Lena Luthor Is the Hero You’ve Been Holding Out For

Hello, friends, and welcome to this week’s LenaCap! We had such amazing, wonderful, perfect Lena content this week, and I was happy to see that the episode overall wasn’t a giant disappointment! I don’t think Supergirl is where it could be, in terms of strong female characters, maybe just because of the bad taste seasons 2 and 3 left in my mouth. But I believe with my whole Lena-loving heart that it could very well be on its way. And that makes me happy.

We open on Businesswoman!Lena, who is one of my favorite Lenas (spoiler alert — they’re all my favorite), multitasking AF, of course, when Kara brings Big Belly Burger to her BFF.


Lena’s been working nonstop and skipping meals to work on the image inducer, because sales have skyrocketed ever since the world found out President Wonder Woman was President Wonder Alien. But our biggest takeaway here from the beginning part of this scene is, while Lena may look great in just regular heels, she looks motherfucking amazing in a knee-high boot. “Cathy,” you say, “you aren’t a fashion blogger.” But you see, Lena Luthor makes anything possible.


Kara tries to engage Lena about the revelation about the president, but Lena’s not having it. She just says she never has had any faith in politicians (I feel you, Lena), and Kara is surprised that she’s so cynical. Um, Kara, you’re her best friend. If I’m not surprised that’s how she feels, why are you?

Lena, always the level-headed thinker with an eye on the bottom line, is happy the president stepped down, because it would have caused chaos. Kara’s worried about the fall of democracy, though, and not the loss of some zeroes in her bank account. She’s sad that everyone is fighting, and Lena gets it, even if she doesn’t feel it.

lena nods.gif

(That eye makeup, though. Like her jawline, it could cut glass.)

And now to the second part of the reason Kara is here — she needs info on Mercy Graves, and what Lena shares with us is…not what I was expecting. When she said “Mercy’s complicated,” I was hoping for a bit more of a “naked friends with benefits” reveal, but it’s even sadder than that. With how critical Lillian always was of her, when Lex brought Mercy into their lives, it was like she had someone else on her side; someone to help her navigate life and tell her how to act, how to be. How to live. How to wear a pair of knee-high boots. Someone who was proud of her but also willing to help steer her where she wanted to go. And someone who taught her how to win. And maybe someone who taught her that “loving the taste of scotch” is a valid reason to have a noontime drink.

lena drinking.gif

Mercy left Lex because he became obsessed with Superman, and she felt that humans should be able to develop powers and abilities, like aliens, and not just develop their intelligence…something that Lena agrees with, much to her alien bestie’s chagrin. But how could anyone be surprised by this? Lena Luthor has always strove to be the best. Just because she wants humans to be as powerful as aliens doesn’t mean she wants to be more powerful. She just wants to be the best. And, you know, she is.

Our gal pals are interrupted by Eve, who tells Lena that her head of programming for the image inducer is dead, his laptop is missing, and they’re being hacked. So Cyber!Lena steps in and blocks the intruder, but not before the image inducers stop working for long enough for aliens to be exposed, albeit briefly. Including Brainy, who almost gets the snot kicked out of him by a bunch of mouth-breathing (presumably straight) white dudes. Too real.

But through it all, Cyber!Lena.


Lena vows Mercy Graves will never get in L Corp…and then of course the building is put on lockdown because Mercy Graves is there.

And now we see Protective!Lena, who’s determined to make sure her friends don’t get hurt in the attack. And in the next couple of scenes, we see some of the most enjoyable background comedic acting from Melissa Benoist that I’ve ever seen. It legit made me chuckle…and also had me include multiple Kara gifs in a LenaCap. So that’s how you know I mean it.

Lena gives her…something (science!) to help protect against a sonic attack or whatever, so Kara just shoves them in her (apparently 14-inch deep) pocket when Lee isn’t looking.

kara pockets.gif

Kara tries to leave, or even find a closet to hide in to “lay low,” but Lena refuses, and Kara’s face is perfect.

kara annoyed.gif

After Mercy appears onscreen to taunt Lena a little bit, Kara once again tries to get them to split up, but Lena’s not having it. Safety in numbers!

safety in numbers.gif

And who could forget when Alex called Supergirl on her comm called her sister on the phone?

definitely a phone call.gif

Lena sends Eve off to do some magic, but insists that Kara stay with her. You know, for safety.

