Dick LeBeau Is My Homeboy

(I have been horrible at blogging lately. Horrible. I will address this at a later date. Here is this other fun thing that I wanted to write about.)

I am a pretty big Steelers fan. I used to watch the games with my dad. In kindergarten, we had to make a milk-box craft and could choose a cheerleader or a football player. I was the only girl who chose a football player. (Mine was Lynn Swann, a fact that liberal me is sad about.)

During Steelers games, the announcers always reference defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau’s age, which is currently 77. Like, he should clearly be at a retirement home, not coaching this amazing defense that obliterates offenses. Whatever.

Anyway, what started at as a few offhand remarks on Facebook about this turned into a weekly Dick LeBeau post. I try to tailor them to either the opponent or the season.

With that in mind, please enjoy this tune.

[ To the tune of “My Favorite Things ]

🎵 Tackles on QBs and
tough interceptions 🎵
🎵 Third-down conversions and AB receptions 🎵
🎵 Le’Veon Bell scrambles, a first down it brings 🎵
🎵 These are a few of Dick LeBeau’s favorite things 🎵

🎵 When a tackle is missed 🎵
🎵 When Troy mistimes his jump 🎵
🎵 When James Harrison gets mad 🎵
🎵 Dick LeBeau simply remembers his favorite things 🎵
🎵 And then he doesn’t feel so bad 🎵

Go, Steelers!

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