Wynonna Earp on Netflix

So, I’m sitting on my couch, trying to write about ClexaCon, and part of the problem is that I watched S1E1 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix this morning, and I’m pretty jazzed.

Yes, that’s right. The show I’ve been screaming about for months is on Netflix.

If you haven’t watched it, go do it. Now. Go watch it. It’s amazing and awesome.

Now, I realize not everyone will get the same feelings I did after watching. Maybe you can turn on the TV and see yourself represented no matter what show you choose. Maybe you don’t care about great writing, strong female characters, and queer representation. Maybe you think Val Kilmer is the best Doc Holliday and won’t allow your mind to be changed. Maybe you hate happiness. I don’t know your life!

But if none of those things apply, check it out. I allowed myself to watch the pilot this morning (I have stuff to do so I couldn’t sit down and watch the entire series EVEN THOUGH I WANTED TO), and here are some reasons you should watch, based solely on the pilot.

  • Melanie Scrofano (who plays the title character Wynonna) has THE BEST faces. I don’t mean that her face is pretty, though that’s certainly the case. But her face is so expressive and amazing that sometimes she just looks a certain way and I break/laugh/scream/cry/dissolve into a fangirl puddle.
  • The writing, guys. The writing. It takes a village and all that, but as a t-shirt-carrying Fandras, I have to sing the praises of the majestic Mother of Unicorns, Emily Andras. The writing is smart, sharp, quippy, and so layered that even after multiple viewings, I still catch new things. It’s like Buffy, but better. More mature. More layers. Like Buffy in grad school.
  • Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) has one of the best character entrances of all time. I’ve watched a lot of TV, guys. I know my stuff. OF. ALL. TIME. There’s still an unanswered question I have from the pilot (why wasn’t Waverly at that funeral?) that I think can be answered by “so she could have that entrance, duh.”
  • The relationship between Wynonna and Waverly is amazing, even in the pilot. You can see the depth of it, the hurt, the feelings of abandonment, and the love that cements that messy pile of feelings together. It’s a hint of what’s to come. And — spoiler alert — what’s to come is amazing.
  • Tim Rozon’s Doc Holliday is…it’s just so good. He’s smart, has the most amazing old-fashioned, flowery way of speaking without sounding like a douche canoe, and he’s so intense, even in the few scenes that he’s in in the pilot. Also — and I’m secure enough in my homosexuality to admit this — he’s really, really freaking handsome. Like, distractingly so. (He’s even more handsome in person AND is so, so nice.)
  • Also, in no particular order, the scenery and setting are amazing, even the recurring characters (Gus, Nedley, motorcycles, to name a few) are three-dimensional, Peacemaker is pretty cool, and Dolls really does have a great butt.

So, friends, if you were considering giving this show a try, I hope this swayed you. I am forever grateful to Wynonna Earp for the things it brought into my life — super-fun trips, a renewed interest in writing, and some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. But at the core of it is this perfect little TV show. It’s for all of us weirdos out there who never felt accepted, who always struggled to find our people. Those of us who always felt out of place no matter what room we were in, who always questioned whether they deserved the love they were given. Could all of our good deeds ever make up for the bad things we do…and are? If any of that feels close to home, well, this show is for you.

It’s definitely for me.

And if you made it through this whole post and are like, “damn it, Monica, you just wasted my time. Happiness sounds awful and I want nothing to do with that,” here is a picture of my cat as an apology.

2 thoughts on “Wynonna Earp on Netflix

  1. beth says:

    wait. That’s not val kilmer?
    I do love Tim Rozon and him as Doc Holliday
    I also would watch the hell out of Buffy in grad school!
    Graham is adorable!

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