Purgatory in Sunnydale

Season 2 of Wynonna Earp has been the most Buffy-est show to hit my TV since, well, Buffy, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so. So @micnic1291 and I thought it would be fun to unpack who our Purgatorian Scooby gang’s counterparts would be in Sunnydale. (Unfortunately, Michelle was “busy watching The Bold Type” when it was time to add in the pictures. What a coincidence.)

MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED BUFFY!!! If you choose to read anyway, please don’t shout at either of us about being spoiled, because we warned you. And neither of us needs to be yelled at any more this week. 

Wynonna: She’s Buffy. She’s the big damn hero. She’s the reason we are all here. She saves us, and in some small way, we save her right back. She’s also Faith. Badass bitch in leather. “Fuck all of you” attitude. The spare heir/slayer, so to speak.


Waverly: Willow Rosenberg. Hella smart. Hella cute. Newly queer. This is an easy one. Just…try to avoid that ultimate evil part. You know…again.


Nicole: Giles, because she gets knocked out a lot. Post-breakup Tara, because she’s the heart of this show. I am loathe to admit this, because smash the patriarchy, but Xander because she’s zero percent supernatural (that we currently know of) and still kicks major ass. She actually DOES laugh in the face of danger.


[ Editor’s note — I chose this picture of Nicole because that’s how she (and Michelle) feel about me calling Nicole Xander Harris. I stand by the statement, but honestly, I feel that way, too. ]

Doc: Anya, because of the confusion on how things work in this modern world. And also his constant struggle with being a good person, whatever that means.


Dolls: Oz, because he’s a little bit supernatural but still so fully human. And he tries so hard to keep that monster part of himself quiet. Riley Finn. He’s Mr. Military, but willing to bend the rules for the woman he loves.


Jeremy: Xander. The eternal manchild, though Jeremy’s gayness is more overt. Willow, because he’s wicked smart. And Larry, because gay dude.


Rosita: Ensouled Angel. He didn’t ask for any of this, and prior to being a vampire, he wasn’t a completely horrid shit ticket. But you do your best with the life you’re given. And they’ve both used their uniqueness to help fight for the good guys.


Tucker: The entire Evil Trio. The misogyny of Warren, the lack of self-awareness of Andrew, and the ability to summon evil creatures of Jonathan all combine to make Purgatory’s resident douche canoe. Also, he deserved to die the same way Warren did. The difference? Emily didn’t let him kill the lesbian (or let anyone flay him for being such a misogynistic shit ticket towards our brave little toaster).


Original!Mercedes: Cordelia. Bitchy on the surface, but depths of friendship once you get to know her. If only we could get Buffering to mix up their Cordelia jingle with Mercedes…


Widow!Mercedes: Harmony. Blerg.


Gus: Joyce Summers. She’s the maternal figure our heroes need, but she also has a tendency to fall through the out-of-town portal.


Sheriff Nedley: Giles, with the exception of his proclivity for getting knocked out. Randy Nedley will knock YOUR ass out, and sass you, Buffy-style, while doing it. He’s the reluctant father figure who loves this group deep down, and just like Giles, he’s not the man he appears to be on the surface.


OriginalRecipe!Beth: Cousin Beth. Fingers crossed that Meghan Heffern reaches Amy Adams’ level of notoriety and success.


Widow!Beth: Early Spike. Straight-up villain who brings the snark and also looks weirdly good while doing it.


Bobo: Mayor Wilkins. They both make deals with evil beings for immortality. They both care about specific people in their own way (Faith/Willa [and Waverly, to an extent]). And Spike. Of any time period. Because like Spike, Bobo oozes creepy just like he oozes sex appeal.



Porcelain Doll: The Gentlemen. Because that damn doll is the most terrifying, nightmare-inducing villain, much like The Gentlemen.


Emily Andras: Emily has no Buffy counterpart because she’s nobody’s but her own. Ugh, fine. We have to pick someone? It’s the “Grr. Argh” monster, because both of them have the last word.


Thanks for reading, Earpers! I am sure that a lot of people disagreed with our opinions, but please don’t flame us. They’re opinions, mostly said in humor, and we are generally nice people.

Hope you enjoyed, and we can’t wait till Friday!

2 thoughts on “Purgatory in Sunnydale

  1. beth says:

    I love the Anya/Dolls thing! I would throw a little Oz into Jeremy’s list too.
    this is great! I was looking forward to this comparison and you didn’t disappoint!

  2. Stef says:

    I like your choices, except comparing anyone to Xander because I have been rewatching Buffy and am liking him less and less as I go (just finished S5). Which is completely my personal opinion and there are absolutely no flames aimed in your direction!

    Can I put in a vote for Constance Clootie being the counterpart of Glory?

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