinner at Atlanta’s classiest restaurant, Hooters.



We had some yummy food and really great conversation, though I did zone out a bit for The 100 discussion. No offense, guys.


Because apparently these two are the same fucking person. 

Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel, with these two jokers keeping watch.tplZI9Sd

Heidi is looking at Michelle like she just said that Clarke Griffin was better than Lexa. (When I read this photo caption out loud to these assholes, an argument immediately started over who the better character was. The Hufflepuff just threatened the Slytherin’s life. I’ve made a horrible decision. Please send help. If someone gets killed, I probably won’t get my deposit back.)

Another day in the books. Tomorrow — photos, signatures, panels, and more Earping, obviously.

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