And all of this, I think, is a calculated move on Lena’s part to finally get Kara to admit she’s Supergirl. She pushes and pushes and pushes, because she knows there’s no real danger when the Girl of Steel is around. So why not press her advantage to nudge Kara out of her Kryptonite closet? She’d never force her to admit something before she’s ready, of course, but there’s no harm in trying to up the timeline, you know?

Lena and Kara track Mercy to the hidden Luthor dungeon where Lena keeps her “experimental prototypes,” and I’m sure Kara would love to nose around there a bit, but now is not the time, Kara! They find Lillian’s Lexosuit, minus one big-gunned arm. Mercy stalks out, trying to be the girl with the big-ass gun, and Lena keeps Kara behind her, trying to Protect. Mercy accuses Lena of only caring about being superior, but Lena disagrees — it’s about doing good in the world. Because Lena Luthor IS A GOOD PERSON…as you’ll see by this amazing-but-completely-unnecessary protection, special-friend style.


Mercy somehow simultaneously taunts AND compliments Lena at the same time? You know, the way that only a former gal pal quasi-sister can do. Lex used to mock her because he was afraid she would surpass his skills, Mercy reminds Lena. They’re alike, you see — they’re both the best…which Lena disagrees with, because while Lena is top-shelf, Mercy is like middle shelf on a good day.


Mercy accuses Lena of being motivated by only money, but we all know that isn’t true. And when Kara points out that Lena isn’t a murderer and Mercy says that’s because she hasn’t had the opportunity — well, we know that isn’t true, either.

And then LENA AND MERCY HAVE A LASER-ARM BATTLE. Here’s where Lena finally realizes she’s in trouble and sends Kara out into the hallway “for safety.” Lena’s handling it, sure, but better safe than sorry, I guess, because very shortly after, Supergirl shows up to help save the day.


I could watch these scene on repeat for a very long time. Not even ashamed.


Mercy tells Lena she doesn’t deserve the Luthor name, and Supergirl chooses that moment to bust in and correct our supervillain gal pal. It’s the Luthor name who doesn’t deserve Lena. They joke about how Lena could ask how Supergirl got past the lockdown but she won’t because she’s grateful for the assist. It seems like maybe Supergirl and Lena are starting to build up a friendship again, at the same time Kara seems to be losing faith in her bestie because of her stance on aliens.


Mercy had to be where so much of her confidence came from, because Lena Luthor is nothing if not confident…at least outwardly. God knows it couldn’t have come from Lillian, who never treated Lena as though she were good enough. And then to have to fight one of the people who helped make you, especially one with ties to the brother she loved? Heartbreaking.

The writers this season I think are setting us up for a Lena with more shades of grey than we’re used to seeing, and many of those shades are going to be darker than I want them to be. But — BUT — the difference is, it really feels like the groundwork is being laid for them to make sense, storytelling-wise. We know Lena’s complicated relationship with Lillian and how that completely would fuck you up. Now we get the added info that another maternal (sisternal?) figure, Mercy, who helped shape the person Lena is today, wants Lena to choose a side. I think she’ll always choose science and knowledge with an eye on the greater good, but I imagine this choice won’t look as “good” to everyone in the room.

Oh, but also, maybe I just have my gay goggles on here, but…what’s behind this “almost” in “she was almost like a big sister,” hmm?

The difference between Lena and Mercy? Well, there are a lot of them, and a lot of similarities, too. But the main difference? They may both think that humans should strive for superpowers and strength to rival aliens, but Lena would never strike down aliens to accomplish that. She’ll work to make sure they can hide themselves, if that’s what they want. She’d never out an alien who wasn’t willing to come clean yet. Just maybe a nudge.

I do want to take a moment to say that Nia Nall gave me chills in this episode in the best way possible. She’s rapidly become a reason to watch for me, along with Alex and Lena. I feel like we’re seeing her come into her own and realize that it’s worth it to stand up for what she believes in, and it’s a journey I’m here for. I have a lot of feelings on her character and her journey, but as a cisgender woman, my voice isn’t an important one here. I look forward to reading and hearing the transgender community’s thoughts on this character and her importance, and I hope that Supergirl gives her the storyline she deserves.

