I always hated the word “partner.” I mean, not in all contexts. Just the one that refers to my significant other.

I get that it’s a non-gender-specific term, that it’s weightier than girlfriend/boyfriend, and all that jazz, but personally, I just don’t like it. It sounds like I’m talking about someone I’m in a law firm with.

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So, yes, “partner” is one of those words that I hate.

However…the longer I’m with Chris, the more I feel like I have a real, honest-to-goodness partner.

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I have dated a few women — and one guy, embarrassingly (it was college. I was experimenting) — and lived with one person other than Chris. You know, one of those things where you think you’re happy and it seems like a good idea at the time. And she had her good points, I guess, but, man, it’s like night and day.

I guess maybe I don’t hate that word as much anymore since, you know, I feel like I actually have one.

Don’t let bad decisions paint you in a corner!

The longer we are together, the more of a partnership it feels like. I just feel lucky to have her and to have our life…


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