Traveling Fandras

What happens when you are talking via Twitter DM with someone you met one time at a con and she expresses sadness that she wasn’t able to get a Fandras shirt before traveling overseas? You overnight your Fandras shirt to her, of course, because that makes an excellent story.


Pictured — Emily Andras so angry with me, she will exact her revenge several months later by blocking me on Twitter for 36 hours. “Accidentally.”

After a quick trip to the post office the next day, Heather (@RealSmarticus) has my blessed “original” Fandras shirt the day of the premiere and is ready to make stuff happen. I, of course, am going through Fandras withdrawal, but this Earper will push on.

First, I got proof of life shipping success.



Then, I received this great airplane selfie.


“Where on earth is Fandras?” asks Heather.

Then this happened, and holy shit, am I happy it did because a few times a day, I get gems like these. I do not know these people, but obviously they Fandras because it’s definitely a thing.

After seeing all of these, I have four thoughts:

  • Heather and I make good decisions together
  • Spreading the word about Fandras is doing Rao’s work
  • This is a hilarious idea and I think that #TravelingFandras should definitely be a thing
  • I…think I’m gonna need a new Fandras shirt

Readers, tell me — would you participate in #TravelingFandras and help make it a thing? Either take pictures in random/amazing/far-out places in your Fandras shirt, or get on board with sending this one around the world? Tell me your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear them!

Also, many thanks to Heather (@RealSmarticus) for helping me come up with the idea, Fangirl Shirts (@fangirlshirts) for making them, Layn’eh (@actually_layne) for creating this amazeballs design, Jill (@nedleysoffice) for suggesting we make #TravelingFandras a movement and not a one-time thing, and, most importantly, Emily Andras (seriously, if you’re reading this, you follow her on Twitter already) for inspiring such happiness and devotion.

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