Star Wars Made Me Gay


Happy Day After Star Wars Day! I wanted to write this yesterday, but I took a couch nap with the lady instead. And it was time well spent. So, here we are, a day late.

I’ve been a Star Wars fan as long as I can remember. I used to play with the action figures as a kid with my brother (pictured above, next to Chris and me), have seen the movies multiple times, and have more Star Wars-themed kitchen accoutrements than I ever thought possible (also thanks to that guy in the picture).

Star Wars is also responsible for the first inkling I had of being gay. I realize it isn’t very original, but I was extremely fascinated with Return of the Jedi Princess Leia and her gold bikini. I remember cutting out a picture of her — operating the gun,
I think — from TV Guide and putting it in one of those children’s lock boxes. Apparently, it was a prized possession. I would take it out and stare at it. I was going to take it to the theater with me — don’t ask why. I was six years old! — but decided at the last minute that bringing it was a little weird. Yes, even then, I felt like my feelings toward certain women weren’t quite the same as perhaps the norm.

I love all of it for reasons other than Carrie Fisher, but she’s definitely one of them. When I wear a Star Wars t-shirt to work, I often think it will be a good day just because of that.

Now is time for the obligatory Whole30 update. We are on day 4, and it’s going okay. Here’s today’s breakfast:


We agreed to make cookies for a friend’s sister’s wedding and ran out of time before Whole30, so we made 9 dozen Cool Whip cookies on Saturday. It wasn’t super difficult to skip trying them, but it was really hard to remember not to lick the spoon, lick the powdered sugar off my thumb, or eat a crumb that had fallen. Apparently, those things are second nature to me. But we did it, and the cookies are sealed up. They’ll be out of the house this afternoon.

It’s required a lot of planning and cooking, with mixed results. And I’m back on afternoon shift today, so we will see if that helps or harms things.

Hopefully helps! It’s for two months!

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