Honeymoon, part 4

Friday morning, we hopped in the car and headed to the 17 Mile Drive, recommended by our guide book and ITMI Matt. Good call, both of you. 

17 Mile Drive winds through Pebble Beach (and includes the golf course, among other things). These were truly some of the most beautiful beach views I have seen on this (or any) vacation. I’ll let the photos mostly speak for themselves. 

Beach views. 






My lovely wife. 

We headed to Cannery Row and dined at Cannery Row Brewing Company. Awesome waitress, awesome beer, and awesome food. 

Then we meandered a bit and shopped and looked out at the view, ending the day with some ice cream. 

Another successful day of honeymooning in the books!

Honeymoon, part 3

Thursday, we were headed down the 1, so we watched the sunrise from the bedroom, packed up our car, hopped on the Golden Gate Bridge, and headed into the city by vehicle for the first time.

First, we headed to the Presidio for the part I was most excited about. Lucasfilm has an office there, and in addition to the lobby being open to the public, there was a Yoda fountain. Guys, Yoda is my favorite, and as most of the free world knows, I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I. Was. Stoked. And let me tell you — it didn’t disappoint.  

Can you believe I only posted a few that we took? So, Facebook friends, you have that to look forward to. 

Then we headed to Crissy Field to park, because last night’s Uber driver, Hoang, told us that was the only place in the city to park for free, which was great. What wasn’t great was that we didn’t know we couldn’t tip him through the app until after, so…sorry for being dicks, Hoang. 

We called another Uber (so fancy!) to take us to the Mission for brunch at Tartine bakery. Neither of us remembers how we heard about this place, but everyone we mentioned it to was so excited we were going. And everyone was right, as it was one of the best breakfast-type meals I have ever had. We split the Monte cristo and a coconut tart (recommended by Uber driver Leanna, who we DID tip) and each had a cafe au lait. 

So. Good. 

After our delicious brunch, we made our way to the Castro, where we met up with a friend of Chris’ from ITMI. He was so nice and suggested many things for us to visit while he squared away a friend who just got into town. We enjoyed all of the rainbows and some other random stuff, saw Harvey Milk’s old camera store/the current location of the HRC store, and got a yummy Philz Coffee. 

We didn’t end up getting a photo with Matt, which was sad. But next time!

So we Ubered back to our car, and I successfully navigated us out of town. Hooray!

We stopped at Half Moon Brewing for dinner, and it was spectacular. We saw the sunset from the car and finally got to our hotel in Monterey. 


Almost to Friday!