A Redemption Arc at ClexaCon

At FanExpo last year, one of the stories my newfound friends told was how Michelle, the youngest one of our group, kind of…froze when meeting one of the stars of her favorite web series. Like, she couldn’t talk at all. I mean, who could blame her? Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful, intelligent, and supremely talented.

At NYCC, despite being on all of her radars, Michelle also walked right past her when she was chatting with some friends and completely didn’t notice. At all. A chance at redemption, blown.

When Natasha was announced for ClexaCon, Michelle was…excited and a bit nervous. She assured us (us is comprised of five ladies — me, Michelle, Heidi, Angie, & Belinda) that she would be fine because she had no intention of meeting her. Heidi and I, who were attending the con, had different plans. With the full support of our entire group (and my wife), we purchased a group photo with Natasha and Elise and refused to tell Michelle what we had planned. This was for two reasons. A, we didn’t want her to be nervous. B…we had no idea what it would be.

Until the day before the photo op.

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