#EarperView with @WynonnaEarpPod / @kbachelder

Continuing with our podcast theme for this week’s EarperViews, who else is a perfect fit but this guy, am I right?

Friends, I was so excited when Kevin agreed to do an EarperView. With starting up Buffy Earpers, I thought this was the perfect time for all of us to get to know more about our favorite podcaster.

I met Kevin for the first time at ClexaCon, though I had heard his voice long before. Even before Tales of the Black Badge, he used to call in to Drinks at the Dal, my go-to Lost Girl podcast. I had the pleasure of having a long, long discussion at ClexaCon about Buffy with him and Heidi. We basically tried to convince her to watch it, and though I don’t think we were successful, it was still a great convo.

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