The Eve of the Big Day

I know, I know. I’m moving in reverse. I know I live-blogged about the day before our wedding, but I left out a lot of stuff, like about the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.

Oh, and — as Chris just reminded me — how our sink exploded that morning.

Okay, I’m being dramatic. There was a leak and a bit of a mess, right before we were leaving to begin our prep day. We looked at each other and realized there really wasn’t much of anything we could do at that point other than clean it up, have minimal use of the sink, ask our friends who were checking on Graham to make sure nothing fell apart, and hope for the best.

(Nothing fell apart, and all is well.)

We got our nails done, did a bunch of prep with some friends and family, and then went upstairs to get ready for our rehearsal and also some cookie dropoff.

(Guys, our cookie table was epic, and that isn’t an exaggeration, but you’ll have to wait to see that for yourselves in a post or two).


Sister-in-Law Amy demonstrating how to sit down or something, I guess.

We did a couple of run-throughs of our ceremony, and everything went well…except that our celebrant had trouble pronouncing one of the readers’ names. He’s a good friend (the husband of one of my best friends of all time), and he’d just come off working night shift, and he was (by his own admission) a little goofy. “I’ll get it tomorrow — I swear,” he’d giggle. He asked if we wanted to know what would happen during the ceremony, and we chose to be surprised. This was the right choice.

Earlier that day, Chris called Primanti’s to finalize the plans she had made a couple weeks before for our rehearsal dinner. “We can definitely accommodate you,” they told her then. “Just call that afternoon to confirm.” So she did.

“We can’t do that,” they told her.


Very long story short, we had SIL Amy call and pretend to be Chris (“I’m getting married tomorrow, and someone told me…”), using her best teacher voice. We ended up having to send someone early, but they were expecting us, and it all turned out okay. We had about 25 people, and they put us in a back room kind of away from everyone. It really was lovely.

Plus, with a blog name/Twitter handle/e-mail address like “Lesbiyinzer,” where else could I have my rehearsal dinner other than Primanti’s, really?


Another long-time friend, Beth, who very wonderfully made the buttons you saw in the previous post! Plus an appearance by a really horrid chin pimple from me. Oof.

“What’s that you’re wearing, Monica?” you ask? “Surely it must be a very special outfit, as it’s your rehearsal dinner before the biggest day of your life.”

Oh, it was. And don’t call me “Shirley.” (It doesn’t work as well in written text, does it?)


Yep, it’s a Star Wars tuxedo t-shirt.

I was so excited to wear it, I bought it probably about 8 months before. I know. I’m a dork.


Pulling. It. Off.

We were both pretty nervous, so we didn’t end up eating all of our food, which meant that we took some delicious wings back to the hotel. Remember this for next time, as it will make an appearance again.

We stayed up until after 1:00am decorating, causing the front-desk lady to ask us if we were the event coordinators. “No. We’re the brides,” we answered. She was shocked, thinking that we should have had people to do this for us.

Yes. That’s what we had planned on, too.

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