The Alex Danvers/Nia Nall/Eve Tessmacher corner of randomness:
  • Brainy ordered and paid for 12 pizzas but only walked out with six. Those men were truly monsters.
  • I like that Eve had her moment of heroism. You know, with the hairpin.
  • Alex, your haircut and general badassery and compassion for Brainy? I love it all. You’re perfect.


  • Oh, but Alex? I question your choice to put a clearly anti-alien dude in charge of the Graves siblings.
  • I wish I had Kara/Supergirl’s optimism about the state of our country.
  • Alex and Mercy’s scenes together shouldn’t have more chemistry than James and Lena’s.

As always, thanks for joining my flailing, my friends. I’ll see you next time. I Lena you all.

#EarperView with @drunkhaught

Drunk Haught is many things. A tiny spitfire. One of @nuutmeg’s wives. A Bunny Loblaw stan. But above all, Kelsey is an Earper, and is the true definition of that word.

I finally met her in person at EH Con, and she really is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. One of the things that impresses me the most about her is her unwavering support of her friends. She’ll defend them, fight for them, and broadcast their goodness to anyone who may be listening, and she’ll make it so loud that those who aren’t listening can’t help but to hear. She’s a true, genuine, good person, and the Wynonna Earp community is lucky to have her.

I mean, she’s not the best of us. She’s not Lynn. But she’s pretty good.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

By day, I work as an account analyst for a customer-experience data vendor. I spend a lot of time working on analysis and data requests, and then formatting them into presentations. Basically, that’s a fancy way of saying I spend approximately eight hours a day being Microsoft Excel’s personal bitch.

Beyond that, though, I’m honestly like not that exciting of a person. I spend a lot of time shouting dumb jokes into the void of the internet in the hope of receiving validation through the form of a tiny heart shaped button. I love sports a lot, which is ironic because I’m so bad at sports. I’ll watch all of them, though, and get super into them. Honestly one time I spent like an extra forty-five minutes at the gym because I got particularly into a lacrosse game that was on the TV at the time. This does not apply to baseball, though.

I spend the rest of my time watching musicals and movies I’ve seen 100 times, as well as watching a bunch of reality docu-series about murder because I’m complete Investigation Discovery trash. I also eat a lot of Taco Bell.

How did you find Wynonna Earp and the fandom?

I was fresh off the Lexapocalypse and it was a dark, dark time. Fun fact about me: I’m at pretty much all times either 0% into something or 7000% into something, and I was 9000% into Lexa and Clarke. So, as you can imagine, I was a sad gay and really needed something else to throw my whole entire heart into. At the time, I was a 25-year-old gay who had a tumblr account, so of course I kept stumbling across Wayhaught gifs. It took me a bit to really give it a shot (WTF is Purgatory are they all dead is this some weird ghost sci-fi show), but as soon as I did, a bitch was HOOKED.

Around season 2, I was doing a lot of tweeting about Wynonna Earp. I noticed around like late June that I was starting to lose followers on my account, so I tweeted something like “maybe I should make a separate Twitter for my Wynonna Earp stuff ‘cause you guys keep unfollowing me” and it was like my most liked tweet. Thus, Twitter user @drunkhaught was born. It was supposed to be a side account but now I never even go on my main account anymore. Y’all are my mains now.

Is this your first fandom?

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that it’s the first fandom I’ve ever really, like, legitimately participated in. Every other fandom experience I’ve had was as a bystander, save for a few middle school posts on a General Hospital message board (shout out to all you Robin Scorpio fans out there. No? Just me? It’s chill.) [ Editor’s note — Robin Scorpio was a great character. ]

I was very passively involved in the 100 fandom, but I was terrified to actually, like, be active in it back then. It was easy to get active in the Wynonna fandom because everyone was just chill AF.

What is your favorite fandom memory?

I assume since the next question is con related that this one should not be con related. I have a lot of really solid memories tied to this fandom, so it’s really hard for me to pick just one. Since this is my EarperView, though, and I can pretty much do whatever I want (right?), I’ll talk about a few.

