Today is three-year anniversary of my first date with Chris. It was almost derailed by a violent allergy attack, but a nap and some Aleve saved the day. We went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant and…both got Thai food.


Yesterday we saw another wedding venue possibility. Before the appointment, we agreed it was a formality because we loved the other place so much…and then we loved it. Loved it. When we started this search, I wondered if we would be able to find a place. Now we love two and have a difficult decision. It’s a good problem to have.

We went for a bike ride the past two Saturdays. I liked it so much, I bought a fancy pair of bike shorts to make my ride a little easier.

We went to two birthday parties this weekend, and Chris’ uncle replaced some burned-out lights on my car.

Trapped by presents!

Bob’s Garage even provided a grape soda and a coupon for post-work ice cream!

What does all this other business have to do with our first-date-iversary? Well, I’ll tell you. All of this — this life that I find myself in that I’m so happy with — it all started that day. It was a good day.

Read more about our first date and how it came about here.

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