Tropes Tuesday

I took a little break from blogging about my new favorite, Wynonna Earp. So yesterday, I only emailed SyFy and tweeted a handful of times. 

I’m such a slacker. 

I’m back at it today, but I’m at work, so I’ll be more concise than usual. 

Please try to hold back the tears. 

Here is a list of tropes that Wynonna Earp happily stomps into pieces. Some mean more to me — as a person, as a woman, as a…gay — but all are important. 

  • Butch/femme — badass ginger butch cop? Done. Same badass ginger butch cop in a gorgeous purple dress with soft flowing hair, a matching clutch, jewelry, and a dazzling smile? No problem. Handcuffs in the clutch? Check. This one is big for me because it’s so true to life. I am not in flannel and fixing shit every day, you know. Sometimes there’s makeup and baking. Complex people, lesbians. Nice to see it reflected. 
  • Strong female — I’m going to only concentrate on the Earp sisters here, but I could go through literally all of the female characters (even Chrissy!). All of the Earp sisters are ridiculously strong, and all are ridiculously flawed. All kick major ass and can handle anything, and all have questionable taste in men. (Maybe not so much Wynonna, but I’ll stand by the statement that sleeping with your great-grandfather’s best friend who is magically immortal is, at best, questionable.) They make good decisions and bad decisions; have heroic and (literally) evil moments. You know, like real people. They don’t need saving, but they’ll take it if it’s available, realizing taking help is a strength in its own.
  • Gender roles — sometimes the men do the saving, but often it’s the women. Both sexes make bad and good decisions. You go into the finale thinking that Bobo is evil and manipulated Willa, and you end it thinking maybe it was the other way around. Doc thinks pink is manly and can shoot a gun faster than anyone. Wynonna would look pretty in blue (and everything else) and loves doughnuts. Waverly is the brains and Dolls is the firepower, except when Dolls figures everything out and Waves busts out the sawed-off shotgun.
  • Sexuality — where to start? There’s Waverly being happy, not disgusted, that Champ sent her a pic of Little Champ. I was disgusted and felt bad for the other diner patrons, but that’s fine. There’s Nicole hitting  on the prettiest girl in town, confident enough to be patient and wait for what she wants. There’s Waverly realizing her Kinsey scale isn’t as much to one end as she thought. And there’s Wynonna having a one-night stand — well, two — with Doc and admitting it’s just sex (is that true? Who knows?). And that’s okay. It’s good. Sometimes, it’s just sex. And then there’s Wynonna talking about how she doesn’t always need a man to get her where she need to go, both to Waverly and to Dolls. 
  • Bury your gays — Wynonna Earp shot both of the main LGBTQ characters. Both of them. Neither died. In most shows, a lesbian will die from a bullet meant for someone else, despite the fact that science and physics dictate the fact that there’s no way the bullet could have killed Tara from that angle, damn it. Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, shot both of them. Neither died. Literally had a bullet-proof vest on one of them. This show doesn’t bury its gays. It protects them. It cherishes them. It loves them. Because they are adorable. 

Like, none of this happens on TV, and all of it happens in real life. 

Thank you once again, Wynonna Earp, for making it so the most realistic show on TV is about a crazy chick with a gun that sends demons back to hell. 

Thank you for your badass women who are also kind of a mess. 

Thank you for killing the tropes, not the gays. 

One thought on “Tropes Tuesday

  1. beth says:

    Oh! I missed you! Glad you are back! I can’t wait for next season to see if they keep up their end of the deal.

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