Staycation, Day 4

Today, I ran into several problems, but everything ended up just fine. Eventually.

So, I accidentally got into a Facebook argument about gun control. My friend Jennifer posted an article about a 5-year-old shooting (and killing) his 2-year-old sister. I am not going to go into details, but I jumped in towards the end and backed her up against a…contrary opinion to ours. I just had trouble wrapping my head around what this other person was saying.

Now, I’m not a member of the NRA or anything, but I believe people should be able to own a gun. However, some of the opposing opinions were…frustrating, to say the least. Like, it’s a 5-year-old. Making him take a gun class won’t do anything. He’s 5. And then it just escalated from there. But we kept it civil, because we are classy bitches!

Okay. Onward.

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow, and I promised to make her a cake. It’s the same one she’s made me almost every year since my first birthday — chocolate cake with caramel icing.

Well, to start, Chris was a bit nervous having me in the kitchen by myself. I am not the most talented cook or baker, but I did live there by myself for a while before she moved in, and I never burned down the house. But whatever.

Anyway, I made the cake and icing (with some “Scandal” in between) and went to frost it. I am good at many things, but icing cakes is not one of them. Thankfully, making the icing is. It was delicious, even if it looked like a blind meerkat frosted it.

Messy but so, so delicious. You’re welcome, Mom.

So, I packed up the car — had to drop some stuff off at Chris’ aunt’s house on our way to my mom’s — and was all set. I left early enough to grab coffee on the way, so after our quick stop, we would be West Virginia bound.

And 3/4 of the way to the T station, I realized I forgot one thing.

The cake. Sigh.

I turned around…and then realized I should just keep going and stop on our way back through, so I turned around again.

Okay, a quick stop for coffee. I’ll just grab my Sheetz card and — and there go all of my shopper cards. In between the seat and the door.


It was smooth sailing after that. Made our stop, made it home without getting pulled over for speeding, made it to dinner, and the cake was pretty tasty. So just the bits in between were the problem.

But happy to be home and ready to celebrate Mom’s birthday. YEAH!!! Happy birthday, Mom!

And also America!

3 thoughts on “Staycation, Day 4

  1. Also, congrats on the cake! I know you, so I am extremely proud of you! I’ve found that there is really only one way to icing cakes that are not in a pan with only the top exposed. Make 2 batches of icing! It’s more work, but worth it bc the cake looks better AND you get extra icing on every piece!
    ~Jenny Crocker

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