Honeymoon, part 2

We planned on getting an early start Wednesday, but “early” ended up being around 11:00am. Hey, we are honeymooning. We should be relaxing. 

Before we started our day, we grabbed this photo for National Chocolate Day. 

We grabbed a quick breakfast and then hopped on ferry 5 in 24 hours. Joy. 


Beautiful views. 


‘Twas a little windy. 


Our treat? Breakfast ice cream from Humphry Slocumbe. 

Secret breakfast for the wife; candy cap for me; boats and bridges for everyone!

We fueled up with Blue Bottle coffee, and the guys working there were so nice. They gave us a ton of recommendations…none of which we used, but still. 

We headed into San Francisco and found the most important of all landmarks, the Fed. 


 My friend Kristin runs the Fed or whatever, and her boyfriend said this branch was nice, so when we passed by, I knew it was special.  
We walked around and touristed a bit, including Union Square, the financial district, and Chinatown. 

The best cafe. 

For the assorted family who likes the Coach store. 

We popped in the store for ModCloth, where Chris got her wedding dress online. 

Then we headed to the Stinking Rose, famous for serving food with their garlic. Let me tell you — I love me some garlic. But…holy crap. When we finished, we stunk of garlic so bad, I had zero fears of vampires for the next seventeen days. The food was delicious, but the resulting burps and other assorted bodily functions were rough. For multiple days. Happy honeymooning. 

We stumbled in our garlic haze to a cable car and made our way to the waterfront. 

We went to this olden-timey arcade museum. People had a morbid idea about what was entertaining. 


We went into a candy store, where we found this gem. 

We hung out with the sea lions for a bit and then took our first Uber ride back to the house, like big-city folk. It was an awesome but tiring day!

2 thoughts on “Honeymoon, part 2

  1. Looks like you had a great time ladies! I love the picture of the pumpkins and squashes. We’re a lesbian married couple who have been traveling the world for almost two years, check out of site for more travel inspiration

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