Come on!

Short post today. I’m on a quick break at work — because 10:15pm is the ideal time for a lunch break — and have some random thoughts.

The possibility of marriage equality for Pennsylvania is a very real and tangible thing. The thought of it makes me anxious and happy and emotional and angry all at the same time. Anxious because I want it to hurry up. Happy because marriage. Emotional because holy crap. Angry because why so long?

I’m not perfect, but I deserve the right to get married. You may think it’s a sin, and that’s fine. Let God deal with that. You live your life how you see fit, and I’ll do the same.

“You” as a general term, because I’m pretty sure most readers of this blog are Facebook friends and would have unfriended me by now if you really had a problem with me.

Today’s random Whole30 thoughts today. This was my breakfast.

Delicious. And it caused Frank’s Red Hot to follow me on Twitter, so that’s pretty awesome.

I’m feeling good. Some cravings but doing okay. Much better than expected. So much so that I’m afraid I’m doing it wrong. Maybe I should have a little more faith in myself.

Anyway, say a prayer to your god/goddess of choice or just send warm thoughts toward the efforts to strike down Pennsylvania’s gay-marriage ban. I’m ready for a decision. I wonder which one will make me cry harder.

Probably the legalization, because…happy. Lots of happy. Snotty, sobbing happy.

Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Come on!

  1. Jason Hinkledire says:

    As a staunch libertarian — no, eff dat. I’m just a guy who wants people to be free to do what they want. I’m also not even 100% sure what “staunch” means. Anyway, I wish marriage wasn’t even regulated. It seems very silly that it even matters at all. But I guess that’s just the way it is. And some things will never change. I hope you get your rights. ‘Cause it’s just weird that you don’t have them.

    In addition, I’ve had several Yeunglings this evening, but again my punctuation and spelling are impeccable. So, oops, the truth comes out!

  2. beth says:

    it always blows my mind that there are americans without the same rights i have. no logic there. my fingers are crossed. not just for you, but for all of us.
    whoa, that got serious!

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