Probably one of, if not my singular favorite, memory was the first time I went to Los Angeles. I’ve developed a really bad (re: expensive) habit of just jumping on a plane and flying across the country to hang out with Earpers because someone says “do it.” Kat Jetson said “hey come to LA” and I was like “lol sure,” even though she was pretty much the only one I really knew out there at the time. From the time I touched down in LA to the time I left, I was surrounded by Earpers and every single one of them was so cool and friendly. I was already pretty fandom-involved by then, but I think that was one of my first real experiences of how special this fandom felt live and in person. By the time it was time for me to leave, I was ready to move to LA.

I’d also say one of my other favorite memories is driving to Chicago for an Earper meet-up. This was right around the time that Earper meet-ups started really popping up, and a Chicago one had popped up. My groupchat, shout-out to the Chili’s Staff, were all like “hey guys… what if we just… went?” Please note that literally none of us live in Chicago. I think I was the closest one and it was like eight hours away. We were all just like “fuck it yeah let’s go” and either drove or flew into Chicago for it. When Cat Zimm heard we were coming, she messaged me and was like “hey is this true?” I told her it was, and she was immediately like “alright, you guys are staying at my house.” Which was SO BOMB. A few of us had met this girl literally one time at DragonCon and she was like “sleep at my house bitches this is a chill thing that just happens now”

It’s lit. Earpers are so fucking cool, man.

What is your favorite con memory?

Remember when you asked for one? Lmao here’s more than that.

My first favorite was DragonCon, where the Drunk Haught persona was like really truly born (because I was drunk, Monica. I was so, so very drunk). I spent like 100 bucks on alcohol, got an iconic Wayhaught photo, hit on a Power Ranger, might have cat-called Michael Eklund (I swear I don’t remember this part but people insist it happened)… it was a time.

Also I’d say, like, all of ClexaCon was so lit. I brought an entire entourage with me for my Emily autograph to watch as, while Emily gave me her autograph, I also gave her mine. That was also when Emily told me I was funny which I have on video. There was another epic photo op there, too.

Then, of course, there was EHCon. Canada in general is just amazing, but couple that with being surrounded by nothing but Earpers? Pure magic. EHcon was a fucking blast. Also shoutout to Andrea Higgins for being a literal gem of a human and probably one of my my favorite parts of my favorite con.

I have to say overall, though, the best part of cons isn’t even the con. Like, the panels are cool and the cast is lit and the crew is dope… but the best part of cons is Earpers. There’s nothing better than being around Earpers, man, con or no con. TBH I’ve actually considered going to cons and not buying tickets to the actual cons, just hanging out with Earpers around it.

So, my favorite con memory is Earpers. Final answer, Regis. Does that reference still make sense to people? [ Editor’s note — this is the correct answer. ]

What is your favorite Wynonna Earp/Earper activity?

Besides dropping hundreds of dollars to fly across the country and party with them? Earper memes, man. They’re top notch.Y’all are so goddamn funny. It’s the best. Other people being funny makes me funnier, and the Earper fandom always has me on my goddamn toes (which makes me about 5’ even)

What has Wynonna Earp come to mean to you?

Lead with your heart and the rest will fall into place. It’s what they did to make the show, it’s what they do on the show, and it’s the way I want to live my life. Any time I try to describe this show to someone, I find myself saying “heart” a whole fuckton. The fans are the same way; all heart, man. It’s so hard to describe to people that aren’t experiencing it.

Are there any pictures you’d like to share of your Wynonna Earp experience?

Oh man… Leggo!

Sweet potato or Yukon Gold potato?

I’m not a potato discriminator. All potatoes are good potatoes, man. I once gave a speech on the potato being the perfect food, and I was fucking right.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you Fandras?

  1. 800. 900. Wait, we’re talking about Katy Andras, right? No? Emily? Oh like 6 I guess.

Describe why Fandras is a thing in 7 words or less.

The difference is she adores us back (I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS FOR SO LONG MAN)

What is your favorite Earp sisters moment?

