Today Pennsylvania became the 19th state to allow gay marriage.

As I read different Facebook posts and the messages my friends and family were sending me, I felt very lucky to be me in this life.

I cried multiple times — when I got the text saying “love wins,” when I texted Chris to tell her the news, when her cousin referred to me as the love of Chris’ life, when I talked to my mom and, after telling me how happy she was, she mentioned a friend of hers called to say how happy she was. All of them. I cried all of the times. At work. In the bathroom at work. At my desk at work. You get the picture.

Part of me wants to get a license and get married RIGHT NOW, before they can take it away.

I’m realistic enough to think that this isn’t it, that there will be some sort of opposition. But I’m optimistic enough to think think Pennsylvania will come out on the right side of history, and come next fall, these ladies will be good-naturedly complaining about the hassle of getting a marriage license…and look super cute doing it.


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