#DragonCon Photo Roundup

Guys. We are so fucking tired. [ Editor’s note — we started this Monday night, but it’s now Tuesday and I’m alone trying to write this up. Thanks for abandoning me, assholes. ]

The only blog post I can fathom doing is one with a lot of pictures, so here we go.

Our first professional photo op was one we got with the entire cast. We decided to all hand-write “I am all in” on pieces of paper and hold them up while posing with everyone, and it turned out really, really great, if I do say so myself. And it was during this photo op that I explained to Evelyn Andrews that I only tell people that I don’t like hugs so I can be selective about who I get them from…although it looks like she’s keeping her distance from me here. Hmm.


Next up was a picture of the Wynonna Earp gents. We couldn’t come up with a good idea for this one (we did discuss pointing out the fact that we four queer ladies absolutely love these men, but decided against it).


Boobs are definitely better than dynamite here.

Next up, our Reverse Fandras ™, an homage to our Reverse WayHaught picture from ClexaCon, in which we fangirl over Kat and Dom but are wearing Fandras shirts. Hilarious.

reverse fandras

They were all such good sports and lovely people. Except for the photographer. He was a douche canoe.

For those of you who don’t know, this was a play off of our “Reverse WayHaught” from ClexaCon.


We originally had this pic booked with Melanie as well, and we made a sign for her that said “Allison’s understudy,” as she’d be playing the part of Allison in our homage. Unfortunately, something screwy happened with the schedule and she wasn’t available. Maybe next time.

After we finished our Reverse Fandras, we jumped back in line and changed our shirts for Heidi’s traditional O-H-I-O pic, except with a twist. A few months ago, Emily trolled some shit strumpet who was saying stuff about transgender people. He happened to have an OSU logo as his profile pic, and she decided to strike back by making a rude statement about his team. We printed a picture of the tweet out, and I had the responsibility of “trolling Emily” (as if anyone could troll our beaver overlord) with the tweet and Helene was the disgruntled Michigan fan, with Heidi and the ladies being letters.


Unfortunately, the photographer snapped the picture just as Emily said something hilarious (typical Evelyn Andrews), so I have an extra derpy look on my face. You’re welcome, Heidi!

Much to my surprise, we were originally going to have a photo with Melanie because I managed to not meet her the last time I was at a con with her. So, my awesome friends bought a photo op and we planned on staging a similar pic to our Carmilla photo from ClexaCon. Alas, because of scheduling, it didn’t work out. But hopefully we’ll be back at a con with her and can do it, and Jill can do her “full Bauman,” as she was the winner of the online poll.


I see no difference.

Our last day, we had a Kat and Dom photo that Heidi was going to do as an O-H-I-O picture, but she ended up loving the troll one with Emily so much, she decided not to mess with perfection. We were all brainstorming ideas, and just like with most brilliant plans, none of us has any idea who came up with this one.

At one of the fan panels, the cast was asked what they would want to cosplay as, and Dom said a blade of grass. So…we thought it would be a great idea if we made her dream come true and we were blades of grass.


When we explained the idea to her, she got so excited and shouted, “Legend!” We were lining up (as I explained that we were trying to set up the photo so we weren’t cropped out of our own picture), and she said, “You have to really feel it, guys,” to put us in the right blade-of-grass frame of mind. I think it worked.

And here is a selection of my favorite “casual” pictures.


Selfie with Michael Eklund, who was so, so lovely. He took one with every single person who asked and moved around until the light was just right. As you can see, I was not looking my personal best that day, but…he certainly looks good. boob

I seriously adore these ladies so much. Like…so much.


Why, yes, that is a Traveling Deb, creator of Traveling Wynonna.


Selfie with Docstache in the elevator! It’s always amazing to me that putting on a hat turns me from a middle-aged lesbian into a somewhat youthful-looking dude.iWOlye3g

Shamier stopped at Monday’s panel on his way to the airport so he could say hi. This is him asking a “fan question” of the cast on the stage.lb

Happy birthday, Bridget! Hope you loved these Liszewbian pins!

I’m planning on a wrap-up post as well, a collaborative effort with Heidi and Michelle. That will be coming soon, I hope. But until then,stay sexy and don’t get murdered!

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