Season 2 #EarperView Wrap-up

Hello, friends. Wow. What a wonderful experience the EarperViews have been for me. In any crowd of people, I always wonder what people’s stories are, and this was a great way to get to know my fellow Earpers. I hope you all enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. It was an amazing experience, except for all of the times people accused me of ATTACKING THEM with my questions. Ahem.

I have had so much fun doing these, and when I began, I honestly had no idea if people would even read them or not, much less like them. I thought I might be lucky if like 20 people read the first one, and I would be beyond stoked if that happened. I was nervous that everyone other than my very good friends would turn me down, and I would be stuck in the middle of the season with no one to talk about. And I am just…so floored that that couldn’t be further from what actually happened. Unless it’s all been a lie and like ten of you have just been clicking on it multiple times. Eh, whatever. I’ll choose to live the lie on that one.

I want to take a moment to talk about some people who helped make these a reality. First of all, my Earper-adjacent wife. Chris reads every single thing I write, even though she’s never seen the show, and she always encourages me to write about what makes me happy. She’s the best.

Second, I have a few specific friends who encouraged me to do this in the first place, and who also helped me with some of the writing when I needed a proofread or even just a nudge. Jill, Heidi, and Michelle, EarperViews would be nothing without the three of you. Many thanks for all of the encouragement over these last few months…and even just the letting me vent.

Finally, words cannot express how grateful I am to my dear, dear EarperViewees. You’ve all been so kind and generous with your time, and not a single person said no when I asked this giant favor. I’ve enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you better, in some cases taking you from strangers to friends. You’re all amazing, beautiful, inspiring women, and that’s my jam. I’m so happy that this fandom has brought us together. Sorry for all of my questions that were personal attacks. I owe you a beverage of your choice the next time we see each other. I mean, within reason. No WayHaught whiskey sours. I’m not made of money.

Speaking of my lovely subjects, I’d like to encourage you to check out any EarperViews that you may have missed, or maybe even reread a favorite. Here they are, conveniently organized in one place. If you want to creep on them on Twitter, click their handle; if you want to read the EarperView, just click on the link underneath that just happens to be a quote from their EarperView.


I will forever remember walking back to my rental car of an 8-hour drive back to NYC thinking, “I’d do this again in a second.”


These people I’ve met through Twitter and this show are real friends and meeting them in real life solidifies that.


I’m pretty sure I’ve used “polite no-chill” on more than one occasion to excuse my insane fangirling.


I’ve always liked well-written supernatural shows because the scenarios are almost allegorical for any problem you may face.


In season one, Wynonna and Waverly were sitting around the fire watching Doc fix their mailbox. That scene was so endearingly sweet and tender between them, it made me want to be their sister too!


I have made friends that I know will last a lifetime and have met people I never would have if it weren’t for this little Canadian TV show.


Earpers are the most positive group of fans on the internet, hands down.


Like most queer women, Catholic school filled me with a love of plaid (and uniforms in general) and a hatred of high school and THE PATRIARCHY.


Wynonna Earp is all about being unapologetically yourself, which is difficult for me living as a queer woman working in a male-dominated field in a relatively conservative, Fox News-watching, Cheeto-loving area.


Wynonna Earp has shown you can be flawed and that it’s okay to not be okay, because at the end of the day what matters is how you respond.




She isn’t perfect, and she doesn’t always do everything gracefully or even well, but she is trying.


There is no fandom like the Earper fandom, that’s for sure!


I have a journalism degree which I never use, but do enjoy a good Oxford comma.


Who are the Earp sisters? Do they know Doc Holliday?

I have had a couple people ask me if the EarperViews would continue during the hiatus, and the answer is…I hope so. Fall is our busy season, so a lot of it depends on my work life. I’d like to keep some sort of regular posting schedule, so we’ll see what happens. Just be patient with me. I am also not a super social person, so it’s awkward and difficult for me as a human to reach out and ask people to do these, since I feel like it’s a huge favor.

Anyway, I can’t believe the finale is tonight! What a great season it’s been. I can’t wait to feel every single emotion in the universe in what I’m sure will be 42 minutes of expertly crafted perfection.

I’ll see you soon, friends.


How I feel about all of you.

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