Trip to Latrobe

Chris, our friend Aubrey, and I are on our way to some no-boy Weiner party at our friend Beth’s. Join us for the drive!

1:13 — Just saw a guy at the five-way intersection at South Park road. He kept circling the pole at the cross walk. For two minutes. Chris and I kept staring at him, and when we pointed it out to Aubrey, she said he was doing that when she passed by on the way to our house. 15 minutes ago.

1:15 — he took off and ran across the road! Still running!

1:17 — tailgated by a hearse! Not the Ecto 1!

1:20 — angry hearse passed us!

1:21 — we are driving into a terrible cloud. Now it’s gone. Oh, Pittsburgh.

1:25 — coffee stop!!

1:35 — the cloud has returned.

1:44 — “teeth of the dog” are $30 an hour anytime. Good to know.
1:45 — Chris just called me “idiot broad.”
1:46 — Chris says Ricky Gervais would be welcome to step into our relationship. Huh.
1:51 — plans for a “pickle and wine” party. We are classy!
1:57 — just passed a frightening-looking hot-dog place called The Red Caboose. We want to try it, but it looks closed!
2:01 — just saw a sign for something called a kielbasa Reuben blitz. Holy. Crap.
2:04 — heavy discussion of relationships and marriage. We are serious talkers.
2:09 — X-Files reference. So lost.
2:16 — now discussion of religion. So grown-up!
2:26 — agreement that we are too old to waste time on relationships that aren’t going anywhere. So much agreement.
2:27 –wedding talk!
2:29 — Aubrey could totally marry us, because we have similar views on marriage and weddings. Move over, Ricky Gervais!
2:32 — wedding talk of fathers. No father/daughter dancing at ours, kids.
2:39 — I am a horrible navigator. Not lost but it’s just not my jam.
2:40 — still serious talk about moms and moving and life business. We are so old!
2:46 — here! And the phrase “big bag of dildos” has been uttered. What a great trip!

To Erie!

Live-blogging our trip to Erie.

6:37 — And we’re off!


7:06 — Judi had adjusted her seat because she “doesn’t need that quick reaction time” now that we are on the highway. Sure. We are going 70, so we definitely can slow down that reaction time.

7:16 — arrival at Sheetz. It only took 9 minutes to park. Yeah!

7:19 — Judi’s first Sheetz experience!


7:50 — Judi had announced that she brought her CPR mask along. I have no idea what she thinks is going to happen.

7:55 — Chris can’t throw trash away. It took three tries and required an assist.

7:59 — Judi didn’t know there were cup holders in the back. She turned around to look at 70mph. Another reason she doesn’t need that quick reaction time!

8:08 — cop just pulled over a VW that blew by us. Car-ma.

8:15 — DIABEETUS!!!


8:22 — groovin’ to the Jackson 5.

8:25 — sunset.


8:41 — skydiver sighting at Grove City outlets!

8:45 — car temperature is currently Hoth-like. Starting to lose consciousness. Definite hypothermia. Concerned for my phalanges.

9:01 — Bohemian Rhapsody sing-a-long time!

9:10 — “my foot got stuck on the gas pedal!” Great!

9:13 — “I don’t like using cruise control because I feel like I’m going to lose control!” Even better!

9:23 — we have quieted down. We are getting tired.

9:25 — rest area! I predict shenanigans.

9:38 — Chris and I are singing answers to songs. We are fun!

9:51 — u-turn!

9:53 — safely arrived at the hotel! Yeah!

10:58 — after some initial issues, we are safely checked in. It was a fun drive!