Friends in an Elevator: Earping it Up When You’re Going Up and Down

I was mildly chastised by Docstache this week when I published my recap of DragonCon because I didn’t write at all about our elevator selfie, and I had to explain to her that something that important deserves its own post.


IRL, I (accurately) look like a middle-aged lesbian. Put a hat on me and I’m a fresh-faced young man.

Everyone knows about how Docstache and I maybe shared an elevator at ClexaCon, so we decided to re-create that event at DragonCon. The thing is, we forgot to take a picture the first time, so when the elevator doors opened up and someone asked to see the picture, well, we just got right back on, much to the confusion of the cosplayers around us.

We ended up having dinner together on Monday — well, kind of, since she hung out until the very end at the convention so she could stare at Tim, so she missed the ordering part and just watched us eat. Like me, she was unaware that “Tothea” wasn’t a last name, so at least I’m in good company there.

I have to say, since DragonCon has ended, some of my favorite moments at the end of my day are gif/picture threads with Docstache and Visit Purgatory. By the time I get home, my wife and basically everyone I know are asleep, so my Twitter friends really keep me going. I am so happy I got to know these wonderful ladies. You make me laugh and help me wind down after what seems to be a never-ending string of stressful days.

Today, I even got to talk to Docstache on the phone! Like grown-ups do! Seriously, the only person I talk on the phone with is my mom. Also, it was 2am, so thanks for the help in staying awake. And now I’m pretty sure my phone number is in her contact info as “Cathy Tothea.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is, in the elevator of Twitter life, you don’t always choose who you ride with. But if the choice is mine, I’ll always choose you, Docstache.

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