Hello, Dairy

On the 31st day there was dairy. And it was…pretty good.

The caramel macchiato was not as good as I remembered, to be honest. But the frozen yogurt was delicious! And I bypassed my normal “let’s try all of the candy!” for some fruit. Spectacular. The yogurt kind of froze the berries and pineapple, and it was super yummy.

That was Sunday, so now two days of clean eating and then…legumes tomorrow? I don’t think we decided. I guess we should.

It’s nice to introduce things back in, but I don’t want to fall completely back into old habits.

I’d like to take a minute to wish a happy birthday to my friend Beth. She’s one of my closest friends from high school despite never attending the same one. Maybe that’s the secret?

And she’s my most frequent commenter on this blog, which is greatly appreciated. Happy birthday, Beth!

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