Just a Regular Tuesday

I’m racking my brain and trying to think of something to blog about today. I unexpectedly slept until 9:00 (probably due in part to an allergy pill), got up and made breakfast, then mowed the lawn in lieu of doing the elliptical. Then it was time to get ready for work and then make/eat lunch and make dinner to bring to work. And then…work. A pretty uneventful day.

Day 5 of Whole30 is supposed to include wanting to kill all of the things, but I thought I was feeling pretty well today. Then I shut Graham in the basement (with his food and litter box — it’s not really that cruel) because he wouldn’t leave me alone after I opened a can of tuna. So maybe I’m not doing as well as I thought…


Lunch today was a small salad (the picture above isn’t mine — it’s the one I made for Chris to eat when she gets home) and Whole30-fied chicken soup, which turned out pretty well.

We have gone through almost all of a 3-pound bag of carrots since Sunday, so I guess that’s a good sign.

Anyway, nothing horrible, nothing terrific. So, you know, not so bad.

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