Wedding Planning Weekend

We had a very hectic November and December — holidays plus being on the same shift means tons of plans! — so we’re concentrating on some serious wedding planning this weekend.

Me with a baby in the wild…approximately seven seconds before meltdown, probably.

We have our venue, the menu, and a DJ locked down. Yesterday we were going through cookie recipes, looking at photographers, writing down the names of people who volunteered to help, and researching card boxes. Today is more cookies and photographers and some good news on a bakery front. My friend Kristin is our designated “are you cool with gay couples?” asker. There’s a job for everyone!

She had to ask that bridge before we stood on it if it supported the gays.

We had a bit of a break from planning, and it’s exciting to get back to it. Chris found a checklist, and we’re doing pretty good. We also went shopping for fruits and vegetables yesterday, which will also help with the wedding. Both of us want to be our best, most photogenic selves, and losing a little weight will help. I made us a delicious, healthy (Whole30-compatible) breakfast today, and we’ll continue to build on that trend in the next few weeks.

Tonight the Steelers play the Ravens in a home playoff game. Yeah! There’s also a home Penguins game! Yeah! And we have tickets to “Motown.” It’s almost noon, so we should probably leave so we can get a parking spot…


I’m so excited to marry Chris, and I’m excited to plan getting married to Chris. It’s going to be a good year!

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