Chris and I have been trying to be more active. Physically, not just doing more stuff, since it seems like we are busy all of the time.

We have been taking Zumba twice a week, and today, I did my first solo morning class (since I recently switched back to afternoon shift). Our instructor was talking to me about biking and asked about the Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride, and I told her about our ride this Sunday.

Which was 21.54 miles.

I realize to a lot of people, that doesn’t sound like much. When Chris was training for her 100-mile ride around Lake Tahoe, her first practice ride was 20 miles. But I’m still pretty proud of myself. I’m 38 and overweight (and rhyme like a…mate!) and haven’t had much practice on my bike. And I did it.


I hate being the fat girl who blames her bike, but my bike is…not the best. It does fun things like not shift when i switch gears and then shifting without my doing anything. It made some of the hills difficult. 

We rode on the Montour Trail to Chris’ mom’s house and back, so we had a safety net, which was nice. But she didn’t have to rescue us. Plus, we had a nice lunch from Tandem at her house. 

Chris ahead of me, as usual.

Also, a fun surprise when part of the trail was closed, and we had to ride on Valley Brook Road. Also, there was a snake in the path. Surprise danger all around!

Hooray for biking!

One thought on “21.54

  1. beth says:

    GOOD JOB!!!! 21 and a half miles seems like a lot to me! i rode a bike a few years ago, i struggled the whole time! i bet we went 3 miles, i was whipped. you are a rockstar!

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