I’m going to have to go with the season 2 finale scene with Waverly, Wynonna, Rosita, and Peacemaker. Listen, season 2 was very important to me and a big reason for that was the journey that we went on with Waverly all season in relation to her identity. Being an Earp was her gift and her burden all through her life, but she had held on to it so tightly. Season 2 saw that slip away from her, and we saw her reeling from the loss. Some of that reeling saw her slipping away from Wynonna, but the scene with Peacemaker served to show us that no one believes in Waverly Earp more than Wynonna Earp.

Plus, there’s nothing more Waverly and Wynonna than each of them telling each other that they are the best of us… and man, they’re both fucking right.

Also, the “Do chicks?” moment, which is still one of my top moments in television history, but that’s more of a Waverly thing.

How have you Earped your life?

I mean I’ve gone to like five new states in the past year. I’ve spent almost every bit of my PTO this year on Wynonna Earp related events. There’s a fuckin’ ScaryKrystal mural on my wall. I have a fandom shirt drawer. There’s a Megan stitch wall in my bedroom (right next to my bed, exactly where she deserves to be.) Vic fuckin’ drew me. It’s a lot man. How haven’t I Earped my life?

What’s the Earpiest thing you’ve ever done?

Probably the Earpiest thing I’ve ever done was convince someone that I had only met in person for a day to move across the country and live in my home because I needed a roommate.

Hey Mikaela. What’s up. Wanna watch The Last Five Years later? Cool.

What alcoholic beverage best corresponds with each of the characters in Wynonna Earp?

Lol I bet you asked this question like “haha this is cute I bet I’ll get something simple” WRONG FAM I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT FOR W E E K S [ Editor’s note — I did not expect something simple. You delivered, DH. Thank you. ]

Wynonna Earp – Moonshine. Listen, let’s face it; Moonshine is fucking rough. Even just saying Moonshine can cause people’s faces to contort. “Ugh,” they’ll say, “Moonshine? Seriously?” It’s got a bad history with the law which left it very rough around the edges. For a long time, moonshine was a big fuck you to The Man, but running on the other side of the law left it pretty unrefined. Moonshine is absolutely not for everyone. If there’s Moonshine in your glass, though, it’s gonna get you where you need to go. It’s strong as fuck, too. Holy shit, Moonshine is so strong. Moonshine makes no fucking apologies for what it is – you know exactly what the fuck you’re getting into when the moonshine comes out.

Waverly Earp – House Margarita (preferably flavored. Even more preferably, mango.) When someone orders a margarita, a lot of the time, people will roll their eyes. “Oh, look at this kid and her fuckin girly drink.” Margaritas have a history of being an immature kind of drink, and because of that history, people will immediately cast a Margarita aside as being less-than. Here’s the thing, though, those people are only judging a Margarita based on the assumptions that they’ve made up in their heads. They have no fucking clue what’s in that glass. Give them a margarita and watch it knock them on their holier-than-thou asses faster than you can say “Drink tequila, tequila drinkers.” You don’t fuck with Margaritas.

Nicole Haught – Martini. Gin and vermouth, garnished with an olive or a lemon twist. You know what you’re getting with a martini. It’s a strong, reliable staple of any bartender’s wheelhouse. A lot of people will blow a martini off for being waaaaay too boring. That’s where people are mistaken, though. The martini is far from boring. In fact, the martini has a storied history that goes way, way back. The martini is the fucking staple of being cool. James Bond, right? Shaken, not stirred? What a fucking badass. Just because the martini is reliable doesn’t mean that it’s not fun.

Doc Holliday – Whiskey and coke. As long as we have had mixed drinks, we’ve had whiskey and coke. Whiskey coke is a fucking classic, my friend. When done correctly, whiskey coke is super smooth a little bit smokey, and very very hard to deny. It’s a strong, reliable kind of cocktail. At the same time, though, whiskey coke can be a bit volatile. I mentioned earlier that it’s smooth and smokey when done correctly, but that’s not always the whiskey coke that you get. Sometimes, your proportions are off and your drink can be overpowering, your whiskey harsh, and it can leave a bit of a bad taste in your mouth. Yet even when that happens, you know that you’ll order another one, because when it comes down to it, whiskey coke is your most reliable drink.

