Too Female

Today in the fandom of Wynonna Earp, Too Female Day. 

Something I have never been accused of being. 


If anything, I’ve always felt some pressure — internalized or not — of being not enough female. Hair is too short. Sometimes wear guys’ clothes, especially t-shirts. Consciously wear my purse in public just in case I have to use the bathroom. I’ve been “sirred” too many times not to be aware of it. And I prefer to have my awkward interactions not in the bathroom. 

Women — myself included — are used to hearing they’re too (or not enough) whatever — too bossy, too mouthy, sarcastic, slutty. Or not feminine or ladylike enough, not nurturing enough, not pretty or thin enough. 

Despite my lack of femininity — or maybe because of it — I’ve always been drawn to female-centric shows. Laverne & Shirley. Mary Tyler Moore (though my mom tells me I mostly liked the cat at the end). Wonder Woman. Heck, even Days of our Lives, because that show would be nothing without Hope, Jennifer, and Carly.

Wynonna Earp outshines all of these, my friends. 

It’s women being women — all kinds of women, from Waves to Wynonna to Gus to Nicole to Chrissy (you go with your chloroform, sister!) supporting each other to be the best version of themselves. That’s just not something you see very often. You know, like a unicorn. 

In scenes with only women! Talking about things! Other than men! It’s 44 minutes of the Bechdel Test in 13-episode form. 

The men are important in this show — and fabulous and perfectly cast and OMG that mustache — but they aren’t always the focus of the storyline and sometimes aren’t even necessary. You know, just like real life. 

Women are used to hearing they need a man to get by. I heard some version of that quite a bit growing up, from my grandmother screeching, “Ain’t you trying to get yourself a man?!” when I told her I wore flannel to class (no — no, I wasn’t) to even my dad being concerned about who would take care of me after I nervously came out to him at 23. 

It’s okay, Dad. We take care of each other.

This show isn’t too female, or even not enough female. It’s just the right amount. 

Just like all of its characters. Different levels of female, all of them. Sometimes different levels in the same character. 

You know, just like real life. 

Photographic proof of the last time I wore a dress in public. 

Wynonna Earp is not too female. It’s just the right amount. Same with Wynonna herself — perfectly female, perfectly flawed. You know, just like in real life. 

Just like me and just like all of us. 

And if it is too female, well, it’s the ass-kicking, trash-talking, one-liner spewing, gun-wielding female I want to be. 

Life goals. (Copyright SyFy)

If you’re here because you’re a fan of this show, check out my last several posts. You’ll sense a theme. 

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