Party Times


Picked these up at Pride last weekend. We loved them.

Weeks and weeks of planning for one glorious, wonderful afternoon. We were surrounded by our family and friends and felt so much love, I welled up several times that day. So, yes, it was all worth it.

I freak out under stress — like, yell, cry, and then eat a whole lot — but I remained surprisingly calm. And I can honestly say it was surprising because, well, Chris was surprised. (I asked. She answered.) Our families met each other — my mom, brother/sister-in-law, and aunts representing my side; Chris’ ginormous family including local, North Carolinians, and Rochester, NYers, plus family friends and our friends. Almost 50 people crammed into our yard, and we actually had enough room. Well, almost. I thought some people would sit inside with the AC, but they decided to enjoy the not-sweltering weather…and we had almost enough chairs.


Someone tried to give us this baby as a gift, but I made Chris say no.

The weather was iffy in the morning, but it turned out okay.

Also, our place was a rainbow of awesomeness. Chris has been Pintresting rainbow ideas for months, and it paid off. Her sister came over in the morning and helped decorate and make some dip. Her brother helped make some rainbow bread, fix our new (leaky) beverage jug, and carried all of the things. And all the while, yours truly was working. I’m so lazy!

Please enjoy these pictures of our hard work.


The rainbow-streamer section above the dessert table.


Backyard balloon time on the clothesline.

And so. Much. Food.


That’s my sexy cankle. You’re welcome, Internet.


Rainbow bread. Tastes like regular bread but so much more fun!


Chris, my mother, and me. A lot of people told us we looked alike, which I’m not used to hearing.


Chris, her mother, and me.

I do want to say that I am so grateful for everyone who was there (and those who couldn’t make it — we are grateful for you, too!). The entire day just had such a wonderful, positive vibe, and it was so overwhelming and humbling to feel all of that. I am thankful for my family and friends, and I am thankful for the family that I am marrying into. I have been in relationships with people who were not…super welcoming of me and our relationship, and Chris’ family is the opposite of that. Her extended family will soon be mine, with all of the hugs I want. (I do not like hugs, but I hugged so many people this weekend. You’re welcome, Chris’ family. You’re. Welcome.) I am also happy to be marrying someone that my family likes so much and who gets along with them so well.

So much love this weekend. So much gratitude and happiness.

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