Kate – A Long Island Iced Tea. Anytime I see a Long Island Iced Tea on the menu, I’m pretty stoked. I’ll let you in on a little secret, though… I have literally no fucking clue what the fuck is in a Long Island Iced Tea. It’s a legitimate mystery to me. I think there’s some cola in it, but fuck, I don’t know, man. I don’t know what I’m getting when someone hands me a Long Island Iced Tea… but here’s the thing, I know it’s gonna fuck me up and I’m gonna love EVERY GODDAMN MINUTE OF IT.

Xavier Dolls – Fireball, straight. It burns a lot and I’m probably gonna end up crying by the end.

BONUS*** The writers – Shots of tequila. Here’s the fun thing about tequila; when I start drinking it straight, I’m either gonna be a lot of fun or I’m gonna sob. There’s very minimal in-between.


I started this EarperView series not knowing if anyone but my friends would read them, and not all of them have turned out great ( because not everyone takes a lot of time and care to answer the questions). But then ones like this happen, and it reminds me of how lucky I am to be in the Earper fandom with people like Kelsey.

See you next week for another EarperView, friends.

#EarperView with @Iddstar

Hello, friends, and welcome to another EarperView! Today we are joined by the extremely talented, super-hilarious, and probably-very-nice-in-person (we have never met) Vic! You may know Vic from her IlluStitch collaborations with Megan or from her super-fucking-rad designs. I’m very partial to the potatoes of Purgatory, but all of them are delightful, really.

My favorite part about doing this series is how amazed I am time and time again with how talented our fandom is. I read Vic’s answers as I was getting ready one morning, and I was almost late for work. As I told her (and often tell many others), I am just some yahoo with a blog, but when people take this as seriously as I do, it means a lot. And Vic took this hella seriously. I am so honored to be in this fandom with such a talented, funny, intelligent human, and I hope we get to meet in person someday.

Tell us a little bit about your non-Earper alter ego.

Non-Earper Vic might be a creature of shadow and smoke, a mere blur in the night skyline of her local bustling metropolis, defending the innocent and foiling criminal injustice where she sees it. She might be a shapeshifter; a taker of many forms — the moving object you see out of the corner of your eye in an otherwise empty grocery store aisle at midnight. She might be a technological supergenius, concocting marvellous inventions beyond human comprehension in her underwater laboratory, opening wormholes and embarking on adventures through all of space and time. She might be a somewhat unremarkable humanoid who spends most of her days at a desk in a marketing office and most of her nights at a desk at home doing doodles for the interwebs. Continue reading

Dear Kara

Screenshot (208)Dear Kara,

I write this not knowing where you are. You’re technically “on assignment,” which is weird because I own CatCo and don’t know where  you are. Huh.

Also, Supergirl hasn’t been seen for a while. Random coincidence, right?

I just wanted to say that I hope you’re well. You really haven’t been acting like yourself, and I hope this time away is what you need.

You’re such a wonderful human being — my best friend — and I know you would never abandon everyone you love on earth. It’s odd to me that you just left Alex and your mother behind. And James and Winn. And even Vasquez, though Alex says she hasn’t seen her lately.

And me.

I know things have been a little strained between us. Probably because you think I don’t know you’re Supergirl. I’d like to take a minute to remind you that I’m a genius and I know most things.

It really hurt my feelings when “Supergirl” didn’t trust me, and it really hurt me when both of you left. You said you’d be there for me always, and now you’re rushing off to a planet just because your mother is there, and you left with that stale crouton WHO IS MARRIED TO ANOTHER WOMAN. I never thought you were the kind of person to abandon your people.

I remain hopeful, though, that this will change. For some reason, I feel like things may change in some way tonight, though I don’t know why. Just a feeling, I guess.

I hope it’s for the better.

I also want to tell you that I think I might be into your sister. Hope that’s cool!




Lena Luthor is Holding Out for a Hero

Hello, friends.

I…did not like this week’s Supergirl. The whole thing oozed poor storytelling, bad leaps, and lazy writing, and it filled me with disbelief, annoyance, and anger.

One time, huddled on her work couch, Lena told Kara that while Supergirl may have saved her, Kara Danvers was her hero, and I have to say, Lena, that you deserve better heroes. Because that bitch just up and left you, her family, and the world with am “oh, I never felt like I fit in, so byeee. Oh, and I’m taking Imra’s husband with me.”  Continue reading