Labor Day

Hooray for a long weekend! I contemplated working Monday but decided a three-day weekend was in order.

I made my lady breakfast, and later today it’s off to kayaking and lunch with Chris’ family and then dinner with more of her family.

Soon to be my family, I guess.

I hope I don’t chicken out with kayaking like I did with zip-lining. Fear of drowning and all. But I went kayaking once…and it ended horribly. Literally the end. I’m rather girthy, and the kayak had a small seat opening. I wasn’t able to leverage myself out of it, and the 90-pound blond workers were zero help (as was my ex). So I embarrassingly just turned over on my side and crawled out of it on my hands and knees. Yep. I’m super smooth.

I’m hopeful for those kayaks with the big mouth today!

Tomorrow is a pretty exciting day. Chris and I have the tasting for our wedding!

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a picture of us eating, so I chose this adorable picture of us with a toddler who apparently loves her mommy, per the shirt.


We are allowed to bring four people with us, and Chris’ sister, Amy, flew in from Raleigh to attend (thanks, Amy!). Our mothers are also joining us, and so is my brother. It will be a good time with good food, I’m sure. And we are usually a pretty good time.

This dog sure thinks so.

I’m pretty excited about the menu we chose, and it all sounds delicious. There was a bit of a sticky situation because Chris’ aunt really wanted us to get Parmesan-crusted chicken, and we didn’t. Sadly, she will just have to starve. We all have to make sacrifices to ensure the perfect Chronica wedding.

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