Fandom Day

Day two of No Chill Week. — Fandom Day. 

I have been a fan of many things but never part of a fandom. 

Until now. 

I don’t know how it started. Probably because of that crazy-special podcast where they said some stuff was happening on Twitter. I had an account but seldom used it. I think I got it originally because the wife suggested it…which is how I entered almost all social media — Facebook (that one was pre-marriage and dating), Instagram, and probably some others I don’t remember. 

I stand by this statement. 

I got quite a bit of interaction on that first tweet, and I was hooked. I had this instant community with which to talk about this show that suddenly meant so much. 

I often tend towards the lurker type — online and in regular interactions, especially if I don’t know anyone or just know them casually. I’m content to sit back with my beer, listen, smile occasionally, and watch the conversations unfold, happy to be an outsider. 

Well, not this time. 

This fandom is amazing. I have probably used Twitter over a dozen times more in the past two months than I have in the two years I’ve had the account. 

Science fact. 

I have always enjoyed writing and started this blog a couple of years ago to try to force myself to keep at it. The busier I am, the grumpier I am, and the less I write. When I don’t write, it makes me even grumpier. It’s a vicious cycle. 

This fandom has inspired me to pick up my keyboard and put words to the screen more than I have in ages. I’ll be forever grateful for that. And it’s put me in such a better mood all around since I have this creative outlet — something my wife is forever grateful for. 

“Thanks, Wynonna Earp.”

I am grateful to this fandom and am excited about what’s to come. Six seasons and a movie! We can do it!

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