Richmond Visit, part 2

Well, Kristin apparently didn’t care that we visited because she was gone again today.

Okay, that’s a lie. We knew she wouldn’t be free (volunteering training because she’s one of those people who tries to make the world a better place), but we have so few free weekends, we kind of had to stick with this one. Chris and I were once again left to our own devices.

We got up earlier today (and scared the crap out of Kristin when she walked out of her room and unexpectedly saw two lesbians on her couch) and made our way to find breakfast. But the glorious place we wanted to try was closed for vacation.

I don’t care if “Lincoln” filmed here! I just want some breakfast!

We made our way to Demolition Coffee, and they were out of sausage gravy. By this point, Chris is very sad. But their coffee was delicious, and we had a nice time.

Two thumbs up for my breakfast burrito.

Then we wandered around Petersburg until we couldn’t take the heat anymore, so around four minutes. Not really. We saw more of Old Town with our hot, hot coffees.

Taking a break at the courthouse, like we do.

Afterwards, we drove to a place I found on Roadside Attractions, which was a house made of old tombstones.

Bricks are for pansies.

It wasn’t a place you could tour, much to my surprise. I think it was a private residence. Can you imagine? “Which is yours again?” “Oh, the one made out of Union soldiers’ tombstones.”


When Kristin came home, we went into the city and got a tour of where she works splicing genes together to create a superior race (or something equally important — Whatever). Then we took a walk around the canals. We saw some nice water, fun bridges (but nothing compared to Pittsburgh), interesting artwork, and 37 gallons of sweat drip to the pavement because it was so hot.




We picked up dinner, had some wine, and watched “The Notebook.” You know, like the ladies do.

A fleeting moment of happiness before Ryan Gosling ruins it all.

It’s back to Pittsburgh tomorrow. It will be nice to see Graham (and everyone else) but not looking forward to reality. Having a great visit and have possibly lost up to 10 pounds through sweating.

(That last part is unconfirmed.)

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