Two Lenas Diverged

I didn’t watch Supergirl live this week, much to bestie Michelle’s dismay, because we couldn’t shout at each other directly after. Alas, she had to wait until the next day. But I think it was worth waiting for, because there was A LOT OF SHOUTING.

Quite a bit about one of my favorite characters on TV right now, Lena Luthor.


*dreamy sigh*

There’s been a lot of speculation this season about whether Lena will “go dark” or “turn evil,” because quite honestly, that’s the lazy way a character arc like hers would go, and Supergirl has been all about the lazy writing lately…like forcing us to believe chemistry exists between two people just because everyone is shouting CHEMISTRY at them.

But that’s another rant for another time.

One of the things Michelle and I shouted at each other was where we thought Lena’s storyline would go after she seemingly knows that Sam is Reign and wants to help her. Unsurprisingly, it was to two different places — both interesting; both plausible. Here are our thoughts on what could happen with Lena’s character in the last part of the season.


I think Lena has known Kara is Supergirl for months now, and because she’s a motherfucking genius, she basically knows as much about Reign as the DEO. When Sam started having her blackouts, Lena wondered if the two were connected, just because of the timing, and when Sam told her more details, the final piece of the puzzle was put into place. She wants to help both of her friends, and what better way than using her mother’s technology to split Sam and Reign? I think by doing this, she’ll further prove to the DEO and the world that she’s one of the good people. (Not to Kara, because Kara already knows.)  This will continue Lena’s journey to hero and hopefully get her an invite to work with the DEO, because they could really use a brain like hers. Kara will eventually “come out” to her as Supergirl, and I think Lena will be slightly hurt, because besties, but she’ll understand. It had nothing to do with the fact that she’s a Luthor; Kara risks anyone she tells about her secret identity, especially her closest gal pal. I look forward to seeing a season four that starts with Lena fighting alongside Kara, Alex, J’onn, and the rest of the heroes. Because heroes always win.

And if Lena were to find her way under either of the Danvers sisters while she’s fighting alongside of them, well, I wouldn’t be sad about it.


You know that uncomfortable feeling when you know a friend’s secret and desperately want them to share it with you? You do that thing where you drop subtle hints and steer conversations in a direction that’ll create the perfect moment for your friend to share. Welcome to Lena’s life. She’s spent this season trying to get Kara to admit to being Supergirl but refuses to use Cat Grant’s method (because contrary to popular belief in National City, Lena is not turning into the next Cat Grant). When Kara does finally “come out” about being Supergirl, I think Lena is going to be a little hurt since literally every other person Kara is close to knows her secret. She’ll be hurt but ultimately understand why Kara didn’t tell her. No way this will send her to the dark side.

At the end of the latest episode, Lena figured out that Sam isn’t completely human. If she hasn’t figured out Sam is Reign, she will pretty quickly with a quick comparison between the times of Sam’s blackouts and the times of Reign’s homicidal rampages. The only way I see Lena going dark is through helping Sam. Lena wants to help her friend, and to do that, they’re going to need to find a way to deny Reign control of Sam’s body OR find a way to remove Reign completely. Who is the one person that would have some sort of technology to accomplish that? Lillian Luthor.

Lena turning to her mother would be the last resort, but I doubt she has the technology on hand. Lillian would love to learn that aliens can “infect” a human. The pro-alien stance has been that aliens are individuals minding their own business. Knowing that an alien can take over a human’s body puts a damper on that argument. I am aware that the Worldkillers aren’t “human,” but Sam and Julia are individuals with lives. A dormant alien taking over a body is some Invasion of the Body Snatchers shit. Yes, it might just be the Worldkillers who can do this, but how can anybody be sure? This opens the door for people to go anti-alien, because who wants to spend their life unsure of who is still themselves?

Of course, I don’t want this to happen. What I want to happen is for everyone to stop pretending Lena and James have romantic chemistry, for the soggy Triscuit to go back to whatever time he came from, and for Lena and Kara to kiss already. Also, I wouldn’t complain if Imra and Alex pretended that they were attending a wedding on Earth 1.

Thanks for reading, friends, and hopefully the non-WE content wasn’t confusing for you. It seems that Michelle and I both anticipate a similar storyline. We just differ on how Lena reacts to news that Sam is being inhabited by an alien, and what she thinks of said aliens who are trying to gain control. At the end of the day, I just want the best ending for these two gal pals. At its best, Supergirl is a powerful show about powerful women, written and created by powerful women. That’s the Supergirl I love. Fingers crossed for the end of the season. Many thanks to Michelle for the collab!

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